Way. Own. Gone.


12 August 2006

There was an article in the spoof news website The Onion once, claiming that a “majority of Americans are out of touch with the mainstream.”

This reminds me of the state of affairs as more and more men tune out of “mainstream” media as films and television become ever more feminized. Films, television, music and publications that are supposedly mainstream and enjoyed and shared by all are, increasingly, the domain of just women as more and more of us men abandon them.

With regards to movies, all we seem to get are mindless romantic comedies and chick flicks featuring women doing dastardly things to men, or remakes with the male characters emasculated and the female characters turned from screaming damsels into empowered career bitches. There are endless soap operas and reality TV shows to occupy women’s lust for gossip, even gossip about people who don’t exist or who they don’t know. The shelves of newsagents become crowded out by endless women’s magazines, that are about women and women’s health and have pictures of women on the front and are actually called things like “Woman”, “Woman’s Own” and “She” (talk about collective narcissism!)

A significant number of newspapers are becoming more feminized as well, with The Sun and it’s No Means No campaign; straight out of radical feminist literature and into the mainstream, not to mention it’s campaign against Domestic Violence, spearheaded by editor Rebekah Wade, herself a domestic violence perpetrator (oh, wait, she’s a woman who battered her boyfriend; I guess that’s not domestic violence, that’s just empowerfuckingment.) The Daily Mail is pretty anti-feminist and anti-Marxist, but even so it still has a full section just for women, as do most other newspapers. The cover of the Times supplement the other day featured an illustration about the cover story, asking whether men and women’s brains are different. It portrayed a blue brain asking a pink one “Why are men easier to psychoanalyse?” and the pink one replying “Because when it comes to recalling childhood, they’re already there.” Heading the article itself was a cartoon depicting the joke “How many men does it take to change the toilet roll? No-one knows because it’s never been seen before.”

This is the London Times, a supposedly intelligent, respectable and at least reasonably objective newspaper, yet they just can’t help but have a dig at men for no reason than to amuse and capture the attention of women.

Mainstream music is almost completely feminized that way too; there are more boybands because girls are easier to sell worthless crap too; just get a quintet of ponces dressed all in white with floppy hair and sad eyes miming “baby baby yeah baby you’re so special baby be with me forever oooh baby” and, hey presto!; millions of screaming girls snapping up the record. The few girlbands around are also aimed at girls, usually selling empowerment epitomised by an aging slut in a Union Jack dress.

Advertisements, from billboard to newspaper ads, to commercials on television, are nearly all aimed at women, usually showing men being humiliated, abused or just too stupid to cope without a woman. Even the television news is feminized. The BBC may have a lot of feminist influence but at least it makes an effort to look vaguely impartial and intellectual; in contrast, ITN is just a televised version of a trashy tabloid, packed full of stupid consumer reports, alarmist reports about some horrible new threat to our way of life that, for some reason, none of the other news programmes has picked up on and which is forgotten even by ITN by the next day, and even celebrity gossip often pushing aside important stuff, like wars and politics. In fact politics is the same, with David Cameron trying to get more women into the Conservative Party in an attempt to out-mangina Tony Blair and whichever guy is head of the Liberal Democrats.

All this is so-called “mainstream”, something we all share collectively, as if it’s inherent that Today’s Culture (TM) is Chick Flicks, Friends, celebrity gossip magazines, etc. But this is only mainstream to women. It seems that a large proportion of people care little – or not a bit – about all this crap.

And that’s us men.

Hundreds of thousands of us in the West all not bothering about television, cinema, newspapers and magazines.

Cinema is the worst hit, with Hollywood trying to blame filesharing on it’s falling revenue but, clearly, men deserting cinemas is a major factor. More men than ever are turning off TVs and migrating to video games which haven’t (yet!) been infested by feminists (I was playing GTA: San Andreas the other month and one of the news stations has a commercial for a Diamond Company featuring a woman raging at her boyfriend for screwing her sister then forgiving him when he gives her a diamond ring. The voice announcer informs us that women are “shallow and materialistic” and will forgive anything and do anything for a “piece of carbon.” There is little chance of anything like that making it onto TV these days, even if it was just being ironic.)

More and more men are beginning to realise that politicians care little for us men. We’re relying on less-mainstream news websites – whether liberal or conservative – or, indeed, blogs, rather than the feminized mass-market media. We’re largely ignoring the mainstream music; plenty of women I know are up to date on the current charts and even mourned the axing of Top of the Pops. Personally I couldn’t name a single song that has been Number 1 this year and I couldn’t give a fuck either.

