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30 August 2006


City woman who quit over sexism admits pole dancing

She claimed to have quit a high flying career in the City because she could not stand the sexism.

In particular, Cambridge graduate Polly Courtney complained about her male colleagues’ nights out that would ‘typically end up in the local strip club.’

Strange then, that the 26-year-old, who has just completed a novel based on her harrowing time in the Square Mile, freely admits that enjoys a spot of pole dancing herself.

Yes, but I suppose she is being liberated and expressing her Inner Goddess’s sexuality in pole dancing, but men who watch her and other pole-dancers are uber-sexist bastards guilty of visual raype!!!

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:09 PM


At 6:52 PM, nevo said…

This point has always nagged at me.
I remember in the ’80s a woman solicitor who worked for a highly reputable City’s solicitors firm, being arrested by the police for prostitution in an infamous House of Pleasure (brothel) at 32 Ambleside Avenue in Streatham, west London administered by British Madam Cynthia Payne.
This women can command figures running into the hundred of thousands of pounds for sexual harassment, or, sexual discrimination like in the case of the police women who sued the police force because she felt she was sexually discriminated against by her male boss, when applying for the top job in the police force.
And yet you can find them in the most lurid places you can think of. Like a couple of police women smoking grass in a dodgy Amsterdam caffe.
Yes, my friends.
They (women) may look all nice and pristine on the outside but they are just as corrupt as any Dante’s hell angels.
And likely to use you or abuse you in the courts, larceny her marriage vows, and finally pluck you of anything that is worth on you and dump you somewhere to lurch for the rest of your life to find her alimony money.




At 2:15 AM, mfsob said…

Nahhhh, women do NOT have a double standard … because if they do it, it MUST be OK. Right? Right …


At 2:46 PM, Anonymous said…

The comments from the original article are just wild. It isn’t an employers fault if a woman’s fellow employees are rude.
That being said, let me put this in simple terms. You don’t work in an investment bank to be loved, you work there to be feared. They were playing with her head. Why? Because they live in a system that rewards aggression. She couldn’t cut it, and got out.


At 4:55 PM, Singletom said…

Hey, stumbled across your blog whilst googling Polly Courtney – THE POLE-DANCER’S BOOK IS OUT!

Not sure where I stand on the whole sexual discrim / corruption thing, but I’ve just ordered the book!


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