Modern women lazy, greedy

04 August 2006

The easy life

A new survey has revealed that a generation of young women are rejecting high-flying careers in favour of a life of ease and luxury. The so-called ‘Easy Life Generation’ have seen their mothers struggle with demanding jobs while trying to raise families and have no desire to follow in their footsteps.

New Woman magazine discovered they desire wealth and status without the demands of long hours in the workplace, and many hope to marry wealthy partners.

Another fantastic study from the collective laboratories of the Scientific Institute For Working Out The Painfully Obvious.

There’s a few samples of some aspiring parasites.

I have no intention of being the main breadwinner and hope I marry a man with a high income. Let him break his back if he so chooses.

Sorry, but few men want to break their backs being the main breadwinner.

I don’t want to miss a minute of my children’s early years. I want to be a proper mother and to have a husband who can support me. Stuff feminism.

Tough shit. Few guys will marry these days, and few can support a stay-at-home wife thanks to feminism. So stuff you and your poxy dreams.

Like I’ve said before, these so-called feminist-rejecting women are not really rejecting feminism; they still have all the entitlement woman-firster attitude of feminism, they’re just rejecting the bad part of women’s lib; having to work. They certainly don’t have any intention of doing housework, or even actually loving a future husband; he’ll just be a wage-slave to fund their lavish lifestyle in return for occasional sex. That’s not a traditional woman, that’s just prostitution.


“Alright darlin’, it’s a fiver for a handjob, tenner for full sex, twenty
if you’re going in the backdoor.”

Furthermore, as is often the case, these women seem to think feminism is just a mindset, that by declaring “Stuff feminism” it’s relevance vanishes. It doesn’t. Feminism has altered and warped the economy, the legal system, the workplace and, above all else, relationships between men and women, perhaps irrecoverably. Fewer men are willing to marry, even fewer are able (or, indeed, willing) to support a stay-at-home wife. These women will have to accept that, according to government statistics, about a third of women under 30 will never marry, so will have to make their own way through life. And yes, that means working full-time all your lives. Lap it up ladies.

I’d far rather blow my money on make-up and handbags than save for a pension.

Well you do that love. Just try and keep the whinging and screeching to a minimum when you hit 40, alone, broke and in debt, and realise you’ll have to continue working for the rest of your life.

I’m not even thinking about planning for the future — it seems such a long way off and I really want to enjoy my 20s, which I think are still part of my carefree youth.

So she’s going to spend her 20s partying and, no doubt, fucking various guys. Yet she wants to marry a nice rich man? When? In her 30s? When she’s used up and has a fatter arse and a ticking biological clock? Good luck you moron.

This last woman pretty much sums up the attitude of what passes for women in Western Society:

I think credit cards have a lot to do with it — I owe at least £3,000 on my credit card, not to mention my overdraft, and every day I get letters offering me loans.

I tend to bury my head in the sand and not think about tomorrow — I just tell myself I will be earning more at some point or I will meet a nice rich man.

Fucking parasites. Still, let them get themselves in debt. Some might find a sucker to marry, but not many will.

This also proves my point in the previous post, that women claim to have “sacrificed” their careers when a large number like these lot clearly only marry to give up their career!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:16 PM
At 6:07 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Why don’t women like these just stand on street corners and let guys pay them for sex, after all that’s what they seem to think a relationship consists of. It doesn’t surprise me that young females are so mercinary, after all they’ve been brainwashed since birth by the “have it all” brigade. This is how much our society has degenerated because of Feminism. Young women seem to think that they can trade sex for the highlife.


At 7:07 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

My, my. I believe this happened once before…… in Rome- and we know what happened to them. Women never change, do they? They are always the decadent influence that destroys a society.


At 11:24 PM, Anonymous said…

MAN!!! Why can’t men think with their other head???!!!!!

In all honesty, I blame the knob-cheeses that actually fulfill these khunts self-serving ambitions. It’s actually made worst when you think about the fact that men are getting shit sex anyway. Safe sex is a must, but using a condom dulls the experience for men. And as we know, women get more oral sex than men.

So, these fools are funding these ho’s, and not even getting a good seeing to in return. Paying premium money for sub-standard “goods” (or is that “bads”).

Sex is the down fall of men. It’s like we are the junkies and they are pushers. I know many men that go nuts if they don’t have sex. It’s a drug. We get it only when they let us, and it is completely on their terms (if it ‘s not completely not on their terms, then it’s rape). And as a collective, men just don’t get it. Sex is the only real thing women have over men. Think about it.

If all the men on the planet we’re to not have sex with women for one month – imagine the affect it would have on women. It would be like a tiger with no teeth and claws.

Better stop here, cause I’m starting to “red mist”.


A pissed off dude

At 7:56 AM, nevo said…

Well, what can I say.
It seems to me there will be rich pickings for divorced older men with flashy cars and thick wallets.
I’d better start shaping up myself, surely I don’t want to miss out on such a bonanza.
Can anybody suggest the trendiest men’s cloths magazine?.
Last night walking in the town centre I’ve seen quite a few young tarts miniskirted to the bare minimum on the loose.
A goldmine for an older man with a thick wallet.



At 11:59 AM, HAWKEYE said…

you are right mt brother SEX is all i require from a female.
if it was not for that “thing “between her legs, we would throw stones at them.
RE the post by our most fluent and wise DUNCAN.
in australia modern females have been branded as the “EASY” generation.
dunno how i aint got none.


At 3:16 PM, Anonymous said…

A Woman’s Advocate wrote an op ed piece in the NY Slimes recently. She complained that 50% split of Marital assets was not enough. I say make it 90% and lets kill Marriage once and for all for the scam it is.

We have crossed the line of departure. And there is no turning back. It is not fixable at this point. Too many Legal,Professional, and Judicial interest feed off Divorce. And Women are too self absorbed to demand justice for Men.



At 8:00 AM, Christopher in Oregon said…


Before you make the mistake of thinking that women are only good for sex, (technically true) let me remind you of a few interesting facts that might shrivel your, uh, desire.

1) At least thirty percent of women have genital herpes-HSV2. (80-90 percent have oral herpes -HSV1)

2) Seventy-five percent of women have the Human Papilloma Virus, which causes genital warts and/or cancer depending upon the strain they are infected with, and many women have multiple strains.

3) A significant percentage of women have both genital herpes AND HPV.

4) These are viruses and are incurable, and very expensive to treat.

5) The CDC has finally admitted that condoms are ABSOLUTELY USELESS in preventing the spread of HPV. This was already known about herpes, anyway.

5) You absolutely, positively can NOT have “safe sex”, or “safer sex”. There is NO SUCH THING today. Your only hope is to remain celibate, as the vast majority of women in the U.S. are riddled with STD’s.

Kinda’ makes you horny, eh?

Christopher in Oregon


At 1:40 AM, mfsob said…

I dunno about the rest of you, but just looking at their pictures (I know, shallow and sooooooooooo guy like 😀 ), none of them appear to be any great prize. Sorry for you Brits, but then, with so many US women pushing the Fat Is Beautiful line, we’re not any better off.

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