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07 August 2006


Ah, another “hilarious” movie about women dishing out all sorts of cruel and unusual punishment to men, hot on the heels of My Super Ex-Girlfriend.

This one, John Tucker Must Die, involves three women who find out they’ve been dating the same guy, the eponymous anti-hero Mr Tucker, and they set out to get their own back, which seems to involve setting him up to break his heart and laugh as he suffers.

Maybe there should be a remake; Jane Tucker Must Die. Three guys have been jerked around by Jane Tucker, who has been dating all three at once. They set out to break her heart and make her upset! And it’ll be aimed – like John Tucker Must Die – at teenagers.

Think that would get made? Me neither. It would be misogynistic!!


Rather appropriately, the title is written as a Tramp Stamp

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:17 PM


At 9:27 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

This is indeed a worrying trend where it’s portrayed as justified for women to use extreme violence against men for the pettiest of reasons. This violent retribution is portrayed as trendy by films and TV and sends out a very disturbing message to gullible females. To an extent this notion has always been around in a lesser form (for instance a jilted woman trashing her boyfriend’s clothes or car) but now the violence is extreme and depicted a funny. This shows what appeals to the young females these films and TV programmes are aimed at. It speaks volumes about the twisted minds and violent vindictiveness of many females.


At 1:32 AM, mfsob said…

If I was a conspiracy theorist … nahhhh, it would just be TOO outrageous to think that this film was part of an orchestrated campaign by the feminazi patriarchy designed to not-so-subtly further the message that women don’t need men, for anything, and so they might as well just kill them all off.


At 2:49 AM, JadedGuy said…

We have to wonder where it will lead to, as well, CZ. What happens when men refuse to return the affection to which women feel ENTITLED? Will women go violent on men “going their own way“?


At 4:23 AM, Phoenix said…

This is sort of unrealistic. The women and manginas that write and produce these films may like this type of thing, and women will watch and like it, yet in reality, usually when a man is dating multiple females these females don’t band together to get at the guy, they all fight against each other OVER the guy. Women are stupid, and players have them all figured out. As much as I dislike this type of society and system, women proposed it and men that want to easily succeed at it. This is a pure flight of fantasy, 3 women would NEVER get together to “get back” at one man they were all dating. They would only do that if all 3 had been dumped at some point, but even so…


At 4:29 AM, Mr. Cheesy said…

Have you ever seen In the Company of Men? Similar plot, but with the genders reversed and it’s a far more serious movie to boot. It makes men out to be a horrible bastards and women to be gullible morons — great stuff.


At 6:59 AM, KellyMac said…

My daughter wants to see this movie. Maybe I’ll take her and point out all the misandry. It’s for damn sure she isn’t going on her own or with her girlfriends.

Hmmm…maybe I’ll take a group.


At 1:00 PM, jay c said…

mfsob, “Feminazi patriarchy?” You mean “matriarchy” don’t you? Or are you saying that the feminazi’s are too stupid to realize what they are doing to themselves (or too incomptent to pull it off), so their whole agenda must have been written by men?


At 4:26 PM, Anonymous said…

I agree with Phoenix. Women are stupid and there is no point in dealing with them any other way.

Don’t marry them, she will discover that you are a bastard and you will get screwed in family court. Don’t let them move in with you, she will discover that you are a bastard and you should be the one to move out. Don’t get them pregnant, she will discover that you are a bastard and you will pay for at least 18 years. Don’t do anything for them, she will discover that you are a bastard that just wants to get laid and you will never get anywhere.

You don’t have to turn into a jerk or a player. Just focus on your own life, your own goals and let women bust their ass to get your attention. You will be amazed at how well that works.


At 7:17 PM, The 2nd Nin said…

While I will admit that MSExGF was rather sexist the director did have the majority of characters pointing out that the SExGF was BSCrazy, it was reasonably enjoyable looking at it as man finds true love, crazy GF finds crazy nut willing to take her in…

John Tucker looks amusing(only seen the trailers), I don’t know how it will play out (girl they set him up with falls in love / he does… ?) however I would give it a go, what we need however is a director to do similar piece involving a woman.


At 5:04 PM, Anonymous said…

This Trend of the Girl Empowered Movies feeds a Female fantasy that they are stronger than Men. It goes back to the US TV series “Charlie’s Angels” a bit of ridiculous BS that Men watched to see the Eye Candy.

Women shooting a snub nosed .238 caliber against a Guy with a High Powered Rifle with a Scope. And the idiot guy throws down the Rifle and surrendered. Try that some time with the Marines and see what happens?

Only some Dumb Ass idiot Women would believe that nonsense. And our Women have lost the capacity to reason and think. All they are required to do is to Feel.


At 9:35 PM, Anonymous said…

The thing is that men are restrained by so many laws + a judicial system that will drop a dime on them like a ton of bricks (if they even look at a woman cross eyed) but treat Cupcake with kid gloves.

That type of artificial environment (i.e., found nowhere in the natural world) tends to encourage pathology and delusion amongst members of the Fucked-up Sex.

Women are tough and strong???

Put them in the general population of a male prison for a week or two.


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