Feminist single mum rattles the cage


03 August 2006

How not to be a total git: Fatherhood

This is a laughable blog entry by a feminist, basically advising what men should do when they’re about to become a father. It can be best summed up as “Do everything for the woman, she is the centre of attention, and you have responsibility for everything, even the child’s conception, but fuck you if the women wants to assert her right to have the baby chopped up in her womb and thrown in a bin.”

It’s crammed with demands that you pay for YOUR child because it’s YOUR responsibility to SUPPORT YOUR CHILD!!


(2) Whether or not she continues the pregnancy is HER decision. Your rights over her body are precisely ZERO and you get precisely NO say over whether she has the baby or not.

Yup, screw you father-to-be (or not-to-be, if the baby is butchered on the woman’s whim), it’s her body and you have “ZERO” rights. You’ve got skipfuls of responsibility of course, that’s what us men are apparantly here for, to be responsible for women and babies and support them, but, evidently, we can go and fuck off if we think for a moment we have any rights.

Do NOT assume that your partner is the only one who needs to take a hit on her career. You too could return to work part time. You too could arrange to leave work promptly to pick up your child from the childminder. This is not your partner’s sole responsibility.

Yeah, that sounds fair enough, but seriously, imagine a guy suggesting he’ll work part-time once the baby is born. Watch wifey look in horror; “But how will we get by? You’re a man, you have to support YOUR baby. Get back to work! Support me and MY…I mean, YOUR, babeeeeh!”

Anyway, here we go for what is probably the most laughable bit of the whole thing:

Discuss openly and honestly how the two of you are going to arrange childcare if and when your partner is ready to return to paid employment. Do not balance her prospective wages against the cost of childcare because, guess what?, it’s your baby too and you are 50% responsible for childcare. So balance her prospective wages against half the cost of childcare. The other half comes out of your pay packet. Which means that if your partner does not return to work, or works only part-time, in order to care for your child, you should pay to HER the cost of childcare that YOU are saving.

This is, without a doubt, the greatest example of entitlement and greed I’ve heard from a feminist, and that’s saying something! She basically thinks that, if a woman has a kid and eagerly quits the boring job she hated, I mean, sacrifices her career to stay at home, then her husband should pay her to stay at home.

Pay her. Cash.

That is to say, a salary.

That’s on top of supporting her and the baby as well, by providing a roof over their heads, paying the bills, pay for food.

Not only is this immeasurably greedy and making it clear this woman sees babies as a burden to women (she’s a single mother too; I feel sorry for the poor kid) but she has no sense of practicality. With women flooding the workplace and the growing army of single mothers leeching off the state and causing higher taxes, it’s difficult enough for the average guy to support a wife and child on his salary alone, yet she expects the guy to pay the woman a salary!?! For fucks sake. The average childcare cost in the UK is £7,400 per year (about US$14,000.) How many guys could afford, on their salary, to support themselves, a wife, a child, make the mortgage payments, run a car or two and pay his wife a £7,400 salary to do something women used to do in return for being support by her husband!? Bear in mind her advice elsewhere says, except for breastfeeding, the father should do “everything else.” Oh yeah, sounds like a sweet deal to me; pay a woman a salary just to breast feed a baby whilst I do “everything else” and work full-time to support her and the baby. For fucks sake.

The only way a guy could do that is to make the woman pay rent, pay for the food he buys and she shares and use of the car and furniture. She’ll end up owing him money! Of course, this suggestion would be met with horror by women; “You’re my boyfriend/husband, you’re obligated to support me!!! I’m not obligated to do a thing for you, not even look after your child (it’s yours now it needs supporting, it’ll be mine when I divorce you). Not unless you pay me anyway!”

She also doesn’t even bother suggesting a guy should stick around necessarily. That would be one piece of advice it would be nice (albeit unlikely) to see; stick around guys because children need fathers. Instead, in her last entry, she merely implies that if a guy decides to “up and leave” it’s no problem at all, so long as he pays Child Support. That’s all us men are to women like this, sperm donors and walking wallets.

Such crap like her article would have annoyed me a year or two ago, but now it just makes me laugh. I was going to try and leave some cluebatting comments, but can’t be arsed. She’s a feminist so is immune to logic or A Different Opinion. There’s no point in communicating with such people. Let these single-mother feminists grow old and alone. Maybe when their bastards have fled the nest (or gone to prison or become a single mother on welfare) they might have the time and introspection to figure out that their sense of extreme entitlement and obnoxious attitudes are why no man wants them.

To balance things up, here’s my advice on How To Be Total Git At Fatherhood: do whatever you like. Don’t bother going to pre-natal classes, don’t change nappies, call her fatty, refuse to accept her invitation for the “privilege” of watching her give birth and instead go to the pub with your mates, make her and the baby sleep in the basement so the child’s crying doesn’t disturb your beauty sleep, ditch mother and baby if you want and don’t pay any Child Support. And if the woman complains about your behaviour, tell her “Hey, it’s MY body and MY life, you have ZERO rights over it and you get precisely NO say over whether I support you or not. Fuck you very much and get off my property.”

