01 September 2006

The terrible price I’m paying for teenage sex


Kim doesn’t know when, but at some point during her teenage years, she was infected with chlamydia, the most commonly diagnosed sexually transmitted disease in Britain.

It has left her infertile, a tragedy which has blighted her life since it was diagnosed in her early 20s.

This woman seems to believe she doesn’t deserve to have contracted an STD because she wasn’t “particularly promiscuous” just because she only had a “series” of relationships from the age of 16. That’s still pretty promiscuous, although I suppose it is right when it says that that’s just not particularly promiscuous “by today’s standards.”

Lots of IVF treatment failed and her husband John soon got tired of it all.

‘I said to John: “Let’s do it.” But his response took me aback. He said: “The timing isn’t right.’ ‘I pleaded: “But we’ve come this far – we have to.” He said he couldn’t bear to see me go through all that pain and distress again. “Just once more, please, John,” I begged. “No,” he insisted.’

Kim made the appointment anyway, in case he changed his mind. But on the morning they were due to go to the clinic, John made a shocking announcement. ‘I don’t want to have children any more,’ he told her.

So he didn’t want her to go through IVF but she booked it anyway “in case he changed his mind.” She’s forgetting that us men don’t change our mind every day like women tend to do.

‘I walked out on my business, my house, my debts and went abroad. I felt so low that I knew I would kill myself if I didn’t get away,’ she says.

Oh boo-hoo, she couldn’t have kids so, nevermind her husband stressing out and trying to run his business single handedly, she just fled abroad and left hubby to deal with the debts.

After six months, she came home and faced up to her responsibilities. She filed for divorce and bankruptcy.

Um…that’s not facing up to her responsibilities. That’s ditching her husband then filing for bankruptcy so she doesn’t have to honour her many debts.

I’ve no sympathy. Selfish former teen-slut full of self-pity.

In 2005, 110,000 new cases [of chlamydia] were recorded, and the numbers are rising, particularly in the 16 to 24 age group.

This is another reason not to get married; how many women are there out there infertile and diseased thanks to a slutty youth? Ugh.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:14 PM

At 7:44 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

In the US, it is estimated that 80-90% of women have Oral Herpes (HSV1), and upwards of 30% have Genital Herpes (HSV2). Last week I read an article in the Oregonian newspaper that said that according to some new study, women are more than twice as likely as men to have Genital Herpes. In the interests of being politically correct, they wouldn’t dare suggest that the difference in infection rates between men and women is because women tend to be far more promiscuous than men, but we all knew that anyway.

Then, lets not forget HPV, the Human Papilloma Virus, that comes in a whole bunch of different strains that cause cancer and a veritable smörgåsbord of different types of genital warts. Sixty to eighty percent of women are permanently infected with at least one strain of HPV. So if you add up all of the women that have HSV1, HSV2, HPV, and then factor in all of the OTHER STD’s infesting their crotches, sex becomes a rather risky affair. Also, remember that the CDC has announced that condoms are USELESS in preventing the transmission of either Herpes or HPV.


At 9:05 PM, Anonymous said…

The article doesn´t mention this (surprise) but how much did all of those treatments cost and how did those costs affect the debts incurred and the financial stress on the husband´s business? Especially after she slowed down to focus on giving birth? How many of these debts stayed with the husband after the divorce and bankruptcy? And finally, what is wrong with adoption (not that I would recommend that someone so selfish become a parent at all). Why must this woman (as there are fewer ladies than there are women in this world) be entitled to giving birth?


At 2:26 AM, Anonymous said…

Here’s a revised picture for Kim.


At 2:45 AM, Anonymous said…

“In the US, it is estimated that 80-90% of women have Oral Herpes (HSV1)”



It cant be that high can it?


At 5:42 AM, Anonymous said…

Damn. She looks alot like an ex-girlfriend of mine.

Scarry blast from the past!