It’s not just the many guys who make the rounds of anti-feminist blogs and sites either. One of of my mates, who is in his forties and married with kids, started ranting out of the blue the other day about how TV was all “girly shit” aimed at women and how he never bothered watching it. Another guy I know – bit of a liberal, has been seen spotted reading the Guardian – was fuming when giving me a lift and one of the Public Information broadcasts came on the radio telling us men we’re all rapists if we dare to have sex with a drunk woman, even if she consents. He moaned and ranted about it, turned the radio off and put on a CD. Neither of these guys, to my knowledge, ever peruse anti-feminists blogs, sites or anything. In fact neither has a computer.

The detachment of us men from the increasingly feminized mainstream is most noticeable at work. The women waffle on about TV shows, movies, actors, actresses, Z-list celebrities I’ve often never heard of. There was a debate yesterday amongst them over who was more attractive, Colin Farrel or Orlando Bloom. Both names are familiar to me, and I’m pretty sure they’re probably actors, but I’ve no idea as to their nationality or what they look like or any films they’ve been in. These women failed to understand why I couldn’t name any of the people in this years Big Brother, and they wondered how I managed to survive by often going a whole week without watching television.

They, in turn, have little idea about what I’m into. I declared how cool it was the other day that we had a new client called Gordon Freeman, and none of them saw the significance of it. They all failed to comprehend my appreciation of SNES Emulators, even after I explained what they were, and all of them seemed surprised when I said I actually prefer to go to the library or an art gallery than to the slut-filled bars of the city centre at weekends.

Naturally I don’t give a shit about their opinions. In fact I’m pleased that I have so little knowledge of the crappy mainstream sewage that women are merrily drowning in. Women can have that, I’m not bothered. Fucking keep it. It’s not as if us men have been beaten into submission and women rule the cultural sphere; they’ve just taken over the old one and we’ve been busy creating a new one, as was so eloquently put in this post at Mirror of the Soul.

It used to piss me off to see more films, TV shows and magazines aimed at women and invariably bashing men in the process, but in some ways it may be something to celebrate, evidence that more of us men are just unglueing ourselves from the Matriarchy and just doing our own thing. The more men that dismissively abandon the mainstream media, the less point there is in film and TV producers, advertising executives and newspaper reporters aiming things at the dwindling supply of men who still go to the cinema and still watch TV. They’ll instead just feminize themselves further to chase the women. The more Chick Flicks, reality TV shows, women’s magazines, soap operas, poncey boy-bands and “empowered” girlbands and such crap there are, the more apparant it is that more and more of us men are switching off from the matriarchy and finding better things to do with our time. Combine that with the plummeting marriage rate and you have an increasing number of us men who, far from being emasculated and rendered redundant, have simply gone our own way.

This will invariably be to the annoyance of women; as you’ll note, the feminization of various media can be seen in the man-bashing predominant within it. It seems women cannot be “empowered” or “independent” or “on top” or whatever without stomping all over men and trashing us. They’ll have a hard time celebrating their dominance – or, at least, the dominance of their mindset and tastes – within the media if us men couldn’t care less about it.

After all, they can’t bash us if we’re not there.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 4:52 PM

At 6:53 PM, Anonymous said…

Preach on brother Idaho. I stopped watching TV about 10 years ago. Now it’s all DVD’s, internet and computer games.

The computer games are for the most part unmolested territory but good DVD’s are getting harder to come by. It seems like all the action movies have to have some manly power chick in it taking over and bossing the men around. It’s pure fantasy, annoying and gets in the way of the action.

I can see the people that make these video games coming up with some movies as well. The studios in Hollyweird just don’t cut it anymore.

At 7:38 PM, nevo said…

To watch the British independent television is to watch a programing awash with female aimed sillyness. This may be understandable because it is private and they seek to maximise their viewing.
The BBC is an altogether different story. In spite of their claim of being impartial, it is the most biased and prejudiced television channels in England. It is so to such an extent that is insulting to the intelligence of the people but the politicians. Which, of course, serves them well in government.
There was an exemption though this summer. As the government told emphatically to all those football fans going to Germany not to make any reference to the warworld II the BBC indulge themselves in exposing how bad the Germans were, with films made even before I was born. In this occasion they have not conform to the government line.
“Sheer xenophobia and prejudice”
and we have to pay for it.
However, I do not think the BBC is feminist biased. Wisely they keep away from this thorny issues. Lest they offend their public.



