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19 August 2006

Is pain the measure of man?

I was tempted to just quote the entire post of this at Pook’s Mill, but that would be lazy and most of you probably visit there regularly anyway. Nonetheless this bit needs quoting, t’is great:

For every pleasure a man has, it is to be considered a ‘guilt’. But every pleasure a woman has, it is to be considered “The Way”. So if a man is enjoying himself, an avalanche of shame is unleashed upon him. You are to feel guilty for enjoying life. According to The Way, men have responsibilities and all their pleasures are nothing more than vices (which our saintly women are to save us from).

In our de-sexualized world (not allowing males to have pleasure in being men or females to have pleasure in being women), the greatest pleasure you’ll have is in being a man, acting like a man, and thinking like a man. I find great pleasure in lifting insane weights. Women think I am doing it just to build up my body so I can impress them (which is why they “permit” it). But if you watch sports or play video games, this is frowned on because, aside from giving you pleasure, it also cannot benefit women in any way. If a guy wants to go to Thailand to buy prostitutes, I don’t care as I have other things to do. But women will HATE such a guy and try to shame him to no end. According to The Way, men are not supposed to seek such pleasure (even though women do). Men’s pleasure is generally restricted to one thing: servicing women. Any pleasure that doesn’t, such as watching sports, is granted to males who have serviced their woman. But such pleasure is temporary and must be re-earned. A man must ‘earn’ the pleasure to watch a sports game. In same way, if a man complains about the lack of sex from his wife, women will only say, “You need to serve her more” as if sex in a marriage was something to be ‘earned’ like money.

I can relate to this. If I mention at work I spent my weekend playing computer games, surfing the internet, visiting an art gallery, or peering at the heavens with my recently acquired telescope, the women tut and sigh as if I was clearly some sort of saddo nerd. Yet they happily declare how the spent their weekends going out and getting drunk, watching soaps or shopping and do not think it in anyway sad. They would honestly be shocked if I were to denounce them as being pathetic automatons for wasting their lives buying crap they don’t need and endlessly discussing the lives of non-existent characters in poorly written soap-operas.

To women, what they do is always great and worthwhile and empowering. As Pook correctly points out, whatever men do that does not benefit a woman, or which is not related to a man’s pursuit of women, is “childish”, “nerdy” or “silly.”

Fuck ’em.

If I fit a woman’s definition of a silly childish nerd, what do I care?! It just means that, instead of spending my weekend being nagged by a woman to obey her every whim, or going out and buying endless drinks for one in the hope of getting a sniff of the twat’s twat, or going off to visit some hellish in-laws, I am, instead, re-playing my way through Far Cry over some jolly nice vodka whilst viddying a whole series of Red Dwarf I’ve just downloaded. Oh yes.


“Sir yes smegging sir!”

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:06 PM

At 12:13 AM, Anonymous said…

HAHA Farcry rules!
Farcry instincts on 360 is pretty cool to.

I would rather spend my free time playing the xbox 360 and getting a crap load of achievements in my gamerscore then be stuck with a nagging women that even if I was loyal she would still either cheat on me or fuck me over in the divorce courts.

Im of to play Prey and im going to fucking enjoy it!


At 1:37 AM, Duncan Idaho said…

Let me know what “Prey” is like Mr Anonymous.

I’ve seen it in the shops but I’ve not bothered looking into it too much. It looks damn cool but I’m too busy playing a billion other games to bother reading its reviews.


At 2:34 AM, pete said…

It is very true that men who enjoy themselves with pursuits that aren’t related to finding or pursuing women are called all kinds of names, and some of the worst culprits of these shaming tactics are other men!

This is yet another way in which men fuck over their own, by shunning and teasing those who have decided that the rat race isn’t worth it, or those who just don’t want to spend all their time and money chasing wiley vixen in some loud bar.


At 4:42 AM, nevo said…

I will disassociate myself from this comment. All my life I’ve done my own selfish way. That’s why, I think, most women have shunned me and picked some unreliable hooligan instead.
Twelve years ago I got married because I wanted a nice relax family life. Instead what I got was a nagging halfwit who kept taking money from my wallet.
Fortunately that’s come to an end now.
I will soon be going my own selfish way again.



At 5:01 AM, Zenotic said…

I’ve noted this one in particular for some time. Oh, for a woman who recognises that she’ll be rewarded with GRATITUDE and RESPECT from the man who leaves him time for his harmless (and sometimes productive, e.g. playing in a band) pleasures!

This also reminds me of your answer to women who complain that their husbands spend too much time on the computer. I think it was something to the effect of, “Well, be more interesting than the computer then.”


