11 August 2006


Didn’t Jesus copyright that pose?

The Golden middle-class Goddesses

What makes otherwise sensible middle-class women dress like this and dance on a hilltop with only their animal ‘spirits’ for company?

Too much free time?

Welcome to the weird world of…The Golden Goddesses.

Usually a specialised affair, this year [the Golden Goddesses “conference”] has been inundated with visitors, who have converged on the small town after reading about Goddess worship in Dan Brown’s blockbuster The Da Vinci Code. Some have even flown halfway round the world specially for this five-day extravaganza.

Oh dear.

“She’s the creatrix, the female face of the divine,” says Kathy, ushering me to a seat between Georgina, a fully trained priestess, and Christina, who teaches Arthurian studies at Bristol University. “Oh, never mind. You’ll get the hang of it.”

That doesn’t sound like a particularly serious or devoted Priestess, if her description of her deity trails off with “never mind.” Still, I’m sure Golden Goddess devotees don’t really mind at the shallowness of their silly cult; after all, at their religious ceremonies, they get to wear orange and golden dresses, which are, like, soooo pretty.

Most ridiculous is the significance placed on some hills that are supposedly shaped like a pregnant woman with a boobs sliding all over the place.

“If you approach Glastonbury from the southeast, the landscape reveals the shape of a woman, sunk into the earth, lying on her side. Chalice Hill is her pregnant belly. The Tor is her left breast, standing proud and, like most of us women, when she lies on her side, her right breast has slid over.”

It’s narcissism at it’s most basic, women essentially worshipping womanhood.

Could you imagine a religious man – a Priest or Rabbi for example – saying “This place is really really holy and spiritual for us men because, viewed from the southeast, this here rock formation looks like a giant cock!

There’s an appreciative ripple of laughter. Kathy’s strident tones are reminiscent of the battle cries of the feminist movement – and no wonder. Despite her scientific background, she came to Glastonbury 30 years ago, in the hippydippy days of the Seventies, aged 29, to practise ‘full moon meditation’. She went on to become a Greenham Common activist and was heavily involved in local women’s groups when feminism was at its peak.

I could smell the stench of feminism from the opening paragraph; this pseudo-spiritual crap is just like feminism in it’s narcissism and vagina-worship, just with a vague metaphysical twist.

Like so many other cults, she [The Goddess] is simply a botched construct, designed by Kathy and her cronies, with a smattering of myths and legends for a veneer of authenticity.

Designed as a one-stop, female-friendly solution to our eternal need to love and be loved, she offers hope to those who lack the confidence to make their own way through life.

It can scarcely be a coincidence so many followers are women in their 50s, who came to the Goddess while recovering from an illness or coping with the loneliness of middle age.

The Goddess can be whoever these women want her to be. No wonder she is so revered.

So that’s the conclusion to the opening question then; what makes women dress like this and dance around is generally loneliness. There’s little mention of the private lives of these women but I’m assuming they’re mostly divorced or just life-long career girls who missed the baby-boat. I guess we can expect these silly cults to grow in size as more women enter middle-age alone, probably unaware that the aging feminist (who, amusingly, seems to have designed the whole “conference” to sell her book) was part of a movement that helped cause their loneliness.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:23 PM


At 6:07 PM, nevo said…

Perhaps they can choose, as their new goddess, the forthcoming winner in the beauty contest for the slobish and fat ladies.
I’ve seen it in last night telly (channel 4), the most grotesquely fat females I’ve ever seen.
Just a deformed mass of fat from top to bottom.
They were totally unashamed of themselves. They even boasted about nobody appreciating their beauty.

Hey! today a young cashier at the supermarket asked me if I was a rich man with a charming smile. Sadly I had to disappoint her by telling her I was on the dole.
I wonder why she lost her smile?



At 6:57 PM, Davout said…

“….mostly divorced or just life-long career girls who missed the baby-boat”

Check out the woeisme spin (comment in article) by Vicky from Staffs on the above idea. Apparently, “women who are past their fertile years are often sidelined from society.” There is no mention of the men these women have sidelined through their entitlement/feminist tendencies.

Also, check out the other two comments. Apparently the goddess cult lives on in a kooky few. There is, of course, the obligatory stupid comment by a good ole Canadian woman (Anne):”Who is there to say these women are wrong?”

When you open your eyes, Anne, that would be all of Mother Earth, except you and a few feminist loons.


At 8:55 PM, Playboy said…

Women have the minds of adolescent girls. They do ‘dress-up’, pretend to be goddesses, and invent magical worlds. I can’t tell you the number of women I’ve met who have posters of unicorns, or posters of a magical Ameri-Indian princess hanging on their walls. Wow, that’s some crappy art and it’s like they are still 12-years-old. This is in addition to astrology, healing-rocks, and the obligatory dream-catcher.


At 9:28 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Nevo, I caught just the very end of that programme, with all these fat women prancing around “feeling good about themselves.”

Fair enough, they feel good about themselves, but their clogged arteries, enlarged livers and over-worked heart-valves probably feel like shit.


At 10:35 PM, MS said…

Hey Nevo,

your blog is in spanish. Where are you from? Where are you now? …and specifically… what do you know of the degree to which feminism infected central and south america?


At 2:45 AM, Anonymous said…

“Fair enough, they feel good about themselves, but their clogged arteries, enlarged livers and over-worked heart-valves probably feel like shit. “



At 3:46 AM, Happy Bullet said…

They’re going to die soon and they’re not going to see that coming either.

Jackasses to the grave. Another pat on the back for feminism I say.


At 8:14 AM, Anonymous said…

Another lame attempt at fulfillment perhaps, or they’s all sniffin’ model glue again.

I vote for the latter. I guess when you’s startin’ to look like cows, you’s gonna want to be in a herd like them cud masticators.

Icepick the Mad!


At 11:20 AM, Anonymous said…

Ah, women’s mysticism run amuck. Great topic. I saw some biology program on how way back in time a female had received this gene with the mystical part of the brain, which was said to be the root of a lot of bla bla bla.
It’s just any easy cop out, no need for theology, philosophy, history etc. when you have some always new and fashionable mystical feelings to justify following your cowardly instincts.
I like that look in their eyes, with the “We are in touch with nature much more than you”. I can’t stop laughing, for they are so pathetic. A US 60s commune went back to nature and they all caught the human form of mange for their efforts. The doctors thought that the human form had become instinct. Thank the Goddess of wonder for the mange!!


At 3:47 PM, darkbhudda said…


Sounds like a bad z-grade horror movie.

Just when you thought it was safe to cavort on the hilltops, it comes.
A new terrifying vision of terror at it’s most terrible.

*cue dancing women and bizarre chanting*

The Creatrix.


At 6:58 AM, Fidelbogen said…

This makes me think of the time on a windswept Alaska mountain top when an undistinguished looking man dressed in flowing white “robes”, apparently made of bed sheets, was gesturing dramatically toward the sky, pacing back and forth and shouting, “I am great! I am magnificent! I….am THE GLORY!!!”

He undoubtedly thought he was alone on that craggy mountain peak. He surely wasn’t expecting to find ME in that lonely place, so I didn’t interrupt his splendor but watched him quietly from my hidden vantage point a short distance away….


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