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21 July 2006

Indiana’s Baby Drop-Off

If you don’t want your baby or if you know someone who doesn’t, Indiana law allows you to drop-off the newborn at any fire station or other emergency medical provider, with no questions asked.

Hmmm…I wonder what it was like back in the old days, before the West turned to crap, when a woman was actually condemned for abandoning a newborn baby instead of being aided and abetted by the State.

Although these Drop Off points are not (yet) available in the UK, they might as well be. There have been a recent number of cases in Britain whereby women have dumped babies in car parks or on wasteland, and all the police have done is offered the women counselling.

This once again ties in with the double-standard I pointed out in the last post; if a man is unwilling to take care of his child then he’s a “deadbeat” and a complete scumbag, who has to be forced to support his child by having money stolen from him, and if he is unwilling or even just unable to pay, he is thrown in jail by an angry judge.

Yet, if a woman is unwilling to take care of her child, then she’s just assumed to be a poor victim (“frightened mothers” they’re described as) and she is allowed to dump the baby and have him or her out of her life. Furthermore, she has no fear being arrested, identified or, God forbid, actually held personally accountable for her actions and be obliged to live with her own life choices.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:06 PM

At 10:52 AM, Youngbuck said…

Actually, it’s not just Indiana. I’m pretty sure it’s nationwide. It’s been this way in NY as far back as I could remember. I remember a case where a girl gave birth to a little boy and then drowned him in the toilet. People were outraged that she went through with the pregnancy and then killed it and wondered why she didn’t drop the baby off at a firestation or church. Oh yes, she got probation and no jail time.


At 1:07 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

This is Western culture. Men have responsibilities and no choices…women have all their choices and no responsibilities. Why is this? Because women write the rules. Any man who thinks that he has nothing to fear from females in power is kidding himself. They are rigging society to completely favour females and take away every man’s human rights.


At 1:12 PM, Trescius said…

What should be done. Should I say is that any fathers of missing children should be allowed to have DNA testing done of any foundlings. A match would mean an automatic fault divorce of the wife and no custody for her either.

Unfortunately the way things are fvcked up these days that would probably just get the father in more trouble for not being around 24/7 to catch his wife/girlslut dumping the child off.


At 6:37 PM, Phoenix said…

This is what happens when you give the weak power. You get their sense of perverted justice forced onto society, and have a tyranny of the petty. Generally, although not always, those that are strong learn justice by truly dealing with adversity and learning advantages and disadvantages of different approaches, and they realize that you should primarily reward merit. The weak consider rewarding “merit” unjust, because their sense of justice is entirely based on making things easier for them, and they, rather than admit they don’t have merit, will make excuses and complain about unfairness, while instead of removing unfairness, they only seek to remove a meritorious system. But all that does is unfairly punish others, since life and success really can’t be free, and someone has to foot the bill. Women simply have no place in any position of decision making power.


At 7:16 PM, ntk said…

Good post Dunc. Imagine if a man dumped an infant in the same fashion. Think he’d get away with it?


At 6:31 AM, Anonymous said…

just a thought, if a father were to collect the child from the drop off point (how i dont know given he doesn’t even have the right to know he’s a father) do you think he would be eligible for child support?


At 3:42 AM, Verlch said…

Yeah, we need to throw money at them to help them. When the only help these bitches need is to learn how to be mothers, and good wives to husbands that will support them, so they only work at home, and this is housework a woman pace, not having to pretend they are little men, doing 10% of the actual work men do.



At 4:27 AM, KellyMac said…

Yes, it’s terrible that a mother would do this, but at least the child has a chance at a normal life without having a worthless mother and a father who isn’t around either because he doesn’t want to be, or he doesn’t know.

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