17 July 2006

The irrelevant sex? Richard Morrison

Another article by a wishy-washy guy trying to stand up for his sex but ending up denigrating it by claiming us men have to prove ourselves to be of any worth. What is it with these half-arsed pseudo-anti-feminists.

Another nail hammered into the coffin labelled “male pride”. Another brick hurled at that tottering edifice called “common sense”. It’s now official. Kids don’t need dads.

Just because the government says something – in this case, kids don’t need fathers – doesn’t make it so.

It’s extraordinary to recall that, within living memory, genius in the arts or sciences was widely regarded as overwhelmingly a male preserve.

And things are different now because…?

The ratio of females to males in British universities is now 3:2, and widening. In state schools girls are generally expected to flourish in their studies, while boys are expected to struggle.

That doesn’t mean anything. Boys aren’t just expected to struggle, they’re made to struggle. Feminists pretty much run schools and they all clearly take delight in seeing how boys fail.

(Except, of course, that apparantly girls are members of an “academic underclass”, this newly-discovered oppression cunningly hidden by their tendency to get better grades.)

So how can male self-esteem be restored? We could do worse than begin at home. If we stopped belittling fatherhood…

What’s all this “we”? It’s women and the government who have been belittling fatherhood, and indeed declaring it irrelevant. He seems to have forgotten that, even though it’s the reason he’s writing the article!

…and started to emphasise the unique benefits that dependable male mentors bring to families and communities, Britain’s worst social ills would be hugely alleviated. It’s because they lack mentors that inner-city boys get sucked into the tragic vortex of gangs, drugs, knives and prison.

I certainly agree with him on this point, but again it’s not us men who are to blame, who need to correct things. It’s feminists fault that boys lack mentors. Feminism and it’s cronies in government have screwed things up by ruling us irrelevant. Us men know we’re not, judging by the way our society is getting more screwed up as it gradually turns into a Matriarchy. Us men don’t have to prove anything, to ourselves, to women or to society.

What this guy should be demanding is that we can alleviate all sorts of social ills by banning single women and lesbians from getting IVF treatment – on the NHS or otherwise – cutting benefits to single mothers and making it fashionable to once again look down on sluts who whelp kids after kid out of wedlock.

It is single mothers who create the feral adolescents who join gangs, not us men. Things are only going to get worse. After all, if we’re irrelevant and women are encouraged to have children without fathers, how are we going to “mentor” them? Is he suggesting we join Big Brother programmes and invest our time and energy “civilising” moody bastards of single mothers? Other guy’s kids? Screw that. Us men want to civilise and raise our own children, not some other guy’s.

Want to restore male-pride? Smash the shit out of feminism and anything and anyone that supports it in any shape or form.

Because if we [men] don’t rescue our own sex from its current paralysing and pervasive sense of nihilism, the other lot aren’t going to do it for us.

He’s right here; women these days don’t give a shit about us men and indeed their stupid feminism movement created the current sense of nihilism in so many men these days in the first place.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:11 PM

At 6:28 PM, Pitch Black said…

It has been long time that now I have come across someone who is witty & equivocal as you are…

I’m not against women’s equal rights but I’m against discrimination of any sort…

Keep up the good work…


At 4:16 AM, Davout said…

Now that feminism has landed western society in the soup, its cronies want men to play nice and accept whatever additional responsibilities they feel like tacking on (increased taxes, more parenting etc.).

All we, men, have to do is say FO, sit back and watch the fems hang themselves.

To pitch black,

If you speak of natural rights of men and women, ala constitutional republicanism, than I am with you.

However, I cannot see the rationale behind the ad hoc equal distribution of ‘civil rights’, particularly as these are really civil privileges (and defined as such in U.S. law, if I am not mistaken)

If you have an explanation for the equal distribution of civil rights, I’d be glad to hear it.


At 5:00 AM, Anonymous said…

Men are told by society to take the blame for everything.

There’s a war on and women and children are dying? You’re to blame, you bastard male!

There’s crime on the streets and the police are more interested in speeding revenue? You’re to blame, you bastard male!

Eventually, the message gets drilled into our own subconscious and we start to take the blame for everything. Great news for the women and feminists, they have an entire 48% of the population to place 100% of the blame on.

Its no wonder that this poor guy can’t even begin to blame women or, by association, feminists. That would be cognitive dissonance.


At 1:08 PM, Pitch Black said…

Equal rights means…

Whatever men do, women has equal opportunity to do same… If a man is proved guilty of rape only on word of woman similarly a woman should be jailed for rape on word from man…

No discrimination or any sorts… just plain live & let live animal rights…


At 4:42 PM, Tony Sclafani said…

What frees us enslaves us. Case in point: Women want freedom to have kids without men. Women give birth to those kids who become violent pack rats who roam the streets, robbing and raping. Then women have no freedom. Happens in every city, and it’s coming to a town near you!


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