Harry; not pottering, just angry

22 July 2006


Any self-respecting anti-feminist with an internet connection will have visited Mr A. Harry’s website already, but for any newbies to the realm of anti-feminism, here’s the link to Angry Harry. This gentleman’s site was the first I encountered when I finally got sick of the Matriarchy and decided to find some like-minded chaps on the internet. It’s a great mix of humour and righteous pissed-offness.


Vote for Angry Harry!

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posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:33 PM


At 5:12 AM, Anonymous said…

I quite enjoy Angry Harry’s site. And yours, and Darren’s, and the Policeman’s blog.

I’m ‘merkin and am astonished that things have so deteriorated in the mother country. Wish you all the best, but if I was in your shoes I’d emigrate right fast I would.

I dunno where I’d go though. I’m real big on firearms and it’s a big hobby of mine. Luckily I’m single and can afford ammo and range time these days.

Can’t wait for the Singularity…


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous said…

hey mate

new reader, loving it

keep it up!


At 6:48 PM, Miss. Love said…

ummm… what the hell happened to you that made you the bitter person that you are?

you spend so much energy whining.

get over it…lol


At 6:49 PM, Miss. Love said…

what the hell happened to you that made you the bitter person that you are?

you spend so much energy whining and whining like a 5 year old child…could you be senile so soon?

get over it..lol


At 12:36 AM, Buddha Warrior said…

Why should we “get over it”? Us men aren’t the bitchy gender. Lol (and I use that out of spite here).


At 1:31 AM, HAWKEYE said…

more wisdom from a “smart” girl.

we are most definitely ,OVER IT,we just have not dealt with it “YET”.

P.S. watch this space, to see your future.


At 3:14 PM, Anonymous said…

Unfortunately anyone who is using a public internet connection (in my case, the local library), wont be able to discover Mr Harry, as he has been banned by an internet restriction/censorship company N2H2, on the grounds of ‘sexual materials’ or whatever other reason they decide to concoct.


At 3:18 PM, Anonymous said…

Is ‘Miss Love’ just trolling any ol’ site, posting b/s comments to garner attention for her new bog, er, blogspot?


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