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15 August 2006

Excuse me, it’s time for gallantry
Thomas Blaikie

This guy is selling a book so his crappy article is little more than an advertisement. But still, it’s worth a laugh.

From casual social contact with women to dating and romance, men find themselves pulled in two directions. Men aren’t sure how to be gallant without it being interpreted as sexist or patronising. And it’s not just men over 45 (more likely to have been brought up with fixed ideas about the proper way to treat a lady) who are worried. Thirtysomethings and even twentysomethings are confused as well.

Here we go with this mangina spewing forth the same drivel as so many women do; “Poor men, they’re confused! They’re told they should treat women as equals but often that they should be chivalrous too!!”

Actually, we’re not confused, we see the hypocrisy and double-standards and want no part of it.

Of course, all this proves that men do care about manners. We can dare to move just a little (but only a little, of course) beyond the stereotype of the spitting, interrupting slob, who doesn’t know how to blow his nose nicely or how to tuck his shirt in and who, at night, turns into a drunken sub-human, braying and puking round the streets of places such as Prague where he’s gone for his mate’s stag party.

I really do despair. Is it worth carrying on fighting for our fellow men when there seem to be a never endless supply of wankers like this? Wankers willing to denounce themselves and their fellow men as worthless slobs, just to sell a book?

Today we know at once that all this is absurd. Apart from anything else, too much chivalrous courtesy towards women often conceals contempt for them.

Does it really? Fascinating. In that case us men should start slamming doors in their faces and calling them “oi, you!” instead of by their names, just to emphasise our lack of contempt for them.

The novelist Sarah Long, as good a feminist and independent career woman as any I know, remarks: “After a certain age, it’s the only thing left. A woman might make a half-hearted attempt to pay on a first date, but she’d be furious if it was accepted.”

Indeed. Best not to take a woman – certainly not a feminist or career woman – on a date at all. Leave them to their cats and dildos.

Let me try to offer some viable advice.

Please do Miss. I mean, Mister.

Modern manners are fraught with uncertain travail. The manners that apply exclusively to men (almost entirely to do with their relationship with women) are no exception. But come on: be a man. Face up to it. It’ll be good for you.

Ah, I could see that coming.

“Be a man.”

In other words, surrender your dignity and independence and follow whatever tedious advice follows that is solely for the benefit of women in all their glorious entitled fickleness.

In the workplace, banish all thoughts of glorious chivalry. Men must treat women absolutely as equals.

Easier said than done. There are endless times “equal” female colleagues have asked me to lift heavy stuff for them or fix the photocopier or other shit, just because of my sex. I often refuse and invariably get a chorus of bitches sarcastically sniping “Oooh, I didn’t know chivalry was dead.

Another thing — a little glamorous chivalry is definitely preferable to the ghastly consumerist ruthlessness and rudeness of modern dating. Do you really want to be like one man I heard of, who, ten minutes into a blind date, got to his feet, announced to the stunned woman, “This isn’t for me”, and then flounced out of the bar? Modern gallantry must be true gallantry. That’s what’s modern about it. There must not be a price to pay, as there always was for the woman in the old days. So yes, don’t let anything stand in your way — hold the door open for a woman.

What on Earth is this blithering fucknut on about?

It seems to be: “Women are our equals and perfect, so treat them as equals and don’t patronize them. However, still be ready to bow down and employ ‘modern gallantry’ – whatever that is – to make women feel like princesses.”

Note there’s no mention of women’s manners? How they’re expected to behave. No, it’s only us men who need be well mannered and chivalrous; women get to sit back and watch men try to decipher when to grovel before women as equals and when to grovel before them as princesses. This is all just woman-firster shite.

This guy only wrote this article, of course, to sell his rubbish book. Given that no man in his right mind would buy it, he’s no doubt hoping women will buy it as presents for their boyfriends and husbands, who’ll no doubt be unimpressed. “Uh…thanks love…erm…socks will do next time though.