At 10:11 PM, Anonymous said…

Talking about Gordan Freeman, we could use him in our battle against femnags ;’) Smashing heads in with crowbars and guns blazing.

Thanks for the read Duncan, keep going! 🙂


At 10:36 PM, Dante said…

The emasculation of mainstream characters is becoming blatantly obvious. Take James Bond. In the last 4 films, there was always some “Bond Girl” that is his “equal”, which has annoyed the hell out Bond fans. There aren’t many classic charming protagonists like Sam Spade anymore. There are some movies that try to retain that masculine edge, but they tend make a few “concessions”.

I think the most evident emasculation of this entire summer was the Superman film. It should have been retitled “Lois Lane: Featuring Superman”. It was so god damn PC, they didn’t have the balls to complete the tagline “Truth, Justice and the American Way”. Instead it used “Truth, Justice and all that other stuff”. The director also called it a “chick flick”. He couldn’t be more correct, it featured Super’MAN’ “reconciling” his “feelings” for Lois Lane for about 80-90% of the film (note it is a 2 HOUR and 30 MINUTE Film). After the film failed to reach 200 million (note it had a 260 million budget, with a 150 million marketing budget), he went on and blamed the marketing.

It is worth noting, some of the most masculine movie characters tend to have the longest staying power. They happen to be one of the dying characters in today’s cinema.


At 7:12 AM, Rhythmic said…

This is why 75percent of what I watch is Some sort of combat sport, Boxing/kickboxing and Mixed martial arts with the last 25 percent making up syndicated shows old shows….

We are finding other shit to do.


At 8:52 AM, Paul Parmenter said…

The mainstream media represent a busted flush. Sensible people have now uncoupled themselves from them.

I can get no-nonsense, undistorted and quicker information about world events (i.e. the things that really matter) in a few minutes from the internet. So why should I waste hours wading through the biased bilge on TV or newspapers?

Most papers and magazines are a serious waste of good trees. Women’s mags are collective testimony to the staggering idiocy of the female sex that can spend a small fortune on reading the same recycled mindless drivel fed to them in a myriad of different ways, repeated ad infinitum.

The film industry is a swamp of politically correct formulaic dross with only the occasional gem from those rare producers who have some original ideas in their heads.

It’s a relief to find there are others who are switching off and thinking for themselves.


At 9:05 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Duncan, like you I rarely watch “mainstream TV” these days. My TV viewing is limited to factual documentaries on the History channel and Discovery, and of course football and other sports.

“Mainstream TV” has become totally feminised and as it’s converted to all things female it has also dumbed-down its content. It appears that the powers that be in TV land recognise that females are lacking in imagination and tend to like mindless gossip and cat fights. Most men I know have done the same as me and have abandoned the mainstream in search of more intellectually stimulating documentaries screened on The History channel and such.

This means that I have no interest in the mindless crap peddled by the mainstream channels. These channels fill their schedules with stuff such as “Big Brother” and “Love Island” which are aimed at females of limited intellect. Women seem obsessed with this kind of nonsense as it caters for their endless desire to gossip about who’s doing what to whom and who saw them do it.

The mainstream has a common thread running right through it and that is it is exclusively manipulated by corporate big business which uses these media to get their message to gullible females. This female driven orgy of consumerism has its own mouthpiece broadcasting to females via the mainstream media.

Like you Duncan, and many other men, we have no desire to subscribe to this fatuous irrelevance and the corporate media know this. That’s why their output is 100% female targeted. Leave them to it I say.


At 9:17 AM, Anonymous said…

After reading your blog, I gather you’re a sad, little sexist.


At 12:05 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

After reading your blog, I gather you’re a sad, little sexist.

Oh yes, shaming language is in the heeeeeouse boyeeeeeh!


At 1:02 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Anonymous said…
“After reading your blog, I gather you’re a sad, little sexist.”

Duncan: Why can’t these halfwit Feminists ever come up with anything original. This is the 10000000000000000000000000000 time this has been said anonymous sister, for Christ sake think of some new abuse.


At 1:57 PM, Anonymous said…

“After reading your blog, I gather you’re a sad, little sexist.”

The hypocrites are back, lol!


At 2:25 PM, Anonymous said…

Hail Duncan!


At 3:09 PM, Anonymous said…

“Anonymous said…

After reading your blog, I gather you’re a sad, little sexist.”

After reading this comment, I gather you are a stupid large fembot.


At 3:42 PM, darkbhudda said…

“Sad Little Sexist” sounds like a great name for a sitcom. The theme tune and plots write themselves.

