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11 July 2006

Married businesswoman dumped twins because she’d had an affair

A businesswoman dumped her new-born twins in a cardboard box in a hospital car park because they were the product of an affair, it was revealed.

The married 44 year old, who has three grown-up sons, said she could never reveal the truth of the twins’ birth to her family because of the devastation it would cause.

No mention of any charges whatsoever.


No, for some reason it’s not illegal to do this. Unless you’re a man I guess.

The media are even kindly keeping her identity a secret so her unsuspecting husband and three grown up sons don’t find out what a fucking whore and heartless bitch she is.

“I can never reveal that it was me because it would just be too devastating for my family and I just could not cope. They don’t know what happened and must never find out,” she said.


“I can never reveal that it was me because it would just be too devastating for me because my family would know what a slut I am. They must never find out because otherwise my husband might divorce me and, given that I’m a slag who whelped two illegitimate bastards and dumped them, potentially to die of exposure, I might actually miss out on a huge settlement in the divorce courts.”

Shit, I guess the only consolation is that she didn’t just pass them off as her husband’s kids. The fact that she wants to see the babies is probably making her wish she’d done just that.

“Now I’m just coping as best I can and getting on with my life,” she said

The absolute epitomy of modern Western women; have an affair, have two babies, dump them in a car-park…and still managed to sniffle and blub whilst playing the victim.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:30 PM


At 2:11 AM, Harpy_Free said…

Good God, the only thing more pathetic than that article is the reader feedback. You’ve got several women making excuses for the selfish bitch, with one even going so far as to blame the husband.

Memo to Western Civilization: Wake the f*ck up!


At 7:35 AM, voloohaar said…

What a selfish cunt! Leaves two helpless babies because she doesn’t want to face the consequences. This shows what price wymyn are willing to pay (as long as somebody else is doing the actual paying – in this case, two helpless children), just to avoid responsibility.

“I don’t want to be caught in a lie, so I guess these two tots of mine, my own flesh and blood, can fuck off. There. Problem solved. After all, it is ME ME ME that matters in this whole mess, not innocent helpless children, who had nothing to do with it.”

Amazing. Maternal instinct indeed.



At 7:57 AM, voloohaar said…

Look at some pathetic comments (interesting, all from women):

1.) “Nobody comes out of this story very well. Not the friend who told the social services, not the biological father who used no protection, not the woman who was irresponsibly playing away and then abandoned them nor her husband who was so disinterested in her that he did not notice 2 babies playing football in her stomach. Why should any of those people be allowed to see these innocent children ever again?

Giovanna, Rome, Italy

Is she really trying to equate the guilt of that selfish cunt with the ‘guilt’ of others???? Typical. Make others bear/share the brunt of woman’s wrongdoing. But as soon as there’s something to gain, it’s only the person with the mighty vagina that counts.

2.) “This is a tough situation…I truly believe, with all of my heart, that women that hide, abandon and even kill their children right after birth, are so incredibly traumatized by the birth of their babies, that I think something “snaps” mentally. This same tragedy happens in every culture, in every country, to every race and socioeconomic group. It’s an example of how women’s health and psychology needs to be studied because there is no doubt in my mind that there is something biological that causes women to make these terrible choices. My prayers are not only with the mother, but the twins as well.

Mary, Charlotte, USA

Not only is she just a poor victim of “snapping”, this all clearly shows how much more we must study poor women. Right, got it.

3.) “I have read all the comments and ask how many of these women have gone through the same experience. It is too easy to preach. She is suffering enough and will have to carry this secret for the rest of her life. Her babies are fine and will be looked after. We all make mistakes.

Diane, Virginia, USA

Poor poor her, indeed.

4.) “Poor kids. Poor mom. I hope they all find some peace and happiness.

I’m sure those of you who are judging her have never made any mistakes.

Susie, OKC USA

That poor poor mom again. She just made a “mistake”.


Disgusting to see such comments. Luckily, there seems to be a good amount of decent posts, and the following one just hits the nail on the head, IMO:

“Funny how she felt it was appropriate to risk the lives of 2 innocent babies to protect her marriage and yet also thought it was appropriate to risk her marriage for a fling with an old schoolfriend.

