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04 August 2006

Jerry’s 5-star guide to her perfect man

Another article from the Daily Mail, this time from Jerry Hall listing the criteria she insists any future boyfriend of her’s meets:

* Aged between 40 and 50.

* Independently wealthy.

* Entertaining.

* Preferably American.

* And, most importantly, he must treat her ‘like a princess’.

Erm…maybe being a bit optimistic there.

Still, maybe I’m being cynical. Maybe there are actually loads of rich forty-something American guys interested in hooking up with a haggard 50-year-old divorced mother-of-four and treating her like a Princess.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:31 PM


At 6:43 PM, NYMOM said…

Is there anything kind or good about you???

You haven’t had one post up yet saying anything good about anyone…


At 7:37 PM, Anonymous said…

Ummmm, what does she have that any normal man could every possibly want?


At 9:25 PM, Anonymous said…

Eternal Bachelor telling it how it is. I like to read the lonely hearts section of the paper too and the “requirements” of some of these women never cease to amaze me! Do they really think we’re that stupid?


At 9:31 PM, nevo said…


By the way I scored a goal against my ex today.


Can’t wait to see her face when she finds out. JEJEJEJEJEJE!!!

This calls for a BOOZE UP!!!!!



At 9:56 PM, Anonymous said…

There is a hell of a lot more good about him than there is about you, nymom.


At 10:29 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Congratulations Nevo!

Get some beer down you.


At 10:33 PM, Davout said…

rock on nevo!


At 7:43 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Nymom attacking The Eternal Bachelor…how dare she? Perhaps this may be revealing, it’s from Nymom’s “about me” section of her blog:

“A grandmother, who raised two daughters alone, I have recently become concerned about the number and intensity of the media attacks against women in their role as mothers, particularly single mothers. It is apparent that many of these attacks have been generated by men, out of either jealousy of women’s primary bond with children, anger over women’s increased status or independence within Western society and male attempts to undermine the recent rigorous enforcement by the federal government of child support. All of these issues have combined to generate a backlash against women in their role as mothers and this can be seen in not just media campaigns, but in laws and public policies being directed against us, as well as the tremendous increase in mothers losing custody of their children. I have created this website in an attempt to post articles regarding this issue and discuss with like-minded people some strategies to amend the current situation.”

In other words the usual Feminist clap-trap. Nymom, if you don’t like The Eternal Bachelor don’t read it. Go and log on at one of the many rabid Feminist sites. Personally speaking, The Eternal Bachelor is a daily read for me and it is for a lot of men who have been screwed over by the Feminist Western states. So you think it’s hard being a single-mother do you with all the state benefits that are on offer? Try being a divorced dad who never sees his kids.


At 8:42 AM, Haole Wahine said…

I hate to break your cover but is your whole blog simply a nice diversion for you? When a person feels good about themselves, they tend not to feel threatened by others. You present as a very threatened man Duncan. You do have permission to remain the eternal bachelor – in fact, who’s trying to change you? Perhaps your eternal bachelor syndrome is due to watching your friends get married and feeling threatened by their relationships with women that have “taken them away” from you? Alas Duncan, just make some new friends and move on already. Life is too short to go around judging others so harshly. Yes, men may be from Mars and women from Venus but does that really mean that everyone’s an outerspace alien?
No hard feelings.
From an Eternal Singleton – but not against marriage for others 🙂


At 8:54 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

Yes am teh threatened by women and upset because my fwends are all married!!!!11111eleven

Actually, few of my friends are married because they’ve wisened up too, and furthermore this blog is a good way of encouraging other men who are thinking of marriage to take a step back and see how little it offers them these days and how much risk there is of divorce and what that entails. If guys still want to get married after seeing all the facts about modern marriage (and divorce) then fine, but they can’t complain too much if, as happens in almost half of marriages these days, it ends in divorce and they get financially bum-raped in the divorce courts and their children are stolen from them.

This blog is also a good way of letting off steam. Women can – and do – sit around workplaces, lecture halls, pubs, cafes and TV chatshow studios mocking and insulting men at every opportunity, all in the name of empowerment, but if we men raise one word of complaint about the opposite sex we’re denounced as sexist pigs and, if we’re in the workplace, we can potentially get sacked for being sexist or non-PC. In fact just criticising (verbally) your wife can count as domestic-violence according to feminist definitions (whilst a woman stabbing her husband to death in his sleep is regarded as ‘self defence’)

The internet is where we men can damn well say what we want and are safe to ignore the shrieking and shaming language (e.g. “you are a very threatened man”; jeez, try and be more original) of whiney females.