Here’s my advice: hold the door open for a woman only if she’s ladylike, doesn’t just assume you’ll hold it for her and is likely to be grateful. If she’s a ballbusting feminist career woman who just assumes you’ll hold it for her and won’t express gratitude if you do, slam it in her fucking face. Repeatedly. Likewise if you see the mangina tosspot who wrote this Times article, eagerly denigrating his fellow men just to sell a crappy book.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:15 PM

At 5:33 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

I have a simple standard that I follow when dealing with courtesies shown to women. I treat elderly women like ladies, as well as some middle-aged women, depending upon whether or not they have that angry feminazi look. I am not the least bit polite to younger women, and show them no “respect” at all. They make no attempt to act like ladies, and deserve to be treated like the tramps they are. Respect is earned, and it is earned by behaviour, not because one has an oozing, wart-encrusted gash between her legs.



At 6:51 PM, nevo said…

After reading your Blog for a while now, I realize that you do not consider the fact that women hate their vagina. It is nothing but trouble for them. Often they get little in terms of sexual enjoyment. Every 28 days it gives them PMT. It also is inhabited with unknown amount of germs (such as chlamydia) which have to be constantly kept clean. Hence, that dirty little thing all men wants. Also produces hormonal rollercoasters between periods when it peaks at the time of ovulation.
So chivalry serves to compensate and make them feel good about themselves.
This not to say they can mess men about by being abusive, Insulting, profiteers in marriage and being generally obnoxious feminists.
Men has an advantage over women. Chivalry help to masquerade this advantage. And definitely all feminists are in denial of this fact, stupidly.
So women will never be equal to men however hard they try.
And lastly, forget about mind midgets wanting to sell crappy stories.



At 7:02 PM, Davout said…

more womanese deciphered, thanks to Sherman’s unfortunate date:

Suddenly deciding to go dutch at the end of a date means “I don’t like you” and not “I’m sorry for being an entitlement queen”.


At 7:20 PM, Anonymous said…

I’ve found that the best way to break up with a woman is to go dutch on a date. Given that 99% of westernized women are entitlement queens, I find that usually she won’t have anything to do with you after you suggest going dutch.

Remember guys: if you want to break up and avoid all her drama, just go dutch instead!


At 8:31 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Here’s my own version of how one should treat a female; If she acts like a lady treat her like one, if she acts like a tramp treat her like one. Simple.


At 8:53 PM, jay c said…

I prefer to give strangers the benefit of the doubt. Otherwise I agree completely with the good Cap’n.


At 12:45 AM, phoenix said…

So what was he supposed to do, pretend to go to the bathroom before the check comes and then run off? I guess that’s manners? Or was he supposed to become bitchy and insult her for the rest of the night instead? It seems to me the guy did the manliest and honest thing, give up on the whore and leave, and announce his intention up front. I’m assuming he did all the work in setting up the date and going there, so I would also assume he should be given the right to terminate it when he so chooses. If you don’t like that you entitlement whore, start approaching men under your own terms, instead of sitting around demanding they come to you.


At 1:53 AM, Anonymous said…

Better viable alternative:


Note this guy VERY RARELY pays for women on dates and frequently tells women things like “what is my problem? My problem is you.”

But hmm he’s a player and is also liable to fuck women up the arse then never commit. Also quoted as saying modern times are hell for husbands and family men, but a golden age for players and playboys.


At 2:04 AM, mfsob said…

This guy needs to be … bitchslapped! Definitely.


At 6:49 AM, Viking said…

One great thing about working in the cattle industry is wearing a cowboy hat every day to work. Why is that such a great thing? Besides just liking that kinda hat, I can make it really clear, without every saying a word, what I think of certain women. You tip your hat when you greet a lady and you take it off when you speak to her. That’s what my grandma taught me. I finally decided that a lady acts like a lady and dresses like a lady. I pretty much have only taken off my hat and opened doors for a few elderly ladies since. But I have twice caught a younger woman watch me or one of the other guys pay that kind of courtesy to an old lady. Now that was satisfying. You can tell they notice by they way they stop what they were doing and stare. I am glad there are a few old ladies like that left. It lets the younger ones know that you do know your etiquette.


At 2:29 PM, Masculist Man said…

I wouldn’t apply this across the board,Viking,as a lot of feminists are hitting their 60’s now and they have the same fucked up cunt attitude they did when they were younger.


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