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01 August 2006

No ceasefire in Labour’s war against the English

I don’t generally read Richard Littlejohn, especially as he used to write for The Sun and also because he tends to get a bit too fixated on homosexuals and asylum seekers and often becomes a parody of himself. But still, this is an interesting article about why so many people are leaving Britain.

[Labour’s] plan from the off was to create as many new British citizens as possible in the shortest period of time in the hope that they would return the favour by voting Labour.

It’s why leading Labour politicians argue for an amnesty for illegals – or ‘undocumented’ immigrants, as they prefer to call them. It’s the quickest way of getting them on to the electoral roll.

This is all part of a twin-pronged attack on the natural Conservative majority in England, together with Gordon Brown putting hundreds of thousands more people into nonjobs on the public payroll and making millions of others dependent on welfare and tax ‘credits’.

Labour has created a vast client state, to be cowed by the threat of losing their jobs and benefit payments – or of deportation in the case of recent arrivals – should they ever be rash enough to vote Tory.

This, too, is why Labour encourages single mothers either on Welfare Benefits or on Spousal/Child Support that has to be collected by the long arm of State; the more people dependent on the State, whether it’s to directly hand out money or to collect it from ex-husbands and non-custodial fathers, the better. They’ll be entirely reliant on Big Government and will never vote to get rid of it because they can’t live without it, and that means big salaries, fat pensions and plenty of job security for those employed by the Big Government.

So if you are contemplating emigration, there’s no reason to feel guilty. It’s what the Government wants.

Just don’t all rush at once.

Where’s my suitcase?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:32 PM

At 8:39 PM, nevo said…

There goes another one!
Gary Lineker got divorced in London for his unreasonable behaviour, by wife of twenty years.
And of course you guess it.
She keeps the lot and he moves out somewhere else.
Read all about it in the Daily Mail today.
Feeling despondent? So I am.



At 7:38 AM, Anonymous said…

Gordon Brown: Idiot and criminal.
He’s the guy that sold hundreds of tons of British gold at $255 , the bottom of the market .. it’s now 635. Not by accident either !


At 10:43 PM, BillyT said…

I have often wondered, what is the endgame for these people. What happens when the producers are gone and everyone is suckling the teat of the state. The state will have ultimate power, but will collapse from lack of taxes/workers to support it. I am sure these people in charge know this so what is the plan? What is the use of being the ruler of a crumbled state? I would rather rule over a healthy empire than a has been state filled with welfare mooches and single mothers.


At 2:46 PM, pete said…

“I would rather rule over a healthy empire than a has been state filled with welfare mooches and single mothers.”

That’s your opinion, not those who rule now, and certainly not those who exhort them to do all this – feminists.

Also, government is about TODAY, not the past if they can avoid it, and definitely not the future. If the scumsuckers can get elected for a few more years, that’s as far as they look. They don’t know and don’t care what happens ten, fifteen or forty years from now. As long as today’s immigrants love them, they don’t give two shits about the filth the immigrants bring with them. Same with feminists, except feminists don’t bring filth because they are filth.


At 1:26 PM, Anonymous said…

“I have often wondered, what is the endgame for these people.”

I suppose that when Blair has finished pushing through his reforms (i.e. fucking things up even more) He’ll piss off to the U S of A.

I’ve heard Dubya’s got a kennel waiting for him at his ranch in Texas.


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