The wisdom of Einstein


21 August 2006


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:25 AM


At 5:41 PM, Anonymous said…


I want to use a post to mathematically illustrate the death of the West. Here goes:

Take 200 adults (or 200 million adults) and put them on an island.

100 males, 100 females.

They have a birthrate of 1.0 children per female.

There are 100 babies, 50 male, 50 female.

This smaller second generation, does just like their parents did, and have 1.0 children per female.

There are 50 babies (for 200 grandparents now). Lets say this third generation pulls the same neat trick of 1.0 children per female.

…..There are now 25 great-grandchildren for 200 great grandparents (who are of course starting to die off by now).

This math works in the millions. The above scenario would occur in 80-100 years.

Do you see why now we men need to press to make things right and explain this to our women. That having a war between the sexes will allow the third world to come in and take over the Western world and how we would never get it back?

Evil laws MAKE evil people by putting incentives in the wrong places. Our divorce laws are flat-out evil. They reward women cheating, they reward treating their loving husbands awfully. But women were not always like this. This has only happened really since about WW2. Women did not evolve into another unrecognizable sub-species of human in that time. Men need to reach out and calmly explain to women that society will be awful for THEM too when WE get outnumbered. Western Civilization is at stake. People who HATE Western Civilization AND ITS PEOPLE want their to be an ugly war between the sexes for about 50 years. In that amount of time, we will have shrunk the numbers of children of ourselves as to hand them the victory that they always wanted.

Women, being more emotional and less coldly rational as men, will not see this until its too late, that is one of our gifts as men to spot trends and their consequences to inform our less prescient sisters about them while there is still time.

If we dont, we will all live in a Beirut of ever-Muslimized hell-on-earth with less and less freedom. And women will all be in Burkas in 150 years.


At 6:26 PM, nevo said…

This is already happening in Italy with a ratio of less than 2.
In England will be the same problem in the near future.
The British government knows it, and, as a solution, is extending working life for everyone by 5 years.
Of course, they are pissing off the pot because the results will work out like this:
The limited vacancies will, either, be kept by the older generation, thus, depriving the young of places of work left vacant by retirees.
Or the older generation be forced to apply for benefits to support themselves.
Both cases will have a negative effect on the birth rate as many people will be reluctant to commit themselves to have children.
This, of course, is another defeat for feminism.



At 2:03 AM, Rob Fedders said…

Yup, this is how its going to happen. There’s no stopping it once society is infected with the feminism virus (FV). FV is 100% fatal!

It is of no use to try and rationalize this with women in the hopes that they will be reasonable. Women do not have the mental make up to understand that they have to give up some freedom to maintain their freedom. Men can understand this with their logical, moral thinking. Women cannot due to their illogical, highly emotional and amoral thinking.

I have just finished writing on this very thing on my new blog.

Given the amount of time it would take to convince women & society of this, it would be too late. We don’t have 40 years to fix this. We need an influx of new workers within 20 years – that means breeding now!

Though, if we do nothing and let society decay and rot, in 40 years it will be easy to convince those remaining after society’s destruction of this notion, won’t it?

I think a massive effort to change people’s mind will take 40 years, and doing nothing will also take 40 years – and the conclusion will be the same. FV is fatal!

However, after this death of our society, women will flock back to men to protect and feed them. And men will tell women that men are reclaiming their rightful place as the head of the family – and no more voting for you either. Power in the hands of people who are psychologically incapable of possessing morals and logic will always result in this. ALWAYS!

We men always make the mistake of trying to be logical with women. Women don’t work that way.

Maybe thats why every religion, all from times of old – yet displaying powerful knowledge of human nature – all have the same make up for the family with the father at the head and the woman not given any real responsibility in the decision making within the family or within the religion. ALL RELIGIONS!

Its time to abandon this notion of convincing women or their pandering governments of a logical solution to this problem.

Save yourself. Fuck society! Society is not worth a thimble full of goat jizz if this is how they want to treat us. Bring on the destruction. Let’s get the hell out of here and let it self-destruct.


At 8:14 AM, phoenix said…

Complaining about third world countries seems like thinly veiled racism to me. Who cares if they outnumber us in 50 years? Why, we don’t like their culture? Well, frankly, I think their culture works better than ours, since our culture has produced high divorce rates, feminism and its affirmative action, single mothers, high crime, and a load of other problems. And meanwhile, you want to complain about another race having more people, and women being in burkas? “Muslimized hell on earth.” This is the one thing that disgusts me about the alleged men’s movement. If we’re really a men’s movement, why do we specifically exclude other races? Is this a white males movement? The feminists are extremely racist, and are we no better? It’s great that you’ve decided to be anonymous too, we have no clue who you’re supposed to be. I hope everyone else doesn’t share your viewpoints, and that you’re just some stupid anamoly. Can’t you go to some white supremacist site somewhere instead of here?


At 5:25 PM, Dark Wing Duck said…

phoenix has a romantic view of 3rd world cultures and their interaction with 1st world people in 1st world nations. If these 3rd world cultures are superior then why don’t they stay in their 3rd world sinkholes.

Phoenix should check out the rapes and robberies committed by 3rd world muslims living in Sweden. How about the car-be-ques in France? We should be deporting the criminals back to where they came from.

If the first world falls, then billions will starve to death. Growing enough food for 6 billion people requires fertilizers and pesticides. The third world doesn’t produce antibiotics or vaccines or microprocessors.

The first world is a very precarious lifeboat that requires careful tending, far too many 3rd worlders are just taking up space and not even carrying thier own load. If they take over, the boat sinks.


At 2:17 AM, Anonymous said…

This is academic – social engineering does not turn on a dime, and the faults of western civilization have been constructed on so steep a gradient that it’s constituent mechanics cannot derive the requisite work to avert it’s collapse.

The most it’s functionary cogs can hope for is to salvage some vector in it’s deconstruction.

Yes there is invariable human fallout in any psych-complex paradigm shift – this is the visceral mandate of selection culling.

Vigorous males need not shrink from this determination, as they appreciate their own agency in it’s design.

The Apron or the Burka, imbeciles – it’s your choice, but I alreday know the answer.


At 8:46 AM, Anonymous said…

Well, if the threat of global warming is true then women will soon lose all the powers that laws and society have bestowed on them.


At 10:22 AM, Anonymous said…

Add India too. We are starting to see the virus growing here and the way in which hell is being prepared (by pussyboys) for our next generation of males. Oh God ! i could not imagine more intelligent ways of creating hell. Probably chivalrous men are selected for the job. Unknowingly the create the best of Hells (TM) for the next generation. They also do their part of duty by making fun and adding insult to injury !

What a Partial Mental Hell (PMH) this place has become !


At 5:15 PM, Anonymous said…

Well, most of the 3rd world cultures are HIGHLY dysfunctional (see AFRICA, etc). The most perfunctory research will reveal this. Water seeks its own level over time – and they are 3rd world largely because of their self-induced, self-defeating behaviors…not “coincidence” or random misfortune.


At 7:51 PM, Anonymous said…

[I left the Apron vs.Burka comment, 4 posts above]

And the West de-populating itself into alien displacement is healthy!?

In divesting it’s females of all (necessary)antagonistic agency in sex-selection/mate choice, the prevailing(and permissive) western psych-complex has exposed female license as anathema to recombination, and is a damning indictment of it’s relative reproductive vigor/fitness.

Get your head out of your ass already.



At 8:30 PM, Anonymous said…

Sorry, forgot to add:

And who will be deemed more ‘successful’ when all vestige of west civ has been culled(or expropriated by rivals) from sowing the seeds of it’s own oblivion.



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