Damn those slacker boys!


31 July 2006

Guys Just Want to Have Fun

It looks like more people are waking up to the way women are beginning to take over Universities and Colleges in the US and the West as a whole, although don’t expect anyone, let alone a woman, regard this as anything other than an opportunity to mock men.

The trend has occasioned some predictions of a coming matriarchy in which high-achieving women will rule over a nation of slacker guys. We’ve all seen the movie, an endless loop culminating most recently in You, Me and Dupree. That little girls’ T shirt slogan–GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL–is beginning to look less like a slur and more like an empirical observation.

We already live in a matriarchy, as seen by the way girls are applauded by wearing offensive misandrist T-shirts that say GIRLS RULE, BOYS DROOL and boys are drugged up and regarded as potential rapists even before they say anything against females. Families are now mothers and “their” children, men being just sperm donors and walking wallets. That’s the sign of a Matriarchy, as is dropping population, expanding welfare state and imminent national bankruptcy.

Furthermore, note the usual condemnation that guys are “slackers”, even though the author actually admits education and intelligence are becoming less important in the feminized corporate world.

Also note how when men dominate Higher Education and high-paying jobs, we’re evil Patriarchal oppressors, and when women dominate Higher Education and high-paying jobs, men are useless slackers forcing women to do all the work. We can’t win, so why bother playing?

Today, as two recent reports have revealed, it’s the girls who achieve and the boys who coast along on gut courses congenial to hangovers.

Actually, to the annoyance of feminists, men still dominate the hard courses whilst women dominate the useless shit like Womyn’s Studies. In fact note how, predictably, in the first paragraph, the writer says:

I started in chemistry and then proceeded up the gender gradient to physics, finally achieving in Classical Mechanics the exalted status of only girl in the class.

She couldn’t just say she did Physics and Classical Mechanics, no; she’s a female who did Physics and Classical Mechanics. Why can’t women just do something, without specifically being a woman who is doing something.

She also misses the fact that positive discrimination/affirmative action are primarily responsible for pushing so many women into colleges and jobs, not to mention the endless encouragement they get whilst their male counterparts in class are told they’re useless and often drugged up should they dare fail to act appropriately submissive to the teacher, who is invariably female. No wonder many boys just think “fuck it” and don’t bother.

Besides, why should we continue to contribute to a society that treats us like shit? This post at ChristianJ’s blog expands on this a bit better.

Furthermore, if any women do express concern about guys dropping out of college and perhaps spending more time doing their own thing instead of becoming corporate slaves, it’s only because they realise that this will mean less and less rich men for these “high achieving girls” to marry and live off when that career gets boring after a while. Still, to the author’s credit, at least she spies the danger on the horizon as China and India become economic powerhouses with high-educated and high-motivation men. Unless feminism screws those countries over in the near future too.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:21 PM

At 6:13 PM, Playboy said…

RE: “high-achieving women”

The reality is that most women have ‘light’ jobs with the expectation that they will eventually marry and have the guy buy them the house and support them. University educated women tent to select ‘soft’ majors such as social-work and when they graduate are content working at the local coffeehouse and doing volunteer work on the side. The actual number of “high-achieving women” are few. Generally, women who are secretaries and office-clerks describe themselves as high-achieving successful career women. Of course, the goal in being a legal-secretary (often with a university degree) is simply to meet a high-powered lawyer and get married.


At 7:48 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

I’m sick of reading these articles where one day they’re spouting about how men are falling behind oh so clever females and then the next day whinging that men earn more than women and occupy most of the highest jobs. This ping-pong effect has no logic, as both these opinions cannot be true. It’s typical Feminist-inspired bile designed to undermine men. The university situation is simply caused by the rampant feminisation of the education system which is designed to fail boys. The trouble is that we now have legions of females qualified in media studies and event management and other useless degrees, whilst there’s a shortage of people qualified in real subjects such as maths, civil engineering and physics, which females avoid like the plague. Modern education has nothing whatever to do with intelligence and constructive, useful knowledge and has everything to do with social engineering designed to rig the educational system to favour females and disenfranchise men. The result is that young people in our society are dumbed-down, malleable and incapable of intellectual reasoning.


At 8:51 PM, Davout said…

High achieving women my ass….

Every single so-called ‘high achieving’ woman stands on the back of a mangina that gave her her job by sidetracking some unfortunate guy in the name of affirmative action.

All this hullabaloo about men slacking off is partly motivated by greedy economists realising that less women at home in the day = less advertising effectiveness = less shopping = less moolah for them to siphon off.

Now, if men were to stay at home WITHOUT GETTING INVOLVED WITH FEMINISTS OR ENTITLEMENT PRINCESSES, maybe, just maybe, they could command the advertisers attention, since they would now have more time to go shopping. If they became spenders, rather than savers, maybe politicians would start listening to them.

Guess who would then be forced to start working in REAL JOBS? Why it’s the poster girls of feminism: the career mizzes!

It’s about time the ballyhooed notion of equality started working for men.


At 2:40 AM, nevo said…

Among men the competition is fierce. Only when the system is somewhat rigged, women are able to sidestep such system.
The British government is a fine example because they have decided to have a certain amount of women ministers beforehand regardless who is better fit for the job.
This ballyhooed notion of equality is already working for men because it is a lot easier to spend someone else’s money than their own hard earned cash.
There is nothing like hard work to teach a spenddrifter the real value of money.



At 6:41 AM, Phoenix said…

Maybe when they say “high achieving” they mean the number of men they’ve fucked, since it’s certainly a high number.


At 10:42 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

The concept that a new breed of super women will take over and rule a subservient population of male serfs is a common feminist fantasy, and it has been around a long while now. But of course it never gets beyond the fantasy stage, and it never will.

That is because of something that these dreamers refuse to admit: which is the overwhelming and indomitable ability of men to get to the top of whatever field they turn their energies and attention to. History tells us that in the end, men are life’s and nature’s big winners. We are made that way.

Not every man succeeds of course because it is impossible for everyone to be top dog. But men are competitive animals, and those that fall by the wayside make their own contribution to the success of those who climb to the top. Thus it will always be men who dominate the highest echelons of any profession or area of life that they set their minds to.

With the notable exception, of course, of those cases where there is a deliberate and specific campaign to remove men from their positions of authority and replace them with females. As this is highly unlikely ever to happen naturally, it must be helped on its way by a concerted effort to denigrate men and lionise women. In other words, it needs an avalanche of lies to make it work. And when that happens, whatever the area of attack, that area immediately takes a decided turn for the worst, and never recovers. Family life after the removal of fathers is a good example, or primary school education with the removal of male teachers.

Maybe universities will be next. Judging by the steady decline of educational standards and the huge numbers of mediocre and often stunningly ignorant females being churned out of the system with meaningless degrees, the rot is already setting in.


At 7:18 AM, Anonymous said…


The new diverse workforce will force both white women and men to the “back of the line”. Race trumps sex. We learned that in America in the O.J. Simpson trial.

Europe will be a Muslim continent in fifty more years anyway, and American will be a latin one. European women will see all their gains be stripped back and be forced to wear burkhas because they did not have enough children to keep up with the veiled moving objects that had five and six. The muslims will begin to win all elections there in about thirty years, and implement a cultural hegemony in the twenty after that.

In America, we will go strongly Catholic as Hispanics outnumber whites and blacks. I imagine all the Arabians and Asians will not like it, and move back to Europe and a newly prosperous China as American will not be very wealthy anymore by this time.

Face it, the white European races are history folks. Dead. Feminism killed it. In 250 years, there probably wont be a white person on the planet.


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