Episode 1:
Jimmy tells Charlotte the Harlot, he is not interested in someone who has slept with so many guys, the number is greater than his postcode.

Episode 2:
Jimmy refuses to take his girlfriend shopping for shoes, instead he spends time with his friends he hasn’t seen since high school.

Episode 3:
Jimmy complains when the company sexual harassment lecturer molests him.

Episode 4:
Jimmy’s best friend, Dave, has financial troubles as his wife is a deadbeat mum. Just like most women who don’t have custody.

Hmm, I think I might make a new blog.


At 5:39 PM, Lord Boredom said…

“Take James Bond. In the last 4 films, there was always some “Bond Girl” that is his “equal”, which has annoyed the hell out Bond fans.”

Actually there has been Bond girls equal to mister Bond before; Remember 1977’s ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ with agent XXX, a.k.a Anya Amasova. In 1981’s ‘For Your Eyes Only’ there was Melina Havelock, the vengeful daughter of a marine biologist, who executed antagonist’s with a deadly crossbow. The difference is, that these 25-30 year old films don’t suck like the modern day Bond 🙂


At 1:48 AM, MarkyMark said…


My goodness, have Bond films gone down! Ever since Roger Moore stopped playing him, the films have sucked. Pierce Brosnan is NOT James Bond; I’m sorry! Every one of his films have had a power bitch that was superior to him. And the action is really, truly incredible. What was the one with Michelle Yeoh (Wai Lin) where they were handcuffed, yet they still managed to hop a BMW motorcycle over building roofs? What a pathetic James Bond-ugghh! Give me Roger Moore or Sean Connery any day of the week, please…

Here are my problems with the action in that film. First of all, while BMW motorcycles are excellent machines, they are NOT stunt bikes, nor are they performance bikes; they are wholly unsuitable for doing what was depicted in the movie. Secondly, only a handful of world class riders would even have a prayer of doing the tricks shown in there. They’d be Travis Pastrana, Jeremy McGrath in his prime, Mike ‘The Godfather’ Metzger, and their contemporaries. Thirdly, doing that with someone on the bike with you is BS. Finally, to do all this while handcuffed-I’m sorry, but that stretches the bounds of credulity!

Yes, in the older Bond films such as ‘Moonraker’, ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, ‘For Your Eyes Only’, ‘Octopussy’, and even the old Connery classic with ‘Bambi’ & ‘Thumper’ had strong women in them. However, they were not his equals. Furthermore, Bond ALWAYS came out on top. Since Pierce Brosnan has been playing Bond, Bond has not been as manly. I don’t think it’s his fault, either.

One, given the present pool of actors, Brosnan was probably the best man available to play James Bond. Secondly, I fault the producers for emasculating the Bond character. I bet Ian Fleming’s books are far, far different from the movies.

As for regular TV, I don’t own one. When I visit my mom, I’ll watch some racing on Sundays, along with some History, Military & Discovery Channels, but that’s all. The rest of it can rot for all I care.

Oh, but it is a good idea if, you think about marrying a Western woman, to watch ‘We’ channel’s show, ‘Bridezillas’. Any thought you had of marrying will quickly be extinguished! See, even chick centered programming can be beneficial to us men… 😉



At 5:56 PM, Anonymous said…

I read an interesting theory about changes in the recent Bond films (recent being defined as the Pierce Brosnan era). Until recently the Bond films were produced by Albert Broccoli. Mr. Broccoli died, and now bond films are produced by his daughter. This goes a long way towards explaining why ‘M’ is played by a woman and why the movies now feature ’empowered females’.


At 8:27 PM, Anonymous said…

M was played Judy Dench to represent the fact that the head of the real British secret service was a woman (Stella Rimington) at that time.


At 9:35 AM, Dave said…

I too watch only documentaries on tv but cannot help noticing the infiltration of women even into these programmes. For some reason women in programmes irritates the hell out of me. Their voices are a constant boring drone. And since when do so many women occupy the majority of positions in engineering, construction etc? This is clearly a deliberate policy and will be one that sees me gone forever from tv watching. Even my sacred Wimbledon has been screwed up. The continuity commentator was an oh so boring woman – a mere parody of the original man.
As a man I prefer to watch and listen to men. They are far more convincing. Even my wife and daughter commented on the boring nature of the female presenter on bbc’s Escape to the Country. Isn’t it funny how nearly all the houses are owned by women?
When will they understand that we don’t want them sticking their noses into our business? WHEN??
But as you say – we go our own way.
I am now a maniacal(well sought of) flight simmer -Yo!


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