Conservatives, Labour; what’s the difference?


21 August 2006


A load of Conservative women

Tories plan for more female MPs

Dave “The Mangina” Cameron, trying to woo the womyn vote. Like anyone gives a fuck about anyone other than women in British politics these days anyway!

Conservative leader David Cameron is announcing new measures to make local associations put more women on their candidate selection shortlists.

Less than a tenth of Conservative MPs are women and about a third of Tory candidates chosen under the new selection rules are female.

Mr Cameron says his party must go “further” and “faster”

Under new rules, two of the final four candidates shortlisted for selection in each constituency must be women.

Oh dear, can’t they get elected without positive discrimination? Poor darlings.

He’s just trying to copy Tony Blair who ponced around chuffed in 1997 with all his Blair’s Babes; who are mostly useless fuckwits, many of whom have dropped out to go on maternity leave, career breaks, or who just couldn’t handle it. One of the first things Blair’s Bloody Babes did was to demand Prime Ministers Question Time in the House of Commons be moved from the evenings to the afternoons. Admittedly it’s one of the most important segments of Parliment, but hey, fuck it, these women don’t want to miss Coronation Street! They moved Question Time to the afternoons but moved it back after a while, prompting many female MPs to have a massive tantrum, with one famously raging that she was deprived of spending an evening with her children. Hmmmm…just like all the male MPs for generations before her then.

Bear in mind these are meant to be Conservatives! You can imagine how anti-male the Liberals in this country are.

Conservative chairman Francis Maude told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme the latest measures amounted to “positive action” rather than positive discrimination.

Nothing like a feminist to render something unfair into something fair by just changing the name! That’s like someone who holds someone else down and fucks them without their consent saying that it was okay because what they did amounted to “surprise sex” rather than rape!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:35 AM

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous said…

I used to vote Tory when Mrs Thatch was in charge.

After she was ousted I switched to Liberal as a sort of protest vote because of all the sleaze. But now I’ve come to the conclusion they are a complete load of tossers.

I could never bring myself to vote Labour because my politics have always veered to the right.

I cant go back to voting Tory because they aren’t right wing any more. All they want is to get elected and they will copy anything anyone else does to secure that. Spineless self-serving cowardly creeps.

Who the hell am I supposed to vote for?


At 10:09 AM, nevo said…

That is a good one, JAJAJAJAJA!!!
It seems to me that competence does not matter anymore.
Sort of; if there’s a list of ten applicants and the last two are women, by these rules they ought to jump to the top. Thus, bypassing other better suited applicants.
We all can see how the rationale of the politicians has been corrupted by spurious feminists claims which has nothing to do with the reason why an applicant should have a specific job.
It also shows the dawn of a new era whereas dishonesty, lacerny divorce in a “all that matters is me” principle, lies , thievery, outright wars by deception is the new way of life.

I, for one, do not intend to oblige. I will do my best to thwart their succeeding in their deceitful schemes.



At 12:24 PM, darkbhudda said…

Why doesn’t he practice what he preaches and give up the leadership to a woman?


At 1:58 PM, ChicagoMan said…

It’s so dangerous having women in politics. Not that I am anti-women, but simply because those women that engage in politics only think of women-only agendas.

Men do what’s right for EVERYONE, women do only what makes them come out ahead.


At 7:06 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

Anonymous – and everyone else for that matter – there is a way to “vote” when none of the candidates is worth voting for – which looks to be just about the situation in the UK right now. Just mark the bottom of your ballot paper with the clear words “none of the above”. If only enough people did that, the message might start to get through.


At 8:14 PM, Lord Feverstone said…

“Who the hell am I supposed to vote for?”

No one.

There are viable, dare I say superior, alternatives to representative government like a real monarchy. Read my blog sometime.


At 8:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey Paul Parmenter and Lord Feverstone.

Sorry, but not voting is not an option for me. There are countries (like China) where people die in large numbers trying to get the right to vote so just opting out is almost a crime in my view.

It’s well known that men vote less than women. This is why the three major parties are desperately trying to entice women into the fold so they can grab the “woman” vote.

If 60% of men in this country would wake up and just spend a tiny amount of time looking at politics and exercising their right to vote I’m sure we would see a change in the political landscape.

As it is I will probably register a protest vote (again) by voting for an outsider candidate like a green party member or the anti-euro faction.

Shame the Monster Raving Loonie Party has been priced out of existance.


At 11:19 PM, Loki on the run said…

You could always go to China.

Your country man seems to be having Sex in Shanghai.


At 5:54 AM, Anonymous said…

I don’t see a voting choice (here in the USA). Both parties are bottom feeding garbage. I realize there are other minor parties, but I don’t think the problem is who rather than what. The system has TOO MUCH POWER. No matter who you put into it, unless he is a saint, he is going to become corrupted. Just human nature. That’s why nothing ever changes no matter who gets elected. The power of the system has to be drastically curtailed (in the USA stuffing govt back within its constitutional limits would do the trick). Unfortunately, that does not (cannot) occur through voting. You’re asking power crazy people to give up power. Ain’t going to happen. They have to be compelled to. In other words, things in the country have to get very, very fucking bad. At the very least things start to fall apart, general strikes, etc… The other end of the spectrum is violence. For their sake I hope they see the errors of their ways (or more realistically see that it’s time to save their skins) before heads start being cracked.


At 10:44 AM, Anonymous said…

To Loki On The Run:

I think Chinabounders blog is pathetic really. He’s manage to use his foreigner status to shag a few of the locals.

So what? Big deal.

I dont need to go to China to get laid. It’s easy enough in London unless your a loser.

But this thread is not about getting sex, it’s about the political situation.


At 12:12 PM, Masculist Man said…

I have often said there are two wings of feminism: a left (liberal) one and a right (conservative) one and this goes to prove it. If anyone thinks that Conservatives (Republicans in the USA) will be less misandric than their Liberal (Democrats in the USA) counterparts is sadly mistaken and that is why positive changes for men may take revolutionary action on our part.


At 12:20 PM, Masculist Man said…

The other end of the spectrum is violence. For their sake I hope they see the errors of their ways (or more realistically see that it’s time to save their skins) before heads start being cracked.

I don’t. They need to pay one way or another for their crimes against us and I have no problem with that.


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