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02 August 2006


Call for women’s prison closures

A programme of women’s prison closures should begin in an attempt to reduce re-offending, a lobby group has said.

The Howard League for Penal Reform wants resources transferred to community programmes and treatment facilities for females.

It’s like some big collective employment of the Get Out Of Prison Pass women manage to use; sod letting women off for crimes as serious as infanticide, just get rid of nearly all the women’s prisons completely

Note the end of the second sentence in the above quote; it seems female criminals require “treatment.”

Men are punished, women are treated.

The charity argues the current system does not meet rehabilitation needs, with two-thirds of women released from prison reconvicted within two years.

So? Lots of men reoffend after being released from prison. Yet when that happens, it’s regarded as evidence of men being more criminally orientated and violent. When women do the same, it somehow shows prison isn’t working and they should therefore get cushy treatment.

A woman for the charity seems horrified that many women are in prison on remand, “so had not been convicted of a crime.” And? Many men are in prison on remand so have not been convicted of a crime either. Oh, but wait, men don’t matter. They’re only second-class citizens.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:43 PM

At 6:00 PM, Anonymous said…

I agree that women often seem to have a “Get Out of Gaol Free” card, but in this case the Howard League for Penal Reform can be exonerated of anti-male bias. These idiots want to let EVERYBODY out!


At 8:04 PM, FredXblog said…

More get-out-clauses for women only

It never ends does it


At 8:59 PM, ditchthebitch said…

I have never heard anyone say this, but you could actually turn all of this around on women- say, “Well, Andrea Yates got off easy for drowning all five of her children because women are by legal definition already considered to be mentally ill and stupid and are nothing but property and are held to a far, far lower standard than men and that is why men are punished more harshly… and besides, women never learn from their mistakes anyway because all their decisions are based on their stupid ’emotions’- and that’s probably really the reason why- or used to be, and society just stays on that course. Of course the enraging part of it is that women are supposed to now be considered ‘equal’ but of course men and women are not even alike, much less ‘equal.’ All I’m saying is that you could really turn this one around on women and do a number on their heads next time you get into a discussion with women on this topic.


At 1:45 AM, Anonymous said…

James – Miami,Fl

Found this blog while looking for info re: the Marriage Strike. Looks like this women are so stupid. On the one side they cant find a man to say I do, but on the other they want to glut the market of more females. I think we need to start a movement to bring more secretaries (ie. females) into the U.S. (they get paid to much anyway), and see them fight for jobs and men who will not commit.


At 7:13 AM, Phoenix said…

You’re not going to be able to turn this around on women. If you really think that, it’s obvious you’ve never actually spoken to a western woman. Since they’re not restricted by logic or integrity, they can lie or make random nonsensical arguments, which they’ll simply repeat until you give up, or they’ll just resort to shaming/ad hominem attacks until you give up. I don’t think women even realize that they lie and contradict themselves so much, they honestly always believe they’re right and that the facts just get in the way. This is what is meant by them being emotional I suppose.

Women consider themselves “equal” and “independant” when it suits them to fight against “oppression” and to be allowed to do something they want to. When it doesn’t suit them, that is, when there is responsibility or punishment, they immediately claim they are weaker and they’re women, so they shouldn’t have to be held to a standard.

I still think women are genetically like this. It’s simply happening in too many cultures around the world for it to be just a planned western problem. Women are little children, and just like little children they will run amok if you don’t control them. For whatever reason, we, and the rest of the world, feels it shouldn’t control women anymore. As a child i’d read biblical stories, and I noticed that throughout history, according to the bible, there were civilizations that became “godless” and were then destroyed. I don’t remember the specifics anymore, but I guess, if you truly believe in religion, maybe this is what kept happening in the past. Women were repeatedly given too much power, and then society would always crumble. Maybe we need another flood or something.


At 8:19 AM, nevo said…

I was not going to comment on this matter but ditchthebitch made a few points.
I think it is a damning fact that the dystopia our society is suffering shows in woman prisons.
Women or Venus should be the epitome of love, tenderness and loving motherhood. Instead we have them in prisons.
It is a fact of life, women never learn from their mistakes that’s why they all look and sound illogical, senseless or even witless. In fact “a bit of a nelly”. Feminism thrives on this facts. They infect weak minds with ideals of equality that do not exist between the sexes. As a consequence begets confusion in their minds to such an extent as to make them break the laws of the country.
So, lock them up until they see the wrongs of their ways.



At 1:33 PM, The Phantom said…

Did you look at the ‘in detail‘ link?

“Women responded differently to incarceration because … they suffered greater drug use and mental health problems than men, she argued.”


“Only 2% of the general population have two or more mental disorders, compared to 72% of male and 70% of female sentenced prisoners.”

Drug use is 66% of male prisoners and 55% of female prisoners.


“with two-thirds of women released from prison reconvicted within two years”


“Re-offending rates are high – 67% are reconvicted within two years of release”.

That’s not split by sex so two-thirds of men are also reconvicted within two years.


“Among men aged 18-21 the rate is 78%.”

Even higher rates for young men.


At 3:39 AM, Anonymous said…

I’ve had knocked down dragged out fights with my mother (66 yrs old) about this double standard. A man rapes and kills a child and she can’t see him dead fast enough. A woman tortures and murders a child (or in the case of Andrea Yates all her children) and she tries to pin the blame on the nearest man (i.e., Her husband forced her to have all those children! Do you know how difficult it is to take care of all those children, it would make anyone crazy!) or says she was “sick” (and needs help). I’ve tried every which way to expose the hypocrisy of her position to her (i.e., if women who kill children are sick why can’t men be diagnosed sick as well) and she just refuses to see it. I’ve been trying for a couple years now. No luck. I’m left with the only conclusion that she is mentally incapable of thinking objectively. It’s like trying to get through to an adult who is mentally retarded or a child with serious emotional problems. It’s been my experience that the VAST majority of women have this mental handicap. They cannot think objectively (or rationally). They act out of the seat of emotion, just like a spoiled and emotionally disturbed child. That’s just they way they are built. I’m not the first male to observe this phenomenon. Males have been observing these traits in females for ages:

“On Women” by Arthur Schopenhauer


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