At 11:47 AM, MarkyMark said…

Nymom & Haole Wahine,

If you don’t like Eternal Bachelor, don’t read it!! Sheesh, you women are such gluttons for punishment. You bang bad boys and thugs, then wonder why he treats you like crap? BTW, Nymom, did you bang a bad boy to get YOUR womb turds? Do you women have pathological masochism, going after men who treat you like crap? Do you seek out that which upsets you? Obviously you do, because you’re here all the time! Shoot, you know what you’re going to find here; if you don’t like the site, don’t come here. Oh, I forgot; that’s too logical. Women are many things, but logical is not among them…

For me, Duncan Idaho’s site is on my daily MUST READ list. He has relevant articles, interspersed with his unique, interesting commentary thereof. He points out things that the PC (I’m using Warchick’s Politically Castrated here) MSM doesn’t DARE point out.


At 11:49 AM, MarkyMark said…

Getting back on the topic of this article, it begs a most obvious question: who would WANT to be good enough for that used up attention whore, Gerry Hall? The very thought of being near her makes me want to puke. Gag a maggot!


At 11:49 AM, HAWKEYE said…

yes duncan&&&&&
give it to that dumb mole
i think she is the one with the real problem .
and yo to NEVO keep us informed brother
“the male has no friends left”
have u ever seen ” THE POWER OF ONE”?
that is our story.
so fuck off you dumb slut.
fuck off to hell.


At 3:20 PM, mfsob said…

I had to laugh, a LOT, when I skimmed through nymom’s site, simply because there were so few shreds of rationality, let alone sanity.

And her whole blathering commentary on Women-don’t-need-men-to-conceive-because-of-artificial-insemination-so-kill-all-the-men ignores one simple fact (Well, it ignores ALL the facts, but that’s just how women “debate”) and that is that modern medicine hasn’t come up with a replacement for sperm.

Just Keep Saying No, men – No to marriage, No to sperm donations, No to the pussified patriarchy that women have created.


At 5:46 PM, Anonymous said…

Haole Wahine (strange name) said…
“When a person feels good about themselves, they tend not to feel threatened by others.”

I dont know about you sour sister but I feel good about myself.
I feel good about being single, about having women chasing after me but not letting them get what they want. (its amusing how bitter they get 😉 )

And on top of that I met some nice polish girls recently that are far more attractive then spoilt British and American skanks and are much more feminine and dont have silly tattoos and piercings. Even if they come from hammer and sickle land they are brought up better.

Guys all you have to do is go your own way. Let no women rule your life. Real men are not what women describe what a real man is, a REAL man is one that controls his own destiny.


At 6:54 PM, JadedGuy said…

Us American men with British women? Bwhahahahahaha. I can see it right now: “You are an insufferable git. I want 90% of all you have, love.”


At 7:22 PM, nevo said…

From the New york Yimes
Determined to find a man who had better prospects, Ms. Rudolph entered a relationship with a basketball player and had three children with him. It ended when she learned he was married to someone else, a revelation that left her badly shaken. “I don’t trust men to marry them,” she said.

Tax policy does not encourage poor couples to marry. At the lower end of the income scale, couples with two incomes face higher marginal tax rates if they marry. Couples can also lose federal dollars when marriage increases their household earnings above the threshold for welfare payments.

The future of the matrimonial deal is closer than we think.



At 8:11 PM, Phoenix said…

Women arguing is hilarious. It really is kind of sad, but feminism has exposed women for what they really are: an inferior creature. Before feminism I think every man thought women were important human beings that deserved to be treated with respect, and would perform roles that males usually couldn’t. Women would cook, clean, raise children, etc. Now women refuse to do those things, and instead try to compete with men at jobs, and in arguments. All this has done is expose how women lack intelligence, and how men can easily figure these things out for themselves if they need to (more and more men can cook, whereas women can not).