Michele, Wales

F*CKING A, Michele!


At 9:23 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Notice the “I’m the victim here” message from this selfish bitch. She can’t tell her sons and her husband….but she can tell a national newspaper, presumably because they paid her for her sordid story. What a cretin. She’s dumped two defenceless babies to die and then bleats about being the victim. What a self-obsessed, callous bitch. Typical female, it’s me, me, me, me, me, me……and once again me. Why are there no charges being brought against this evil woman? Oh, I forgot…she’s a woman and no doubt suffering from some newly thought up trendy syndrome that instantly excuses her behaviour. It must be the fault of the father of the twins that she dumped….he must have forced her into this action. Or maybe her husband is not attentive to her needs. Stories like this make me despair.


At 3:06 PM, Anonymous said…

“They must never find out because otherwise my husband might divorce me and, given that I’m a slag who whelped two illegitimate bastards and dumped them, potentially to die of exposure, I might actually miss out on a huge settlement in the divorce courts.”

I’d like to hear a divorce lawyer’s comments on whether she’d be forced to disclose what she’s done, and also what effect, if any, it would have on any settlement, especially given the, oh what was it the Canadian Supreme court called it in the recent case of Leskun vs. Keskun where they granted the wife permanent alimony because of her husband’s infidelity? The the the “emotional toll”. Just for infidelity that is. No pregnancy. No dumping of newborns. No extreme embarrassment and no life-long whispering and finger pointing. Damn shame this case wasn’t Canadian too.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous said…

My first thought after reading this post was ‘How could her husband not know’? To phrase it politely, what kind of physique do you have to have to be pregnant with twins and not show?


At 7:53 PM, Anonymous said…


It is illegal to do this, but – you know – she’s a woman and can’t be held to the same standards as the rest of us, so she got a caution. Normally that’d be public and her name would be in the papers, but I think the police are shushing it up in this case so not to cause a fuss – bastards.


At 4:44 AM, Anonymous said…

This happens all the time in the USA. The vagina can do NO WRONG. Susan Smith drowned her 2 little boys in a lake in South Carolina and people came out and tried to blame her boyfriend. Andrea Yates murdered her whole family in a bathtub in Texas and the apologists rush to her defense and try to blame her husband. The women were pressured, they’re depressed, they’re sick, it’s not their fault, blah, blah, blah. Modern Western Women represent a major step BACKWARD in evolution.


At 11:03 AM, Anonymous said…

And lets not forget the women who kill their husbands, usually when they are sleeping or otherwise defenseless. It’s ALWAYS, “He abused me and I had to kill him to survive.”


It’s rather refreshing to see that more and more prosecutors in the US aren’t buying this bullshit, and are willing to put up with the whining crap of legions of feminists who rush to the defense of the woman regardless of what the evidence dictates. Maybe if the justice scales start to tilt back towards the center, instead of being completely and totally biased towards the females, the genders will start to get along again. But I don’t see that happening for another generation, at least.


At 12:25 PM, Anonymous said…

Some of the most idiotic comments from the article try to reduce the action to a mere “mistake”. What the hell? Do they not understand that mistakes have consequences, and that some consequences are more grievous than others? If I mistakenly left my damn keys somewhere, the most that will happen is that I’ll be locked out of my car. If I made the “mistake” of leaving two babies outside in the cold, they may die. We all make mistakes, consequences from such, can be a real bitch.

Icepick the Mad!

P.S. The car is a Mazda, it’s irresponsibly fast!


At 12:55 PM, Sarah said…

I can’t believe that any woman would defend this. i myself couldn’t begin to think about abandoning my child. for Christ sake, she carried those 2 innocent human beings inside her for 9 months and then just chucked them away?! what happened to take responsibility for your actions? a woman like that doesn’t deserve to have any kids at all and certainly shouldn’t be walking around the streets free. She should be locked up, named and shamed. Anything could have happened to the poor babies-they could have died. She is a disgrace and i wish her identity could be published so i could go and bitch slap her myself.


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