Article by Carey Roberts


09 August 2006

Blame it on the patriarchy

One of the tenets of the cult of feminism is that women, being the appointed guardians of gentleness and light, are capable only of doing good. (For now we will ignore inconvenient facts like the women who abort 1.3 million unborn children each year, unwed mothers who finger some unsuspecting dude to get a bigger child support check, and exotic dancers who fabricate claims of being raped by a bunch of lacrosse players.)

So when bad things happen, women have a convenient scapegoat: male-dominated society.

* When a demonic mother drowns her five kids in a bathtub, the chief suspect becomes her husband who failed to protect the woman from herself.

* When a woman castrates her husband, her lawyer trots out the always-reliable Battered Woman defense.

* When a wife breaks her vows and cheats on her husband, she evokes sympathy (and wins custody of the kids, just for good measure) by claiming to feel “stifled” in the relationship.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 4:23 AM


At 6:57 PM, Anonymous said…

Your going to love this one.

Chinese ‘anger bar’ is a big hit.

Women beating up on men.


At 4:01 PM, beenaround said…

The problem with Carey Roberts is that he cannot distinguish the extreme cases from the average cases … and he sounds like one of those sour grapes fathers who chose the wrong woman, got her pregnant, and then didn’t want to stick around to help raise the kids …


At 9:00 PM, Playboy said…

RE: “Carey Roberts… one of those sour grapes fathers who chose the wrong woman, got her pregnant, and…”

This is the same garbage women puke all the time:

* The guy ‘picked’ – thus it’s his fault – the ‘wrong’ woman (the reality is that all women are the wrong woman if you are talking about marriage).

* Making critial observations on the entitlements of women is ‘sour grapes’ but then any criticism of women’s behavior is unacceptable to women.

* Got somebody pregnant? Men are such beasts to GET women pregnant, never-you-mind that she decided to not take the pill this week because she wants a baby.

* I doubt this guy is a ‘deadbeat dad’ – he looks rather old to me so I doubt if he has any minor children but it’s sure fun of women to randomly call guys that.


At 4:34 PM, Anonymous said…

There are other fem-nut defences available to women, one being under the influence of PMT (or is it PMS?).

These poor women victims (boo hoo) have gotten away with murder, arson, criminal damage by citing hormonal influences.

For the sake of equality, the same defence must be available for men accused of rape. I.e., that they were under the influence of testosterone.


At 8:42 PM, phoenix said…

In a logical world testosterone defense would work the same way, but this is illogical feminism that we’re talking about. Feminism claims it is men that can’t control themselves, yet feminism is the first to punish men for this, while claiming women can’t control themselves when it suits them, and blaming everything but the woman herself.

One of the funnier things to me is how women will always make fun of a man that is sexually attracted to them for being half naked, but after a few years when the man simply is no longer interested in her fat cow ass, he suddenly has “erectile dysfunction.” No honey, the only dysfunction is..YOU. Get the man a hot woman, and I’m sure it’ll go up again. Unless you’ve henpecked him that much over the years that he’s given up on women in general that is.


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