Obviously that above paragraph is in jest; I think most guys instinctively know how to be good fathers and many – including me – would like to be fathers, and good ones too. But we can’t be. Not in the Matriarchy. Children belong to women. They have the say in whether they’re aborted, they get to keep them in any custody battles. Fathers are of no relevance. The British government confirmed this attitude the other week by declaring single women and lesbians could get IVF treatment at taxpayers expense, based on the apparant irrelevance of fathers. Yet they’ll wonder why the young men of Britain become ever more nihilistic.

(Thanks to Maximus at Kitten News for sending me the link.)

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:20 PM

At 10:02 PM, Davout said…

There’s a reason this woman is a single mother. She probably spouted some of this baloney to ‘sperm donor’, post copulation, and he headed for the hills at break-neck speed. If he knew about any of her feminist tendencies prior to conception, I have no sympathy for him either.


At 1:11 AM, Anonymous said…

I’d like to say that things are better here in the US regarding the feminazis and their huge entitlement complex but … that’d be lying.

But yeah, that was my ex’s attitude when she was pregnant, the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD revolved around HER, and only her … and woe unto me if I didn’t instantly indulge any demand or request, no matter how outlandish, unneeded or even illegal. That, and it was yet another excuse for her to withhold sex for a year. I know, I know, that’s pathetic, but I am wiser now – I have nothing whatsoever to do with women.


At 3:41 AM, Anonymous said…

I have two theories:

1. The baby is the biological property of the man.
The sperm IS the baby. It’s like a little tadpole, it’s the human being. The woman is just the incubator, she provides the eggshell but the man provides the life inside the egg.

2. Marriage was originally thought of by men. Let’s have a contract
that says I will provide for you ( money ) in return you VOW and agree that any children are my ( the man’s ) property. You also provide me with sex whenever I want it. She agrees by accepting marriage.

Of course feminism, females getting the vote, have turned this upside down through the Satanic State – the courts.

Men used to have the right to take the kids and leave the bitch, but they never did.
Now woman have the right to take the kids and leave and they always do.

Bernie Brauer, Vancouver, BC


At 8:22 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Although this idiot single-mother’s views are extreme, many females (most) have similar ideas about what men and society supposedly owes them. The Feminist brainwashing that occurs nightly in the media and advertising is responsible for this self-centred entitlement complex. Females think that it’s society’s and/or men’s responsibility to look after them financially and it is always females who demand choices and priveledges that they think are their right simply because they’re female. The female view is: if a female wants a baby then society/men should just cough up the money to pay her rent and living expenses no questions asked. As a consequence Britain is now the single-mother capital of Europe and the burden on the taxpayer increases daily. Many single-mothers rear children that have the same entitlement complex as their mother and end up with anti-social, selfish attitudes. Blair and his government has encouraged this trend by increasing single-mother benefits. Welcome to chav Britain.


At 9:11 AM, Tony Sclafani said…

A lot of times when we pass laws there are unintended consequences. For example, when a state raises a drinking age, kids cross state lines to get alcohol and the number of alcohol-related driving deaths goes up.

Similarly, when abortion was made legal, it had the unintended effect of giving women full domain over men’s lives. This blog is the result of that. While I don’t believe abortion should be illegal, I think a law should be passed that lets men “opt out.”


At 9:27 AM, Anonymous said…

I’ve never read a “feminist” blog before so I checked out the link and tried to read some of her articles.

Hours later my brain is still trying to recover from the experience. Imagine being stuck with a twee flibberty-gibbet like this who witters on endlessly about how important her duplicitous rationalizations are to her flighty little feelings. I doubt even your average mangina could put up with this for long.

No wonder she’s single.


At 9:51 AM, FredXblog said…


This beast is a right old femhag isn’t she

Her pathetic followers predictably cheered for her ‘phenomenal’ article


If her sweaty armpits won’t put men off- her vile viewpoints will


At 8:24 PM, the sad geek said…

Just read her blog. Good grief, what a narcissist.

This woman is so attracted to herself that she has become a black hole that sucks up all maleness in her vicinity.


At 3:28 PM, mfsob said…

Now, now, Sad Geek, don’t you know that it is our (men’s) fault that she hasn’t found The One who will take her away from All This so she can life the Fairytale Life that all women are ENTITLED to?

I agree, though, if I was dumb enough to go out with something like that (I don’t date anymore) within 10 minutes I would pull the ancient female trick of “going to the bathroom” and leave her wherever to find her own way back -shes a strong, independent, needs no man female, so it’s not my problem if she gets beaten and robbed while walking home.


At 7:27 PM, Fem Hater said…

Just read her crap and i can`t believe what kind of crap she writes. There is no sign of logic or any kind of rational thought. Going on about how much she cares for her baby which is a load of crap. One thing i know about single mums is that they are not their for their babys but their babys are their for them as some kind of substitute partner in life which has o deal with some crazy feminist bitch emotional issues their entire childhood. Now wonder kids brought up by single mothers are so messed up. Only thing i am happy about is that the kid is a girl not a boy. Hell that boy would end up hating himself big time, but i suppose that little girl will end up been a super slut and become a single mother and end up repeating the circle of life.


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