Abandon Britain II

03 August 2006

More Britons consider move abroad


A sure sign of a sinking ship.

The Have Your Say page has a few wise words of warning, that the grass isn’t always greener, yadda yadda. But otherwise, so many people seem keen on fleeing the place.

A number express pride in what Britain used to be, but not what it’s turned in to. I can understand that. I’m no rabid Nationalist, but I’m proud of the great things and people that made Britain. Industrial Revolution? Cool. Shakespeare? Nice. Churchill? Cigartastic! But the place has just about completed it’s transformation into a fully-fledged Socialist Matriarchy which takes from the productive and gives to the unproductive, regards men as good for nothing but harvesting of sperm and money, not to mention having a government that cares not one whit about standing up for it’s own people (witness what happened after the 7/7 massacre in London, Blair hurriedly meeting up with Muslim ‘leaders’ to reassure their ‘fears’; what about reassuring us you politically correct arse biscuit?)

So many people comment about the breakdown in family values, rise in crime, obsession with political correctness and high taxes as the reasons they’re leaving Britain, all of which have been caused to a significant degree by feminism.

I would go right now myself, but I don’t have the money just yet, plus I’m trying to figure out where on Earth to go! I’ve nowt against Continental Europe but they’re as Socialist as can be. The US still sounds a very attractive option, with lower taxes at least, but so many men say the New World is almost as ruined by feminism as the UK, if not more so. So Matriarchal are Australia and New Zealand, apparantly, that they’re losing men to emigration at a rate measured in tens of thousands.

I could try Antarctica. I wonder what their immigration control is like? Surely there can’t be any feminists there. Failing that, Neptune.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:12 PM

At 8:06 AM, MarkyMark said…

I can’t blame men for leaving Oz & NZ; they’re so matriarchal it’s disgusting! I can’t blame men for wanting to leave the UK or US, either. That begs the question: where do WE go? Many of us are in the US or UK; given how both countries hate us men anymore; given how feminism is spreading throughout the world (thanks to satellite TV, internet, etc.); where can we go?

Oh, do you like how the article totally glosses over the REAL reason men are leaving?! Not one time did I see a mention of guys being SICK & TIRED of women and their crap-not once!

Until I figure that one out, I’ll keep a low profile. I’m what Zenpriest calls a deserter in the gender war. I’ll continue GMOW. I don’t know what else to do.

I used to be politically active; I worked on two campaigns. However, the Republicans & Democrats are two sides of the same coin; I’m sure it’s the same in Britain. Therefore, being politically active isn’t the answer; neither is voting for the right man/party.

If it were me, I’d probably head to Costa Rica. It’s got good surfing down there. It’s the most tranquil country down there; it’s not beset by death squads, dictatorial govt, etc. I hear the women are nice there too; at least they don’t hate men like our wonderful Ameriskanks do. Hopefully, if I can get enough money, I’ll leave the US and head south to Costa Rica or something…


At 5:44 PM, Davout said…

Go to countries where the state either doesn’t have the ability or the desire to micromanage family life. This usually means less taxes, less welfare and handouts for entitlement women. Feminism thrives wherever there is too much money and too little brainpower to gainfully use the money.

I haven’t been to Costa Rica but it could fit the bill. You have to spend some time there to find out…..


At 10:49 PM, Anonymous said…

Understand your confusion as where to go. Personally, I am in the final throws of getting a company publicly traded, and I will begin my move to Peru! The women ACTUALLY care about their men, and families and would sacrifice for them, not your typical western bimbo! Ahhh, the days ahead will be good!!


At 2:51 PM, Anonymous said…

My best guess, from what I’ve read, would be be go to not-so-tourist areas. Those are usually the only bastions of feminism in patriarchal countries. I’ll try to find a list of male-friendly countries later.


At 2:21 AM, Anonymous said…

Of the past 5 years I’ve lived 3 of outside the US. OUR MILITARY constantly has training time set aside to make sure us troops “know” that if a woman is drunk and we have sex with them that she can claim rape and we will loose in the military courts. However, just outside of the gates, all of that was unheard of. Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Korea are all male friendly countries. Feminism is gaining a foothold in Japan though, so beware.


At 3:19 PM, Anonymous said…

Mexico or Argentina


At 5:59 PM, Anonymous said…

Take it from a native – the U.S. is pretty bad with regard to the feminazism. Normally, I would say Japan or Brazil, but feminism is growing in those places, too.
I would tell you to give UAE a shot, but you don’t seem to be too keen on Muslims.
Have you ever given the Dominican Republic a thought?

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