Feminism is such crap, shock exclusive


17 July 2006

I got bored so I threw feminism into Google’s news search and found this rambling article by a columnist named Alison Berkley. She’s a bit annoyed because her 29-year-old brother has a new girlfriend, a maid who is 19. I gather the writer is single, and older than her brother, making her a 30+ spinster; just the sort of woman who is fuming at the idea of men wanting to date younger women. In her view, “a 19-year-old is not a younger woman. A 19-year-old is a child.”

Hang on…my God! I once had sex with a 19-year-old woman, so that must make me a filthy kiddie fiddler! Oh why didn’t I wait until she was 30 and of legal age!! I am disgusted with myself etc etc.

Anyway, she waffles on a bit, mentions Maureen Dowd and how Dowd’s ravings help her face the truth or something or other, and then at the end manages to say something rather cool:

Feminism is such crap. The alleged opportunity it’s afforded us is a ruse – all it did was create more responsibility than one human being can handle. Sometimes I feel like I’ve climbed too high up a tree and can’t get down. The journey up was fun, and I’ve got a great view, and it’s kind of exciting every time the wind blows, but I’m basically just clinging to the branches until someone comes to my rescue.

To her credit, this is one of the best summaries of feminism and women’s experience of it I’ve ever heard; it’s fun at first – sleeping around, having positive discrimination help you into groovy jobs, answerable to no-one, insulting men at every opportunity – but only for about a decade or so for the individual woman. Then the dates dry up, no-one wants a slut-feminist – especially a gobby hostile one, possible with an illegitimate kid or two – and the remainder of such a woman’s life will probably be four or more decades of working and coming home to a cat and Chat magazine. I have no sympathy, naturally.

Also interesting how she casually mentions she wants to be rescued, inadvertantly revealing the complete myth of the independent feminist women; they messed everything up, including their own lives, and now they want rescuing. And they’re jolly annoyed that us men aren’t in a rescuing mood, we’re busy playing video games, emigrating, laughing at feminists or banging 19-year-old maids.

(I got even boreder, I mean more bored, and so put her name into Google and found this; seems she was fired from a previous newspaper column for calling an overweight guy “whale boy.” Charming. And I thought fat was a feminist issue…whatever the bloody hell that means.)

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At 12:21 AM, Tony Sclafani said…

Nice post. I wonder what this woman’s views are on teens who want to get abortions without parental consent. Usually feminists believe teens as young as 14 should be able to do this (this is a big issue in the US, with Planned Parenthood). Of course, when they’re 19 dating older men, they’re babies, but when they are 14 and wanna head to the clinic, they’re adults.


At 12:36 AM, nevo said…

The fact is that you need a woman if you want to be a father.
The ideal of a perfect family includes a father.
Feminism has succeeded in tainting this ideal with the charge of “kitchen sink slavery” regardless of the filthy work the husband and father has to do to keep the family going.
Feminism has stolen the rights of women to enjoy a happily family life with children, with the blessings of the law, in some spurious righteous altar.


At 2:41 AM, Happy Bullet said…

“all it did was create more responsibility than one human being can handle.”

Except for whomever it is she wants to rescue her, of course. She’s clearly not a strong woman as she states and is massively insecure, and from the way she sees fit to interfere in her brother’s life, a pain in the arse.

I like how at the end she’s taken his drunken attempt and making her feel better about herself as the truth even though his action speak the exact opposite and appears completely oblivious to the fact that “who would love to be with me, too” means NOT “outspoken, and (OK, fine) maybe a little overbearing”, which essentially means unaccepting of who he is which her actions in this article point to as being true.

I just posted a comment saying “At the end of this article you ended up believing in the truth that you couldn’t face. Is that a happy ending? Stop postponing the inevitable and buy a cat now. They like climbing trees.”

Oh and Maureen Dowd makes more attempts at humour than her, the similarity in writing style appears to be it’s rambling, not really to the point and critical nature which I find annoying but apparently appeals to women.