Also, nymom and haole whine, you’re lucky that duncan is a man, and as such, uses facts and always allows others to bring their arguments. The comments section is moderated, so if he felt “threatened” by your messages, he could simply choose not to allow them, and nobody would know. Obviously, he can’t possibly feel “threatened” by you or your hare-brained ideas, or else you wouldn’t see them on this comments section. I’m sure if we all posted on your blogs, if you have one, you’d never let these comments go through. Women, we already know how you think, we already know how to beat your games, and none of us respect you now. Good work. You do more to tarnish your reputations than any man possible could.


At 10:33 PM, Anonymous said…

NYMOM aka. Margaret Temple of Cornell University. Has been banned from a number of Blogs. She is an avid Man Hater. Her Blog is one anti Male diatribe of hatred. No different than the KKK, Aryan Nation, Black Muslims etc. If you doubt me check it out for yourself.

She frequently posts on Gonzo’s Blog and is having a difficult time being heard. I frequently read the postings of Feminists to see just how delusional they really are.



At 2:13 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

Hey there Khank! Good to see you drop by my friend.


At 3:54 AM, Anonymous said…

“When a person feels good about themselves, they tend not to feel threatened by others.”

So what about all the rabid feminist who do the same on thier blogs about men? All feminist don’t feel good about themselves and are threatened by men?

Well, I guess you are right about Eternal Bachelor then if it works both ways.


At 3:13 PM, Anonymous said…

You will note too that Ginmar, Ampersand, and Hugo Schwyzer the Cross Dresser frequently censor those whose opinions they disagree with. Duncan and Pete Jensen both allow disparate voices on their web blogs. It is an interesting distinction.

What Feminists don’t know how to deal with is Men who won’t cave into them. They have had their way for decades and now the opposition is mounting daily. They cannot handle it.



At 2:29 AM, Happy Bullet said…


Had a look at your site. Can’t say I disagree with most of it, although it seems to me a little rambly and I’m not sure exactly what your point is. Also not sure why you’re disagreeing with the Eternal Bachelor..

“Anyhow Cindy Adams had these dogs dressed up riding in a limo, wearing mink coats and going into clubs. They showed shots of them at home…Clearly these dogs represented for her the babies she never had.”

This sort of thing is commented on here, except we think it’s funny and just desserts for a woman who is too much of a pain in the arse for a husband.

“Where most of the womens’ blogs (even the supposedly more serious ones) function as little more then places for women to post snarky remarks, along with their picture, the main function obviously being to attract the attention and approval of men.”

I find this sort of thing to be true.. For some reason they think being a “challenge” will be attractive to us (hahaha poor fools). Once again though, aren’t they just being too much of a pain in the arse to find a husband?

Most of your comments seem to be in threads devoted to how desperate women are and how their standards or demands are optimistic…

The fact that this site exists, is because that is so and that marriage (which I’m sorry is the only way to raise children properly, particularly boys) has become a raw deal for men.

You go a little overboard on your blog with blaming men for this sort of thing, ie.:

“More of the On-going Manipulations of Men in their Never-Ending Attempts to be in Charge of Everything Again”

The article is about a non-biological lesbian partner getting custody of a child… WTF?? – NO MEN ARE INVOLVED –

If you want all women to be able to experience the joys of motherhood, why not work towards their taking some responsibility for doing it PROPERLY, rather than just taking the easy way out and trying to blame men.. feminists have been doing this for years and all that it has done is result in a “marriage strike“.


At 5:10 AM, Anonymous said…

I had a discussion with my work colleagues at lunch today. Basically we ascertained that in the case of women acting bitchy, or having no personality to speak of, we would not go lower than a 5 out of 10 looks wise, while porn is freely available. That is, we would all rather jerk off to porn for the rest of our lives than to have to live with a below average female that acts the way modern women do. The decision was unanimous.

That is roughly 50% of women that are out the door right there if they complain too much.

NyMom, imagine that! All that precious baby producing sperm that could be going towards some ugly, bad mother to create a twisted undisciplined bastard! Maybe you could hire people to steal it direct from tissues then try to claim child support.. just an idea based on women’s increasing desperation.


At 2:01 AM, NYMOM said…

My point with those stories is pretty clear. That if men have decided they no longer wish to fully participate in society by marrying or having children then women should be legally able to have children on their own.

As long as they are responsible and mature enough to handle single motherhood, then men should step aside and allow them to do so…particularly since many of you obviously have no wish to ever be married.

