Dead baby found, mother sought


14 July 2006

Builder finds baby’s body at farm

A body unearthed by a builder renovating an historic farmhouse in West Yorkshire was that of a baby boy, police have confirmed.

A rather sad story.

Still, I’m sure that the police will start an inquiry to find the mother, who is the most likely perpetrator of what is clearly a case of infanticide, and they will ensure that she is bought to justice and jailed for a lengthy period of time so that…

Police said the death was not believed to be suspicious but they want to trace the mother who may need counselling.


In fact it seems a baby found dead and buried in a garden is not even a suspicious death. Stupid coppers.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:12 PM


At 9:41 PM, voloohaar said…

Unbelievable! (just a figure of speech, of course, nothing surprises me anymore). No matter what, it’s always that poor poor woman. That’s all that counts, nothing else matters. If they’ll find out that it was the father who did it, will “they want to trace the father who may need counselling”, too?

I’m so sick of this western obsession with female impunity. It’s not even pathetic anymore. It’s beyond that… It’s… downright SICK!

…Just the fact, that police considers such death as “not to be suspicious”, is very telling.


At 10:23 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

The fact that infanticide is mostly committed by mothers is no doubt why they declared it wasn’t suspicious. After all, saying it was would imply a crime had been committed, and that may make them feel compelled to actually – gasp – have to put the cuffs on an Almighty Woman and even put her behind bars for a day or two.

That would never do.

You’re right though voloohaar, it is sick. It really is sick and depressing what women can get away with.


At 8:54 AM, Anonymous said…

I think they mean “we want to trace the mother who may need incarcerating”


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