Prolific F4J protestor

25 July 2006

Man admits Ruth Kelly attack

A fathers’ rights campaigner has admitted smashing an egg over the head of Cabinet Minister Ruth Kelly outside a Greater Manchester court.

To quote the prosecutor:

“It was clear this was a pre-planned incident, he had gone along with the eggs for this purpose.”

No shit Sherlock, I thought he’d planned on cooking up an omelette in the street.


Ms. Kelly failed her audition for by accidentally
turning her head at the last minute

Apparantly, the F4J guy has been up to the following antics:

In May last year he received a conditional discharge after throwing an egg at Prime Minister Tony Blair’s car and shouting abuse as Mr Blair attended an election rally in Oldham.

He was fined £500 after climbing on top of Manchester Crown Court dressed as Batman, climbing a gantry over the M4 in Cardiff and setting fireworks off outside the Elstree Big Brother house.

He has also climbed Manchester’s Big Wheel dressed as Santa and last month was convicted of criminal damage after super-gluing doors and locks at Trafford Town Hall, Greater Manchester.

What a guy!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:34 PM

At 7:10 PM, Anonymous said…

It takes a Woman to create a child–all you men is donate the sperm. We grow the child in our womb for 9 months and then do most of the care for them when they are infants. So, don’t act like women take them away from you, when they gave them to you to begin with.


At 7:59 PM, nevo said…

It is strangely funny. I can not find any comments from die-hard feminist about George Bush Groper-in-Chief. This kind of high level USA groping diplomacy must have stricken a cord in some of them.



At 9:41 PM, Davout said…

‘anonymous’ seems to be an ardent devotee of infamous female supremacist ‘NYMOM’…… FYI, anon, it is not your will that grows the child, just your body’s biology. Case in point: lots of unfortunate barren women, deeply desiring children, can’t have them, no matter what advances medical science makes. You are not any more superior to men just because Nature endowed you with generic incubating equipment that half the world has. An embryo incubating in a woman is similar to an investment made by a man in a ‘bank’. Saying that ‘the women give men their children to begin with’ is akin to saying the bank gave men the investment WITHOUT THE MEN HAVING PUT IN A PRINCIPAL AMOUNT. All of you female supremacists conveniently forget that, without the sperm, the investment cannot occur. So guess what? The efficient wee little sperm is just as important as all that hi-falootin incubation mechanism that women have.


At 10:54 PM, KellyMac said…

Unfortunately, satisfying as it may have been, this egg-throwing protester is doing nothing for the men’s right’s movement.

I’d like to add that I find it amusing that the whining feminist who posted the nyaa nyaa we can have babies and you can’t post, wasn’t brave enough to add his or her name. Although with the word “woman” being capitalized, I suspect the latter.


At 5:54 AM, thefightforhappiness said…

And the sperm that the men give is not biology at all. Men are the ones that go through changes in their bodies, and then go through the pain of child birth in order to have a child.
Yes, Thank you for your wonderful point ‘davout’ and reminding us all of the real truth.


At 7:17 AM, Anonymous said…

Im Miles Hendon, and I have a comment for Duncan Idaho, my fellow man.

Duncan, I have a suggestion. I want you to promise yourself to read the sentence AFTER my suggestion, because you might not like the short sentence that contains the suggestion.

Here it is:
Marry a Jesus Freak Christian woman, or look for a third world woman.

Now allow me to reason with you. She may not be an utter hottie, but if she really is a Jesus Freak (no matter if you think all religion is ridiculous), she will believe that she is commanded by Almighty God to try her best to make the marriage work. She will believe that she will burn in hell for eternity if she commits adultery or leaves you for another man. If you are halfway decent to her, she will be as faithful as a dog. She is taught be her Bible to “submit yoursel(ves) to your husbands”, so you should get plenty of sex and romance. She will bear you children because she believes the first commandment God gave all humans “be fruitful and multiply”. If not a Christian woman, find a Muslim or devout Jewish woman. This is the best course to pursue, but be sure you’re getting a real Jesus Freak, not a mere Churchgoer looking for a provider. I’m talking real believer here who believes that Christ indeed walked on the water and there is a heaven and hell, etc.

If you absolutely hate religion, get a mail order bride from a third world country (and be decent to her). These women come from cultures where women are treated like chattel, she will appreciate it. However, the religious angle would work even more to your favor. A third-world Jesus freak would wash your feet with her hair, practically speaking.

We are a dying race of people because of feminism. Our birthrates are well below replacement and have been since the seventies. Two or three more generations of 1.5 children per female birthrates, and the European ethnicities will have accomplished something utterly amazing in the history of human kind, a sort of mass suicide by non-births. That is a shame, because our history is that of an innovative people, that has led the world into the light of constitutional government, religious freedom, rights of man, market economics, and by far the most technical advance. Dont help let this happen.

If we men all found religious woman and brought women in from the third world (who are handled awfully back home), treated them fairly and had strong marriages and three children a piece on average……………..In about a hundred years, feminism as we know it would be a memory. Because they do have lousy birthrates (probably 1.2 or so on average). Socially shunning such women is something Ive found to be effective, as there ARE nice gals out there Duncan. They are not all ruined. You might have to go out to the burb’s to find one, or even the country, but they do exist.

