Men blamed for women not liking football


22 August 2006

(Thanks to a commenter for pointing this link out in the comments for the previous post.)

SFA told to boost women’s football

Ministers are putting pressure on the Scottish Football Association to penalise Scotland’s top football clubs if they do not form women’s teams.


Ministers say Scotland’s male-dominated senior clubs must support moves to create teams for women or face disciplinary action. Sanctions could include a ban on clubs taking part in European competitions or a refusal to issue grants to the clubs.

Ah, nothing like modern independent womyn stomping down on anyone else daring to have independence, whether they be individual men, companies or football clubs.


“They’re not doing what we say! Penalise! Fine! Imprison! Grraaagh!”

How pathetic will that make Scotland look? Celtic or Rangers qualify for the European Champions League but have to turn up like sorry schoolboys who forgot their P.E. kit and humbly declare “We’re not allowed to play, our executives didn’t set up a woman’s team so the government has banned us. Sorry.

Their intervention follows a warning earlier this month from a top women’s football official, who accused SPL clubs of “living in the dark ages”. Maureen McGonigle, the executive administrator of Scottish Women’s Football (SWF), said moves to get the top clubs in Scotland to form female teams, mirroring successful efforts south of the border, had so far failed.

Oh piss off you fucking rotten old cunt. Just fuck off.

“A bomb needs to be put under these archaic men. There are clubs who have empty seats week in and week out and they have to start encouraging women to be there,” she said recently.

Sounds like a threat to me, all this talk of bombs. Maybe that Chechen President assassinated a couple of years ago by a bomb under his seat at a football stadium wasn’t killed by Chechen Seperatists after all, but instead by some miserable old Caucaskanks angry that he didn’t encourage women’s football enough.

Besides, look at what she’s complaining about; that there are empty seats at women’s matches! So? Big deal! Why is that of any concern, let alone responsibility, of the “archaic men.” Quite simply they have women’s football clubs, they get to play, yet people choose not to go. These bitches don’t like that, the idea of people actually not giving a crap about womyn’s footie, so they just blame men, insist men are living in the dark ages (Yawn! Not heard that one before), demand men do something about it (like what? You can’t force people to like something) and, if things don’t change, they furiously insist that penalties (no pun intended) are imposed; “Withold money, ban them from playing in Europe, fine them! Bomb them! Fuck ’em up! Bloody men.

There are mothers, daughters, sisters who want to play football.”

But they’re not. They’re choosing not to, the same way people – men and women – choose not to watch it. What the flying fuck do they honestly want to be done about it, armed soldiers forcing women at gunpoint to play football with audiences forced at gunpoint to watch. And shot if they don’t cheer loud enough?!

It’s simple; women’s football is shit. It’s boring. If they want to play, great. If people want to watch, great. But not many women do and even fewer women – and even less men – want to watch. I’m not bothered about football really myself, but I know some guys who are obsessed with it, yet some weren’t even aware there’s a women’s FA Cup or League, and didn’t care either.

These two quotes are revealing:

Patricia Ferguson, minister for culture, sport and tourism, claims senior Scottish clubs have a crucial role in promoting wider access and involvement for women.

Asked whether the SFA should force clubs to integrate girls’ and women’s soccer into their community football and player development structures, she said: “Yes. We would also wish to have as soon as practicable a demonstrable commitment to women and girls’ football as a condition in the performance club grant scheme.”

Bill Aitken, a Scottish Tory MSP, branded the idea “ridiculous”. He said: “I would encourage football clubs to form women football teams and support women’s football generally. But this is totally over the top and it appears that Scotland is rapidly becoming a country where compulsion replaces encouragement.”

The woman demands that clubs be forced to support this women-firster scheme, whilst the man, although keen the scheme should be encouraged, doesn’t want choice to be removed.

This is why feminism inevitably leads to Big Government, Socialism, and why they’re rightly called Feminazis; feminists – and that includes a lot of women in government who would lie and deny they’re feminists – don’t like choice or freedom for people or organisations, they want them forced.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:06 PM

At 7:13 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

As an ardent football fan I can perhaps shed some light on why it is that no one watches women’s football…’s dull. Women’s football is like watching slow motion. It’s unbelievably boring. There are however, many women football fans who regularly turn up at matches….men’s matches that is. They do this because the man’s game is action-packed and full of passion and skill. These whinging women know this too, which is why they want the whole system rigged in their favour because they know that unless they do this women’s football will remain where it is now and where it rightly belongs…as a minority sport.


At 8:36 PM, Anonymous said…

No one watches women’s professional basketball in the U.S. for the very same reason.

One thing that we have in the U.S. that seems similar to what is proposed for Scotland is Title 9. It is called Title 9 because it was enacted as Title 9 of a federal civil rights statute. It mandates equal funding for men’s and women’s collegiate sports, regardless of fan interest. As a result a number of American universities have disbanded what are considered over here “minor” sports, such as men’s swimming and wrestling, in order to fund unwatched women’s sports.

