27 July 2006

I’ve recently received a lot of hits from a blog called Sixteen Volts, which seems like a rather interesting read. It’s not solely to do with anti-feminism, but, amongst other things, still anti-feminist anyway, albeit for different reasons than I am.

Anyway, it contains some interesting posts regarding the anti-feminist/MGTOW movement, like this one and this one.

…I will start respecting women’s right to control their bodies and have as many kids as they want the very moment they also start respecting my right to control my body and not force me to pay taxes to support their stupid choices. When you start demanding welfare money from others, you don’t get to complain when those others start demanding you to do what they tell you.

My kind of thinking!

Following the links around I came across this: Parody of feminist logic.

The lesson here is not to expect logic or rhetorical rigor from a feminist intent on posturing.

There’s lots of eloquent posts and interesting links worth reading, although unfortunately I’m too tired, hot (Britain is currently having a heatwave, with temperatures hitting Fucking Roasting Celcius, or Bleedin’ Boiling Fahrenheit) and just plain too drunk on some Italian Red I accidentally bought instead of milk on the way home to read through it all this evening. But it all looks good.

Incidentally, in case anyone wasn’t aware, site is back up after briefly going down the other month.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:21 PM


At 10:05 PM, Ilkka Kokkarinen said…


thanks for the link. If you read my archives, you can find plenty more anti-feminist posts, but before that, what you do think about the ideas that I presented in the post “The rich always eat first” and the follow up “So if you care to find me, look to the western sky”?


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous said…

I thought was the parody site.


At 11:57 PM, Maximus said…

It’s a nice sentiment ilkka, but the problem is that they’re still women and arguably sharper than their Western sisters at grabbing a man’s wealth. As you point out, their options are limited, so their “grab the wealth” skills are highly developed, whilst their “be honorable” skills are next to non existent.

Bring one of those women to the West, marry her, then count the days before she works out that she can divorce you, take all your money, then marry some other bozzo and grab his dough too. And that’s exactly what happens.

If you want a girl from the East, you have to keep them in the environment they’re used to. You go to them and never bring them home until they’re old and haggard. Even that might not be safe.

But, good blog ilkka, respect!


At 4:02 AM, Anonymous said…

Objective truth holds no real value to many women. Everything passes through a filter called “Does It Benefit Me”. Logic, much like fashion accessories, are only garnishments blended together in the hope that the meal they are trying to get you to swallow will be more palatable. Like matching eye shadow and lip stick their reasoning only appears to work together on a superficial level. Scrub away at it and their real fraudulent selves emerge. Warts, blotches, and all.


At 8:16 AM, nevo said…

maximus is quite right.
I married an eastern woman. She was great. She came to live with me in England. The marriage was fine until she met the wrong crowd. A bunch of feminazis who hated to see us as a happy couple.
Now she has divorce me.
The surprising part of the marriage is that it lasted 12 years.

My advise is: yes marry an eastern woman if you can not help it and don’t even think to bring her over here. Move over there for a long lasting happy marriage.


At 12:14 AM, HAWKEYE said…

thats so true nevo
the first warning sign is your partner hanging out with single mothers,they begin to think how “independent” they are and how good life is while you are not around.then there is always the hag mother in law ,who fills her head with all the crap under the sun.
my advise is to not marry, but if you feel you must ,be sure to take her as far away from her mother as possible.and dont let her hang with single ,welfare dependent slags.


At 11:39 AM, Man_Thropology said…


I don’t get this marry a foreign woman idea.

I don’t think that’s the answer at all.

All you’re doing is refreshing the supply of ingrate female parasites.

The only thing that should be imported from the poorer countries is Patriarchy – not women.

Establish a true Patriarchy when men really do rule for the benefit of men.

Rather than what we have at present, a gynarchy, where a few men and women rule all men for the benefit of themselves and women.

Or what we had in the past where a few men ruled for the benefit of themselves and women.

When Patriarchy is spead evenly around they’ll be enough women to go round.


At 2:18 PM, NYMOM said…

Most women do NOT need men to support their lifestyles with or without children. You wish to believe that lie, so as to make yourselves feel more important. Just like you attacked those two single mothers who were BOTH working which shows me your goal is not to stop single motherhood due to the burden on men, but because you all wish men to be in charge of everything again.

Like nothing can happen good unless you’re involved.


At 10:14 PM, Davout said…

“Most women do NOT need men to support their lifestyles with or without children.”

I would love to see your face when women are really forced to support themselves without any form of governmental assistance, which comes mostly from men’s tax money.

Furthermore, most women’s lives revolve around making themselves ONLY physically more attractive to men. Hence, your argument about women being essentially independent of men falls apart. Check out even a few of the huge number of female blogs and see what they write. The vast majority of them have nothing worthwhile to say.

“Just like you attacked those two single mothers who were BOTH working……”

Let me know when you spot a single woman who got her job without any help from a man. That would be the world’s first independent woman.


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