My problem is that not only do YOU not wish to be married or have any kids, but you then tend to put legal obstacles in the path of women who wish to become single mothers…and I’m not talking about teenagers here who have nothing else going on in their lives, but normal women who are in their mid to late 30s, educated, respectable, worked all their lives and paid their taxes. They must either make a decision now or it will be too late for them.

I see nothing wrong with women like this becoming single mothers…

So maybe there should be an age requirement for anonymous donors or single parent adoptions.

Khank…you are turning into a bigger idiot then I thought originally…although we will never agree on anything I, at least, had some respect for you thinking you were sincere in your beliefs as misguided as they were.

I now see you are nothing but an idiot like many others on the internet…

Too bad…


At 2:06 AM, NYMOM said…

BTW, people can read anything I’ve ever posted on any other blog as well as my own and see what’s I’m about.

It’s no secret.

I do not hate men.

I even supported many of your causes such as that Roe vs. Wade for Men…actually men who carefully examined my position on many issues would find that I am closer to supporting what many of you claim you want, then men like Khank are. Who would have you all back in the old male as supporter of mothers and children role that you seem to be trying to break out of…


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous said…

Well I’ve read your comments on the Matt Dubay case and to be perfectly honest I find you a repulsive woman.

Women do not have the right to mens genetic material just because they’ve got a maternal urge any more than men have a right to demand sex from women because we have sexual urges.

Why should women be able to demand children on demand and exclude the men whose (50 PERCENT contribution) made it all possible) from those children’s lives?

Are even unborn children the property of women?

You hideous creep.

I have absolutely no respect for single mothers and even less use for em.

The thought of a boy child being raised by a frigid, manhating numb-clit like you like you fills me with loathing.

Women do not have any right to children that men do not consciously agree to make with them.

Who the fuck do you think you are even suggesting that men should supply their sperm just so you can have babies?

Who are you to reduce the role men play in procreation to nothing more than a –

“recreational sperm deposit”?

If the male contribution is so insignificant then try having a baby without it. Idiot.

Maybe men who want children but not the mothers should be able to demand eggs and surrogate incubators to carry em all at the expense of the state just like every other fuckin crack head ho in this mess.

How’s that sound to ya?

How I hate these bastards.


At 2:18 AM, Happy Bullet said…


I see the point of contention here..

“What is to be done to solve the problems caused by the marriage strike caused by feminism”

Myself and others here think it should be done by eliminating feminism and thus allowing men to take on traditional roles in an acceptable manner.

You think that if we don’t want to be in traditional roles and accept a raw deal that is offered to us (and we don’t), then we should let a not as good situation take it’s place.

The reason I personally, and I believe other people, take exception to this is that this position disregards the needs of men and proposes a much less than perfect “solution”.

More importantly, let’s face it, maybe a single mother that meets certain requirements can handle her responsibility properly without being a drain on society, but these people are far and away a MINORITY of single mothers. Imagine what would happen if these requirements were imposed by law.. there would be a lot of talk of “patriarchal” discrimination I’m sure and a lot of incompetent single mothers would fall through the cracks… and they currently DO. So the solution you are proposing will and does fall open to widespread manipulation which is a major deficit to the rest of us.

You don’t have to go too far to get a situation like this. You agree with “my body my choice” and “men getting out of the way for single mothers” you then agree to massive amounts of single mothers on welfare. How is that then avoided? By culling children born to irresponsible mothers AFTER birth?!

You want statistics on that? Look at the beneficiaries of welfare in the UK. Tell me 75% of people on welfare is not caused by “Divorce, Separation, or Unmarried Birth”. Tell me 46% of people coming OFF welfare is not caused by “Marriage or children leave home”.

The only realistic answer is to have men and women in a mutually beneficial relationship, like a (legitimately) traditional one. I’ll credit you with “somewhat” agreeing to that at least.


At 2:02 PM, NYMOM said…

Let’s face it happy bullet the world has changed and I don’t see it reverting back to what it was again.

I think long-term the irresponsible procreation of teens will be slowed down by the new reproductive technology coming online for men. BUT then the bigger problem still remains what to do about responsible adult women who wish to have children and haven’t married.

Should they be allowed to do so?

As I don’t believe feminism is the entire reason men and women aren’t marrying so much anymore. I think a lot of it is men simply rejecting their old roles as being too stiffling and feminism giving them a legitimate out of marriages many men didn’t wish to make anymore.

