I want to be a single mum when I grow up!


16 July 2006


Teenage mothers see pregnancy as a ‘career move’

Teenage girls who get pregnant are deliberately “planning” to become mothers in the belief that a baby will improve the quality of their lives.

Welcome to Britain…Matriarchal shithole and increasingly the Land Of The Bastards.

The findings from the Trust for the Study of Adolescence challenges the assumption that schoolgirl mothers are all irresponsible adolescents who are ignorant about using contraception.

Well gee, apart from the Political Correct nutjobs, everyone knew that. After all, single mothers get benefits and a house, all courtesy of the taxpayer. When you take into account housing benefit and things like not having to pay Council Tax, prescriptions, etc, single mothers tend to have more income than single people and often more than a couple who both work full-time.

If you reward skank behaviour rather than punish it, you will encourage skank behaviour. Obviously.

It also shows that many girls do want to be full-time mothers rather than work full-time in a dreary office or factory. It’s feminism they have to thank for that. Fifty-years ago, before feminists drove women in to the workplace, it would have been easily possible – and encouraged – for a girl to get married in her late teens and have a far more worthwhile career of running a home and raising children. Feminists didn’t think women would want that – or, in some cases, knew women want that but decided that they, feminists, had more right to dictate what other women wanted than those women themselves. The more single mothers, the more cost to taxpayers, meaning it gets harder and harder for the few remaining traditional women to be full-time mothers and housewives.

So, whilst females used to marry young and have children, now many do the same but without the marriage bit, because the increase in the welfare state means the government can support a stay at home mother but the average man can’t. So women who want to be full-time mothers often have no choice but to effectively make the government the daddy. This makes the welfare bill rise further, starting a chain reaction whereby more girls will have to have kids out of wedlock just to be able to be a full time mother. On and on it will go until the welfare kittie is empty.

Britain has highest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe, with an estimated cost to the Government of at least £63m a year.

Er, no…with an estimated cost to the taxpayer of at least £63m a year. Always remember; the government doesn’t have money, it only has taxpayer’s money. In any case, £63m sounds like a massive underestimate.

Also note how women are supposedly oh-so oppressed yet they have this simple get-out clause that men don’t have; have a kid, get out of work free for at least eighteen-years (at least until the welfare benefits dry up.)

They also point out that most of the girls are happy being single mums. Well, not surprising really given that they have lots of benefits handed to them. Also, the girls interviewed were aged 13 to 22, when being a mummy is probably still a novelty and the offers of dates probably still come rolling in, despite them having an illegitimate brat.

Wait until they hit 30, their looks rapidly fading, their arses getting bigger and their cute bundles of bastard joy turning into moody adolescents. No man will come near them and loneliness will beckon, with just an undisciplined feral bastard for company. They’ll be resorting to putting laughably optimistic personal ads like the one in the post below.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:12 AM

At 6:12 PM, Tony Sclafani said…

Once again, same thing happening in the US. It has produced a subculture of street urchins that prey on everyone.

There is one thing missing from all these stories on single mothers (or “mums” as you Brits call them). No one mentions that years ago when kids came after marriage, women would breed with men who they could bring home to mom and dad, producing a certain kind of offspring. Now that the family structure has been shattered, women breed with bad boys, and produce similar offspring.

I hope you all remember the story from last year about the “wild gene” they found amongst men who were often incarcerated and produced kids from various women they never fathered? Well, that’s the gene that’s being reproduced.

Women complain about the men in the world, but it’s THEM who are NOT producing the genius scientists or Beethovens of the future. They’re breeding with criminals and producing more. And it’s them that “suffer the most” as well all know.


At 1:52 PM, jay c said…

From my thoughts on stuff:

Rampant bastardy and the subsequent rises in crime and socialism are products of modern feminism. Follow this ironic chain of unintended consequences: chivalry -> feminism -> licentiousness -> bastardy -> poverty and maltreatment of women. The feminazis actually wanted the process to go from bastardy back to more feminism and the further dissolution of the family. Unfortunately for them, you get what you pay for. The family is the foundation of a healthy society. If you lose that, you lose everything else.


At 8:47 PM, Helen said…

This article goes against what you are saying completely so I would be surprised if you actually read it.

Do boys need fathers? This woman says no

Just to point out that not all single mums choose to be so. I am a young single mum, but I was happily married supporting myself until my husband decided to cheat on me. Before you say it no I am not massively overweight, nor did I neglect him in any way.

I am now in the position of being a full time student with no real income. However, if I leave university to get a job chances are I will always be stuck in low paid jobs where the temptation to give up and claim benefits is at its strongest.

I have set up my own company so that I can bring some income in whilst carrying on with studying for my degree (accounting by the way).

Whilst I agree that some single mums do take everything they can get, we are not all like that. My son is a well behaved intelligent child who will not become a ‘street urchin who preys on everyone’.


At 4:08 AM, Anonymous said…

Helen, you won’t have much sympathy here. Here are examples of answers you can expect: “If you don’t have money to support the kid, your ex must have the custody”, “Adultery is not a reason to take his kids, his money and his house”, “Kids are better off with a father who cheat on his wife than no father at all”, “you made bad choices and you whine about the consequences”, “another kid will become criminal only because your little feelings was hurt”. And these are the most polite answers you can have because many will call you names and make generalizations about women. We all know that before feminism, a wife had no occasion to break up a marriage even when a husband cheated on or abused… sorry… “hurted her little feelings”. By exposing your story in antifeminists blogs, you will receive many rude comments and insults but I hope you won’t let this make you sad.


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