Limey-Yank, Yank-Limey Dictionary: update


12 August 2006

In response to my recent dictionary about the differences between US and UK slang, someone e-mailed me to point out a glaring omission.

It seems that, in the US (and probably Canada too), a fanny is your bottom, or arse. Or, rather, your ass!

In the UK, however, a fanny means a woman’s rude bits. Her privates. Her Garden of Venus. Her cunt.

So in America, everyone has a fanny, even men, and they are used for sitting on and such things.

In Britain, only women have a fanny, and they are used to hypnotize men into jumping through hoops and spending lots of money in order to have access to the fanny.

I thought this was worth bringing up as it could lead to awful misunderstandings in the realm of transatlantic communication.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 12:25 PM


At 3:25 PM, nevo said…

I was wondering when the “”BULLSHIT ARTIST””and his “”USEFUL FOOL”” would show up.
I can’t escape from them appearing just about anywhere.



At 6:02 PM, Anonymous said…

Just like that line in the movie The Acid House (based on the Irvine Welsh novel): “Let me check your fanny for spunk!”


At 3:44 AM, JadedGuy said…

You forgot the word “Nutter” … even I suppose most of us Yanks can guess as what that means. 🙂


At 1:06 AM, HAWKEYE said…

post op shemale

i guess that would explain why george is always taking his”buddys”to camp david


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