Going forward there will still be some two-parent marriages raising children, there will also be a few teens having kids (but I see these numbers falling as medical technology gives men more birth control options) BUT there will ALSO be older, responsible women who won’t ever get married (since their male age cohert won’t want to) yet these women will still want children…

So what’s to be done about them???


At 2:04 PM, NYMOM said…

Fine anonymous…

Create your incubators; however, I hate to disappoint you but I don’t see a lot of men eagerly lining up to order babies through them…

I could be wrong but I just don’t find men as interested in marriage OR children as women are…

But to each his own…


At 10:08 PM, Anonymous said…


“BUT there will ALSO be older, responsible women who won’t ever get married (since their male age cohert won’t want to) yet these women will still want children…

So what’s to be done about them???!

Er! Who gives a shit?

Fuck em!

Until people start respecting Fathers and children’s right to be in each others lives, I really couldn’t care any less about the needs” of mature old hags or immature OLD hags.

It’s always about what women want isn’t it?

Fuck off!

Ya just don’t get it do ya? We want our children – what we don’t want are laws that allow women to legally kidnap our children and then extort ransom from us.

This is what underlies the ethos of men going their own way.

If we can’t have our children on our terms – then nobody has em.

So why would we give a damn about what happens to hagged out old bitches who want our kids and our money but don’t want us to have our kids nor our kids to have us?

Get a fuckin clue will ya, then make about 30m photocopies and pass it around.


At 2:43 AM, voodoojock said…

Oh, so the Walrus (NYMOM) pollutes another blog? Great to see you here, you donut-scarfing, overpaid, underworked SECRETARIAL cholesterol deposit.


At 6:44 AM, Youngbuck said…

NYmom said “I could be wrong but I just don’t find men as interested in marriage OR children as women are…”

SHOCKING!! I wonder why men aren’t interested in marriage anymore with lovely gems like you walking around. I just can’t believe these men, something must be done about it.


At 1:38 PM, NYMOM said…

“If we can’t have children on our own terms, then nobody has them.”

Typical, selfish and irresponsible attitudes.


At 7:59 PM, NYMOM said…

Excuse me voodoo…why do you feel the need to police me if I post on other blogs?


At 8:05 PM, NYMOM said…

If this voodoojock is going to be allowed to harass me here, I am not going to post here anymore.

At 8:26 PM, NASCAR UPDATE! said…

If all it takes is me harassing you to get you to quit polluting Duncan’s excellent blog, consider this a sign of things to come, Walrus.




At 8:27 PM, voodoojock said…

And for the record, I police no one. That’s Duncan’s job. I’m just here to shine the spotlight on your glaring hypocrisy.


At 12:16 AM, NYMOM said…


Voodoo or nascarupdate, whoever you are, you must have an awful sad and boring life…since you have nothing better to do but follow me around on the internet…

Quite frankly, I’m starting to wonder if you’re mental or something…

Find something else to do with your time besides worry about how I’m spending mine…

At 12:18 AM, Anonymous said…

Typical, selfish and irresponsible attitudes.

Modern Womanhood embodies all that and so much less.


You don’t get it do you? We don’t want you. You make us sick. Rather than drowning your kids why don’t you go drown yourself.


Modern Woman = Disease


At 3:26 AM, Happy Bullet said…

Heheh 😀

NyMom, you’re nearing troll status with your “[Mythical] responsible single mothers are the saviours of the future” and “men don’t want to be a part of society and get married [because women have made sure they’re fucked if they do]” stuff, so I’m not going to say anything about VoodooJock hurting your fweelings, or about you never posting here again.. LOL.

I decided last night that there is NO SUCH THING as a single woman over 30 wanting to be a “responsible single mother” that can actually meet that classification. As a responsible woman would not limit a child’s right to a father, which they are (especially if they are boys) BETTER OFF WITH.

Want statistics to back THAT up: Look at the common denominators of the prison population. Tell me the biggest commonality is not that a father was not present.

Where I live they had the first case of prosecution using a new video camera system in our main nightspot. A woman was bashed… by two other women. They pleaded guilty (due to it being on camera), and said they were very drunk and the attack was “out of character because they are both single mothers with children.”


The idea of single mothers as acceptable is what is irresponsible. I know you’re a single mother and that might make this a little difficult to accept… Maybe you should just get on with your life understanding that people will tell you you’re immoral if you try to convince them you are not.


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