And yes Duncan, I too get a kick out of bitchy women in their forties, realizing their clock has run out……………wistfully thinking back to all the average guys who really offered themselves to them, but were driven away by ideological impurity (didn’t abase themselves before matriarichal sacred cows) or just passed over while the feminist in question, believing all the rhetoric from gender feminists about what a treasure she is, kept trying to achieve a man that was out her league over and over (Ive seen alot of this personally———————its as if some women look at themselves through a fun-house mirror and think they are Jessica Alba when they are really a five on the scale of tem, letting “studs” use them over and over their entire romantic life and never figuring out THOSe men just want a piece of ass from fives, not romance).

Best of luck, keep your chin up………..there is a pleasant gal who will meet you halfway out there somewhere, probably even willing to sign a pre-nup to prove it.


At 11:50 AM, Anonymous said…

There’s a saying kellymac.

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

Nobody got hurt, and lots of people have done things that are technically illegal in support of a cause. Sometimes to great effect.


At 1:35 PM, nevo said…

The war on woman — and Doctors.

Become a Doctor,and maybe go to jail or face the death penalty.
Doctors who perform illegal abortions under the terms of HB 1215 could face a first degree murder charge under a revised homicide provisions in south Dakota law, a lawyer for the South Dakota state Medical Association says.
Pierre lawyer Cave Gerdes said in a legal memo written for the association that if HB1215 survives challenges at the ballot and, possibly, in court, it could combine with a revised state homicide statute to pose an ominous legal threat to Doctors charged with violating the law.

I say..

If this becomes the norm even in this country, inevitably, we will see a rise in the number of children illegitimately born.
We’ll see also a rise in paternity suits against unaware fathers.
It seems that the only sound advice under these new developments is to keep your dick away from it.



At 6:45 PM, NYMOM said…

I hope he goes to jail for throwing that egg…then see how tough he is…

I hate cowards like this…


At 11:14 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

I hope the egg goes to jail too! Breaking itself on that poor womyn’s head and all. Teh coward!


At 1:29 PM, NYMOM said…

Very funny…you know exactly what I’m talking about. It was extremely cowardly for this group to attack this woman. Not to mention that it has the potential to incite more violence down the road…I mean when will this end when one of you throws acid or a bomb instead of an egg or purple powder…

Continue encouraging this and you will see the police and courts turn against your cause as you fill all the negative stereotypes of your group as just a bunch of disgruntled and angry men when you encourage this sort of behavior.


At 6:43 PM, voloohaar said…

So transparent, it’s laughable ^^


At 5:57 PM, Anonymous said…

“Continue encouraging this and you will see the police and courts turn against your cause as you fill all the negative stereotypes of your group as just a bunch of disgruntled and angry men when you encourage this sort of behavior.”

What planet are you on? The police and courts (and media and legislatures and etc…) ARE against our “cause” (i.e., a society that actually rationally functions and is not a moral cesspool). They’ve been attacking men for something like the last 35+ years. Women, revealing their true natures, couldn’t wait to capitalize on it ($$$). Where have you been?

Gents, see the thing is that women are incapable of GENUINE empathy because underneath their phony exteriors (e.g., ‘concern for children’ – yea right) they have no character. Zero. None. They are all about “Me, Me, Me”. If guys are getting screwed to the wall, their sons have no father living in the home, daughters are acting like prostitutes, social structure is breaking down, social pathologies are exploding it concerns them not because they are not being directly and immediately negatively affected. Genuine empathy requires an advanced being with character and deep philosophical insights. The ability to look beyond their own short-sighted calculations of “What’s in it for me”. It ain’t happening and ain’t ever going to happen with women.


At 9:11 PM, Anonymous said…

Nymom: Yes, I agree with you. They may begin doing acts such as that which a certain Emily Wilding Davison (and I am sure many others also) resorted to. But then again that is an entirely different story, is it not? Men are not hurt when they are torn from their children because of a biased law system, are they? I bet these men would give up all of the rights the feminists fought for if they could watch their children grow up.

By saying that the police and courts will turn against the MRA cause implies that they were ever on the MRA side to begin with. The F4J have every right to be angry and disgruntled, this is not their right to vote they are fighting for but a chance to see their children grow up.


At 12:52 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Anon @ 5:57 PM has it right; the governments and courts already regard anti-feminists and MRAs as a bunch of angry womyn-haters and nutters who need to be suppressed. They decided that whilst MRAs like Fathers 4 Justice were still trying to be polite.

To put it simply, us men have nothing to lose anymore. From birth we’re already regarded as potential rapists, as scum, as violent angry loonies, as liabilities only to be harvested for cash. We have absolutely nothing to lose, which makes us all the more dangerous to feminists and governments, hence their hysterical cries of condemnation as we gather momentum.


At 2:31 PM, NYMOM said…

That’s total nonsense. If you examine MOST of these F4J cases the courts were totally legitimate in denying these men visitation waiting for them to straighten out. The founder of F4J Matt O’Conner himself in a recent interview admitted he was previously a heavy drinker and from the amount of cursing and carrying on he did during the interview you could see he was an extremely anti-social person to begin with…that’s the source of most of these groups’ membership discontented violent men who if they didn’t join F4J would be involved in some other anti-social activity.

I mean it’s no coincidence that their plot to kidnap Tony Blair’s kid was hatched in a pub…as are many of their other schemes…which explains the Benny Hill type comedic effect of most of their stunts…

They were probably all drunk when they came up with the ideas.

Let’s not make heroes of a pack of drunken idiots.


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