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01 August 2006


Many men revolve around ‘The Closer’

This article is a pile of pretentious twaddle, but just by reading the first four paragraphs you can get an idea as to why so many men are deserting mainstream media. It’s increasingly just a big pile of crap aimed at women and their egos.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:19 PM


At 6:54 PM, nevo said…

You can’t take this seriously.
It’s all Hollybollockswood.
Anyway all this pseudomatriarcal way of life will soon come to an end when the tectonic plates make their overdue move and everything will come crashing down on their heads (literally).
Then, men with logically way of thinking will put the record straight where it shouldn’t have been displaced in the first place.
After California the rest of North America will sink in the Pennsylvania Avenue sewer.



At 9:34 PM, Davout said…

‘the closer’ is another show headed the way of ‘commander in chief’.

If more ‘slacker men’ stay home and hog television, more and more advertisers will be forced to cater to men rather than women. Consequently, feminist shows like the above will be doomed.

One of the few positive things I hear these days, regarding men, is that more and more advertisers, in some parts of the US, are trying their level best to attract the male demographic from 18-49.


At 12:59 AM, Anonymous said…

haha and what happens after a season or so of being emasculated and those male “orbiters” are now pussy whipped fairies who burst out into tears when they are required to shoot someone?

Series over, or new male orbiters, fresh from the patriarchy and ready for castration? LOL!!

Maybe they should make the series better resemble real life and have her impregnated by a homicide PERPETRATOR, then dumped and spend her time juggling between her police career and taking care of a barbarian child beast who spits his Ritalin in her face. Ohh yeah.


At 1:57 AM, Anonymous said…

I caught an episode of this show last week and just had to laugh. Its not too horrible but the detective gal was worried about being preggers. She ends up not being pregnant and would have not even brought it up to her boyfriend if he hadn’t brought it up after seeing the test kit in her purse. The guy of course just accepts that and goes on like nothing is wrong.

Anyway, the reason most of us 18-39 yr old men don’t watch tv is that there is nothing on for men or were off watching movies or on the net.


At 3:51 AM, Anonymous said…

I have satellite TV, but I can’t even watch it anymore. It’s all dreck. I don’t know why I still subscribe to it. I think that something interesting may happen so I’ll want to see the video, but that’s becoming a weaker excuse with the advent of, et al (i.e., desk-top video publishing). About the crap show, in question, I don’t even make it as far as you do Duncan. I look at the title of the article and it’s click (off to something else). I can’t even stomach to read it. The establishment is trying to turn men into pliant, consumer-oriented metrosexuals (the way they have done to women), but it ain’t working. No about of slick production can overcome our vomit reflex that God gave us.


At 4:02 AM, Anonymous said…

If more ‘slacker men’ stay home and hog television, more and more advertisers will be forced to cater to men rather than women. Consequently, feminist shows like the above will be doomed.

That’s true, but women still make the vast majority (75%+) of the spending decisions. Women claim they make pennies on the dollar that men do in the workplace, yet spend like mad at the mall. Children make even less than women and spend money like water. Billions more are spent by house pets every year. Their money is coming from somewhere. Corporations are going to cater to who spends the money. NOT necessarily who makes the money. It used to be the same person (the male), now the male makes it and the female, kids, and pets spend it. Deny females the male wallet (best way is to not marry or mate with mercenary Western females) and you greatly diminish their economic power.


At 2:02 AM, Anonymous said…

James Miami, FL

I cant stand most of the garbage that comes out of Hollywood. I used to live in CA, but the hole place is full of looneys. Oh!
Kim yong ill (North Korea) were are you when Hollywood is there for the taking! 🙂


At 3:02 PM, the sad geek said…

That poster so reveals modern Woman’s nature. The world revolves around her. Reminds me of that cartoon about China, where China takes up most of the space on the globe and the rest of the world is cramped together at the horizon.

Looking at her is like looking into the barrel of a loaded gun. We men should feel attracted to something like that?

Female chauvinism, victimism and gynocentrism do anything but bring men and women closer.


At 10:28 PM, Davout said…

anonymous 4:02AM,

you bring up a good point: “women still make the vast majority (75%+) of the spending decisions”. That should change when the numbers of slacker men increase. Think of it as the invasion of the home in much the same fashion as the feminists invaded the workforce.

All we have to do is to make it as profitable for big companies as possible to suck up to the male demographic. This means that men will have to become spenders rather than savers in a deliberate attempt to undermine the female pedestal of consumerism. When advertisers see men spending potloads on say “extreme entertainment”, they will be tripping over themselves to cater to men. Of course this goes against common sense principles of prudence and frugality but we should consider all options in defeating feminism.

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