Feminism is a lunatic fringe, gone mainstream


19 July 2006

Back in 1999 I picked up Apocalypse Culture, an odd book that is basically a collection of general thoughts, ramblings and philosophies about the simmering tension in Western society as the year 2000 approached (it was originally published in 1987 although I had a recently revised edition.) It features some interesting musings, such as the wild ambitions of a wannabe mass-murderer, the ramblings of G.G. Allin and some odd theory that nuclear bombs are Gods.

The whole general mish-mash is edited by Adam Parfrey, who contributes a few of his own chapters, including one about castration (and, particularly, some psychotic men who indulge in self-castration.) In this chapter he touches on the subject of feminism with an anecdote that reveals how vicious feminists truly are:

Feminist pundits are vocal in their conviction that possession of a penis is in itself an overtly fascist act. Fucking is seen as an act of violation against women. “The thrusting is persistent invasion. She is opened up, split down the center. She is occupied – physically, internally, in her privacy.” (Andrea Dworkin, Intercourse.) September 1989’s East Coast Lesbians’ Festival stood its ground against a politically backward sister who toted along a 16-month-old baby boy, male appendage and all. Soon, the woman’s cabin at the feminist retreat was plastered with signs reading “Baby Prick Go Home,” “Don’t Feed Males, Don’t Breed Males.” A forthright festival organizer reported that lesbians who become pregnant should have abortions if tests indicate that the fetus is male. “Boys are born with pricks and male privilege. These attributes do not mysteriously appear at a certain age,” declared lesbian Elizabeth Braeuman.

Yeah, feminism is an altruistic ideology guided by the loving trio of Goddesses; Eek, Whalla and Tea.

Uh-huh, yeah, sure.


“Stop imagining me naked. Stop it! Cease imagining me naked and oiled and rubbing my boobs…stobbit! You filthy rapists!”

I first encountered Andrea Dworkin’s amusingly demented ramblings at University but unfortunately, even on campus, I was sadly unable to find enough chemicals to dumb my brain down enough to fully appreciate her ravings. I later encountered her through a piece of work titled “Fucking Andrea Dworkin.”

Rather than being a video tape of hideous, hideous pornography as you may fear, it was an essay by Adam Parfrey himself, who edited Apocolypse Culture and indeed wrote the above article on self-castration. It was originally in an old short-lived publication called Answer Me! but I encountered it as some archived chapter in some long-defunct text-group called I Bleed For This.

Anyway, here it is, and here’s an excerpt:

Intercourse [Dworkin’s “masterpiece”] invokes the propaganda technique popularized by Julius Streicher. The enemy [that’s men, obviously] is portrayed as a vampire that is at once morally subhuman and yet preternaturally powerful and dangerous. Dworkin’s full-tilt fictions are not some private exorcism of grief and rage, but rather bellows to fan the flames of righteous hysteria in order to seize, ban, burn, and extirpate. Because she plays the role of a violated victim, Dworkin is given license to practice what she assails in the penised people, that is, the unleashing of sadistic vengeance on an entire gender and sexual preference.

This essay is not only a good summary of the obvious inferiority complex Muzz Dworkin suffered, and how her psychopathology and general lack of aesthetic qualities drove her forward in her campaign against heterosexual intercourse, as well as pointing out how feminists play the eternal victim to justify their bigotry and hatred, but also points out some obvious home truths of male-feminists; or, rather, manginas, long before the term mangina was coined. It also perfectly highlights the sheer hatred and lunacy that feminism truly is, rather than this cuddly sexual-equality shit it’s dressed up as.

(Incidentally I posted a link to this last year at the CT4M forum in case anyone thinks it looks familiar.)

Great stuff, although I do disagree with his opinion that Dworkin was not appealing to “mainstream feminists.” It’s hard to find a feminist – except those who are back-pedalling furiously – who doesn’t think this bloated dead old witch had something significant and admirable to say.

It’s also pleasing to realise that “Fucking Andrea Dworkin” was written back in 1994, when the internet was knee-high to a gnat, which shows the great backlash against feminism is not a new thing, that those of us just starting blogs and websites attacking feminism are not creating an anti-feminist movement, we are simply expanding a previous one with better technology into a medium not yet censored by the Matriarchy.

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At 2:10 AM, Anonymous said…

Yea.. I’ve noticed feminists have a tendency to let themselves go like that. At least this one is a lesbian. Women need to understand what it is like to have big lumbering naggers like this at every turn waiting to demand we tell them why we aren’t strong enough to want to submit to their demands and how disturbing it is that they are becoming increasingly vocal, ugly and desperate for attention.



At 2:06 PM, Anonymous said…

*points to picture of Andrea Dworkin* So THAT’s what the anit-Christ looks like …

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