It sounds like they are trying to lay the groundwork for something similar in Scotland.


At 10:46 PM, Playboy said…

Um, Socialism isn’t the same as Nazism. But I get your point that Feminism naturally leads to an authoritarian state.


At 2:04 AM, Anonymous said…

Socialism isn’t the same as Nazism

I thought NAZI stood for National Socialism?


At 2:10 AM, Lord Feverstone said…

Um, Socialism isn’t the same as Nazism. But I get your point that Feminism naturally leads to an authoritarian state.

Do you forget the Nazi party is more precisely known as the National Socialist German Workers’ Party? All Nazis are socialists but not all socialists are Nazis.


At 6:28 AM, Tony Sclafani said…

This was tried in the US with women’s soccer and basketball. Both leagues either folded or struggled because no one went. And there was massive publicity, yet few fans.

My question is this: Why don’t feminists learn from their mistakes? When most people see a failed business model, they don’t try and reinvent THAT wheel. Yet that’s just what the feminists in Scotland are doing.


At 7:03 AM, pete said…

There are sons and brothers who want to play football as well, but thanks to the cunts claiming the spots and the funding $$, they can’t get in.

I’m one of those brothers. Chivalry and sucking up to the female sex ensured that any girl who wanted to play was given many chances and opportunities, be it in the unsupervised playground or in the supervised gym, while any man who was less than stellar was passed over.


At 8:01 AM, phoenix said…

I think feminism is genetic. It seems to spring up everywhere when women are left to do as they please. I don’t think foreign women are the solution so many people think they are. Unless you plan on living in that country itself, it simply will not work anywhere else you go because the laws will be tilted in her favor.


At 8:52 AM, Anonymous said…

I’m a guy and I avoid football like the plague. Nothing but a load of commercialized shite for morons.

I shall avoid wimmins football like the bubonic plague.


At 10:58 AM, Masculist Man said…

Here in the States we have the women’s national basketball association that nobody gives a fuck about except for the hardcore feminists/dykes on and off the teams.


At 3:07 PM, mfsob said…

Ah, yes, Title 9, or IX as it were … doomed to failure from the start, but the feminazis refuse to admit it. The reason MEN’s college football is so huge in the USA is because it’s fun to watch, and LOTS of people go to it, and spend LOTS of $$$$$$ to do so, and to support it.

Whereas a women’s college softball or field hockey match … *yawn* … no need to worry about getting stuck in the cheap seats, because few people besides the players every show up!

But the feminazis, determined to bend reality and basic economics to their will, refuse to admit that no one WANTS to pay money to watch their “girls” stumble about on the field. Just another in the long string of events that show women are incapable of thinking rationally.


At 11:09 PM, Playboy said…

RE: National Socialist German Workers Party

The party name had no relationship to the reality of the social/economic structure. Hitler was actually anti-feminist and thought women should be mothers and homemakers and stay out of politics.

“Man’s world was the state, the women’s the home, and the two worlds complemented each other; women ought not attempt to penetrate the world of men.” – Mein Kampf

But again, the asertion that Feminism leads to an Authoritarian state is still valid. It’s just the that the term ‘feminazi’ (like ‘islamofascim’) is so wildly inaccurate that it makes the user sound intellectually slow.


At 9:20 PM, Anonymous said…

We are getting a bit off topic here, but with regard to what playboy said, the term “feminazi” is used, at least here in the U.S., not as a summation of the political doctrines proposed by any person or group, but to indicate that those persons and groups use what are considered totalitarian methods to gain and keep power.


At 8:58 PM, Anonymous said…

I think feminism is genetic. It seems to spring up everwhere when women are left to do as they please.

Right, were women reaaallly so miserable a few generations ago? Funny, but my gramma was VERY happy till the day she died, and never once complained about her place in life.

Sure, there were a few bitter, ugly single women…and THEY projected their unhappiness upon ALL women. They convinced the next generation how miserable and “oppressed” their mothers were – and thereby revised history by implanting false memories within the mass consciousness.

REALITY IS though, as you said, when women are peacefully left to their own devices…water seeks its own level and they find happiness in expressing their own natural femininity.

Problem lately is that they’ve been TOLD to do the opposite. Even though, most find no happiness in it. I have sisters, who got technical degrees or worked with some technical companies. One quit and is making a total career change and the other has job-hopped while having a baby now. In the end, neither was happy with a technical-related career.

Hey, I’m sure I could study elementary education and become a good schoolteacher…but I’d probably not enjoy it. Women going into male-dominated fields are often discovering the same thing in the end now too…even if they CAN do it (few), still doesn’t mean they really WANT to. Only too bad they had to waste 15 years of their life to find out…


At 5:36 PM, Anonymous said…

This is a very old thread but I am browsing and ran across it. As a man I don’t care about “football” really but as a possible solution could we band female fans from men’s games? If they were forced to watch female games if they wanted to watch any at all would it cause an uproar?


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