Chainsmoking 12-year-old mum arrested on drunken binge


22 July 2006

Another update on the chain-smoking girl who got pregnant at 11. Seems she was arrested for breach of the peace whilst pissed up on booze on a night out.

Ah well, you can always blame it on the Spice Girls.

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At 1:13 AM, Anonymous said…

The comments make me sick!
Here is one

“The problem is that the media (in the majority) is mainly controlled by men – just like the fashion industry. When I watch some of the music channels I am dismayed at how girls/women are portrayed as individuals who should be grateful for any male attention as long as they are viewed sexily. The word ‘sisterhood’ is no longer applicable as women are encouraged to compete against one another for the affections of a man – whether he is desirable/suitable or not! The male dominated media (whether it be in magazines, films or music videos) encourages the attainment of stick thin figures but as most women would naturally lose their voluptuousness in certain areas, they are now pressurised into having implants. The author is right we have been set back decades, by the insidious influence of men. Maybe this is the backlash to the attainment of equality by the fragile male ego.”

Heather Winder, Liverpool

AHH! ITS THE PATRIARCHY!!! Even though the men in the media are also responsible for a shitload of male bashing advertisements.

OOOHHHHH And whats this? Another cheapshot at putting men down? We are so heavily discriminated against I would say our ego actually isnt that fragile, and that rather it is more accurate to say that it is feminist women that have an inferiority complex.


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