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23 August 2006

National Organization For Women Turns 39, Again

The Onion is a bit annoyingly heavy on banner-ads these days, but it still can produce some funny stuff.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:09 PM


At 9:07 PM, nevo said…

They are all facilitated by lame politicians.
Mind you, more than one got a free ride for the sake of feminism.



At 9:00 AM, HAWKEYE said…

to the day i die i will oppose the evil of feminism ,its bias laws and discrimination,

if the mens movement continues to grow at its current rate and the anger grows,as it becomes impossible to even speak with out threat of jail .

these bitches wont last another forty years, they will be the most hated people on earth


At 12:18 PM, nevo said…

Have a look at this.

If she ever gets close to me I’ll run a mile.

Wacht out!!!



At 4:32 PM, Anonymous said…


This is unrelated to the funny Onion post, but about Britain vs. America and the male in general.

To wit, im my American State, which is Tennessee, and a beautiful mountainous, green, lush one, our child support laws take 21% of the DIFFERENCE in incomes of the husband and wife for child support. So if you make 50K a year and she makes 30K a year, you’d owe her 21% of the 20,000 dollar difference in your incomes if she had custody or you two had joint custody. It goes to 31% for two children. The MAX is 50%. Unfortunately, its not tax deductible, however.

I realize thats not eniterely fair as its not YOUR fault that she makes less, and if she doesn’t work, she’d get 21% of our entire income, BUT it seems like a MUCH better deal than you British guys are getting. We have no “alimony” in Tennessee, but we do have something called “spousal support” by which if she didn’t work before youre divorce, you have to pay her quite a bit UNTIL SHE’S WORKING (yes, women try to drag that out, but it still economically benefits them to get on with their lives). Marital assets that accrued from the time of the marriage are divided. So if you were married for four years, the equity in the house that accrued for four years is halved and the savings during that time is halved. She does NOT necessarily get your retirement savings if she had some of her own. The most she’d get is half the accrued sum over four years time except, again, if she didn’t work those years———then youre kinda screwed and she’d get half of everything.

All in all man, you’d be much better off on this side of the big lake than you were on the British side of it. I honestly think if a few hundred THOUSAND British, French, German, and other European men started trying to emigrate to America and cited the divorce laws in those countries as their reason……………you might get the attention of the powers that be on that issue. Worst thing that could happen is you live in a much larger country that does not ridiculous divorce laws and much less legally aggressive women thats protected by two gigantic oceans. Its a thought for a very “frustrated with Britan” man………..I would also think that our gals here, not having a man in a guillotine when she gets a ring on her finger, would tend to treat you better than British women with the de facto legal hegemony they have over you over there.

As Ive stated in a few of my posts……………EVIL LAWS ‘manufacture’ evil people. If a state makes laws that allowed a man to beat his wife beyond recognition for nothing, mader her pay him if he left the marriage to fuck his secretary, and gave him all the marital possessions and the entire pension………………………………………………………………many men would unfortunately start behaving badly too after a while. The carrots and sticks have to be placed in the right places to get human beings to keep behaving civilly towards one another or any social creation will devolve back to a “lord of the flies–lite” unfortunately.


At 8:44 PM, nevo said…

The scourge of Neighbours

This afternoon I wachted about five minutes of this distasteful Australian show on the telly. I nearly hit the ceiling when I realised how feminised it has become. Even the hardy hunk with long hair speaks with a feminised tone of voice.
I met many Austrlians in London and they are not a bit as portreyed in this ugly exibition of feminist empowerment.
They are laughable.
I can imagine Rambo dropping from nowhere and making the lot to run for their lives.




At 6:48 AM, mezzrowjr said…

Hello. I found something that might be of interest. It’s an article post at Forbes Magazine website.

Ps. Suggestion: Since you don’t leave any way of contacting you on this blog is it possible that each Sunday or Monday that you could start a single weekly thread asking people to leave links to articles that might be of interest in the comments section of that post. This way whenever anything of interest happens they can simply put it in the comments section of that post.

Mezz Mezzrow Jr.


At 10:10 PM, FredXblog said…

Instead of Happy Birthday to NOW, I think we should wish them an Unhappy Death Night lol


At 3:49 AM, Pete said…

mezzrowjr said…
Hello. I found something that might be of interest. It’s an article post at Forbes Magazine website.

Very interesting article. You can clearly see how the honorable man tries to put his points across logically, while the vile female resorts to spitting and shaming language right from the title. “Don’t marry a loser” my ass.


At 3:46 AM, johnreeds said…

Note also he uses the 1st person twice (the royal We) but she uses I, me, we, us, our around 30 times. My brother resorted to calling his ex-wife Mimi, everything was ME ME.

She proved his point quite effectively: all she could do was insult, demean, and hold up some ridiculous standard (her idealized hubby).


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