At 5:29 AM, A fan said…

I sent this email to her…

RE: The harsh reality of feminism
By Alison Berkley
July 6, 2006

I read your column and liked it.

Men are increasingly seeking opportunities elsewhere because the laws and culture are stacked against them at home. Have you seen the movie, “RV”? The poor executive Dad who is key to his company is apparently so clueless that he doesn’t know how to put on a seatbelt. Or do a three point turn. His kids are always insulting him, and his wife tut-tuts at his silly antics and makes him cook and do the dishes even though she is a stay at home mom and he brings home the bacon. The poor Dad is so henpecked that he is too afraid to tell his family that he has to cancel the family vacation or else he will lose his job and their swanky place in LA. The best moment of the film is that after he has lost his job, he is offered another and the wife butts in and says, “He’ll take it!” Apparently she is wedded to the man’s wallet and his paycheck, not to the man himself.

With images like that resounding in the media, I am not going to offer myself to an American woman who would just love to tear me apart if I gave her cause to, and a court system that would take her to the manicurist afterwards, at my expense of course.

Women don’t find it hard to marry the more successful they get, they find it hard to marry up – not many women are willing to support a former gardener on their lawyer’s salary.

No man wants stress in his life, in fact, no sane human wants more stress in his life. However, marrying a hotshot high-ranking female is a ticket to a sex-free and stressful marriage. The man knows that he has to continue working until he can afford to retire, and the woman knows she has a multitude of options, including dropping out to make babies, continue working until she wants, or just stop working to become a lady of leisure. The overwhelming feeling I get in the workplace is that the women are just there temporarily, until hubby in a shining suit comes to take them away from the humdrum office lifestyle.

Your brother confessed that he would love to be with an American (white?) girl who possessed the qualities of the Latina. Unfortunately, he has found out that they are an endangered species. Most think it is their right to live off the fat of the land after they get married, and continue to do so after they get divorced – 70% of divorces are initiated by women and the courts just love to give them everything. Heard about the poor doctor in New York who died because his wife, who immediately settled down after getting married, was awarded $4 million?

I hope your experience allows you to shake off the veil that 40 years of feminism has securely placed over your eyes. Men are not the oppressor class, and it is the feminist policies that are responsible for the high divorce rate and the fact that most men feel afraid of women who only need an excuse to rip their life apart.



At 8:17 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

I think the woman in the article is like a lot of females her age, she’s realising that Feminism is one big con for heterosexual women. The whole point of Feminism is to sabotage the relationship between men and women and make the traditional marriage completely unworkable. It has nothing to do with empowerment, equality or a better life for females. Its aim is to be as corrosive as possible and women have fallen for it. They’re now realising that their lives are being seriously and detrimentally affected because the relationship between men and women has broken down leaving females isolated and alone. This is something that few of them really want despite the Feminist dogma they’ve learnt parrot fashion about being independant. In reality that the last thing most women want…most females seek a man to provide and care for them and Feminism has taken this away from the majority of women by creating a situation where marriage is an act of financial suicide for men. So what we now have is loads of females crying about being alone at thirty and moaning about men who date younger women. Thank Feminism sister and look forward to a life alone.


At 1:32 PM, Anonymous said…

From her article…

“Maybe I’m not the only one up a tree, I thought. And maybe being on top isn’t so bad. I’ll just have to ride it out and enjoy myself until someone comes along who is brave enough to climb up there with me.”

Nothing to do with being brave. Who’d want to climb the tree when there’s a rattlesnake up there?


At 2:41 PM, Anonymous said…

If you find a nice (i.e., non-feminist!) Asian girl who is at a minimum of 5 years younger than you, then you can get married. Any other way you will be forever miserable.


At 9:41 PM, nevo said…

Tonight will be shown the life of Warren Jeff of America’s leading Mormon cult.
It is claimed he has eighty wives. Some of them under age. Making him a child rapist.
What a feminist will make of it.
More to the point, what the feminist will make of the wives.
I am very interested in their opinions.



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