At 10:58 AM, nevo said…

I do not agree with everything he says.
Pook wants to abolished all marriage laws.
I think that’s unnecessary.
Marriage, thanks to politicians, have lost all of it’s solemnity, thus, has become a thrashed ridicule fun circus event.
I said this because I attended a local wedding and I could feel that not even the priest meant what he was saying.
There were a few words though he should have say in my opinion “honour thy marriage vows if you can”. But then, it would be too forward for the priest to say so. Nevertheless we’re heading that way.
In my childhood I did attend a few weddings. I was deeply affected by the solemnity of the ceremony. You could hear a pin drop in the church.
Half a century later all that is lost, and future generations will further ridicule marriage, like getting married on top of trees to save the forest.
Then why a politician should be bothered with something like marriage law that he already done his best to rubish it?
There’s no point.



At 4:38 PM, MarkyMark said…


I’ve gone my way my whole life, and it’s great! I love rubbing it in how I enjoyed my motorcycles during the week and weekend, while the married schlubs had their ‘honey do’ lists-ha! Marriage is a scam; it’s a lousy deal for men, and it has been for a long time. I’ve seen through it for a long time too. Hence, I’m single-yes!

I’ve seen a mere handful of marriages that are good; these are a taste of Heaven on Earth, as it were. If I could find something like that, I’d reconsider. But, we all know that women are all too likely to change, and not remain the person we THOUGHT we were marrying; too many of them put on an act to get you to pop the question. After getting the ring, too many of them become insufferable pains in the ass. If you don’t believe me, just watch the We channel’s show, ‘Bridezillas’ sometime…

As for women shaming me, they no longer do. They know it won’t get them anywhere. In the past when they’d say that all I needed was a nice gal to settle down with, I’d snap back with, “So I can spend my weekends doing BS honey-do lists and being nagged to death?! No thanks! You gals have a hell of a scam goin’…” That would shut them up for good at my previous job! They know when you see through their bullshit…

Sure, life cannot be all fun & games; there is some pain, drudgery, etc. However, that is NOT all there is to life; there has to be fun, good times, and that sort of thing as well. If women would only take their heads out of their asses to see this, men might be more willing to marry them again. But, if I marry, then I know that more than likely it’ll be the saddest mistake I can make; I know that ANYTHING fun and enjoyable will be gone, e.g. my motorcycles. Women are joy killers, and they’re dream killers too. When it comes to women, just say no.

When we got out of work this Friday, this guy, who I’ll call Tony, was waiting for his wife to pick him up. Tony is a retired cop, a good, down to Earth family man. He works next to me, and I like him a lot. I asked if he were waiting for his wife. He said yeah, and that she was always late. I quipped, “Women-you can’t live with them, and you just can’t shoot ’em!” He cracked up when I said that. I swung a leg over my motorcycle, then took off to enjoy a most lovely day after that. Ah, why would I give up the joys of single life for some shrewish bitch? I can’t think of a good reason to do that…



At 5:57 PM, Anonymous said…

“Let me know what “Prey” is like Mr Anonymous.”

Its really good. It got 8 out of 10 in OXM.

And because its the makers of duke nukem 3d its also got alot of humour.


At 12:18 AM, phoenix said…

Have you noticed that when a man in a relationship starts spending time on his hobbies, women will automatically assume that he’s cheating? It’s because women don’t have hobbies and define themselves entirely through manipulating men. They’re not even truly interested in sex, just the act of trapping a man and withholding it from him. One wonders why they even bother. When a woman starts spending time away from her husband or boyfriend, it’s a tell tale sign that she’s having sex with another man (even though she doesn’t want to do this, she just wants to control him), so they assume men are like this as well.


At 5:32 AM, Viking said…

This is so true. Women have such a sense of entitlement. My ex expected me to be doing for her all the time. She got bent out of shape every time I would spend a little time playing a game on the computer. But when she wanted time to herself it was always justified. She had such a rough day that she deserved to spend the evening reading a book. Never mind the fact that she was a stay at home mom and never cooked a meal more than 3 times in a week. And I do mean never and 3 meals was a rare week at that.


At 7:38 PM, Anonymous said…

I have a friend who runs a pet shop. He has a few small dogs kept in his yard at home.

One female dog, the rest males.

Funny thing is when you tried to pet or be friendly to one of the male dogs, the female dog will bark angrily and try to get in between and seek your sttention. The male dogs would then go play with each other, leaving the bitch alone.

Animals and humans; not too much different from each other are they?


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