At 7:31 AM, Fem Hater said…

Well my theory is that women are the ones not in control of their hormones. They see a hot a guy they cannot resist sleeping with him if he makes approach on them even if they have a boyfriend. In the end we have a lot of women sleeping with a few men aka bad boys. The end result we have a lot of women with STDs and a few men with STD`s.I think in south Africa their is something like 15 percent of men have aids well 30 percent of women have aids. Of course us men get blamed for the higher aids rates in women for really daft reasons like dry sex. Of course if the tables were flipped then this would have just proved how much men sleep around.I think the reason why most women accepted feminism is that it was supposed to allow them to fulfill their inner animal desires to sleep around as much as you want without the consequences, for instance pregnancy=abortion
marriage=you would have your own career meaning that is does not matter if no-one want to marry you because you are such a slut you can take care of yourself. You can sleep around as much as you want and you can still have kids and the man would still have to take care of you like a marriage so who needs worry about marriage. But these days all women are super sluts so a man has no choice but to marry a super slut.
STD`s=We have modern medicine. Of course this was in the 60`s before aids.

But anyway that my theory


At 7:52 AM, Anonymous said…

I love this one

Believing her boyfriends were healthy and faithful, she did not insist they use condoms.

So it was the men`s fault again. Of course. She could have only contracted it if one of her boyfriends cheated. This after she admitted that she had been in a series of relationships lasting between 6 months and year,come on their is no difference between serial monogamous relationships and one night stands,I think she is lieing to herself and pretending that her type of relationship is the same as a marriage. STDs don`t do a freaking check list to determine if they transfer,1)Is this a one night stand 2)Are they cheating 3)Do they love each other.All you need to do is sleep with anyone who has slept with anyone else.Come on PLEASE SOMEONE EXPLAIN THE LOGIC TO ME.But then again feminist theory was that men didn`t want women(wifes) to have sex with other men as a means of control. All this crap about stds,abortions and emotional attachment is all propaganda spread by men.

Also i love the introduction. A women who used to own a business as this is supposed to make her look good. She probably owned a business that went bang and thats why they have debt which good old hubby has to pay off.


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous said…

I like it how she try and makes herself sound non skanky when she was a teenager. HHmmmm but looking at her now when she is 36 and dressing rather skanky.


At 3:10 PM, mfsob said…

ALL women are fucked in the head … it’s just a question of degree.


At 12:18 AM, Christopher in Oregon said…

I have been studying the STD situation since HIV first came to light in the early 80’s, and YES, 80-90% of women have HSV1. With that said, sometimes HSV1 infects the lower regions due to oral sex, and sometimes HSV2 takes up residence in the mouth. The two are almost identical, and for all practical purposes you can say that probably well in excess of 90% of the female population in the US has one form or the other. The scary thing is that Herpes sheds asymptomatically. That is, one need not have any visible symptoms or any kind of an outbreak to spread Herpes. It is extremely contagious, and the briefest physical contact will facilitate transmission. It’s just that easy to get it. Most people don’t even know they have it.

Will kissing spread it? You betcha. Like wildfire.

Will condoms offer any protection? Practically NONE.

Curable? Nope. It’s with you for life. If your immune system is compromised in any way, the outbreaks can become especially severe and frequent- and painful.

Many people get multiple strains, and due to possible immune deficiencies or other unknown reasons, they are subject to multiple outbreaks. One strain will cause an outbreak, and when it’s healing up after much agony, another strain can cause yet another outbreak.

If a woman is having an outbreak during childbirth, she stands a 50% chance of the child being with severe birth defects or having the child will die at birth or soon after.

Fifty percent.

Again, an even worse threat is HPV. It is a given that the vast majority of western women are infected. It is incurable, super- contagious, and again, condoms are useless in preventing transmission. By age 22, it is estimated that 60% of US women have HPV.

Due to my severe religious upbringing, and resulting life-long celibacy, I was never exposed to anything. (Maybe I’m just too ugly-lol) I spent most of my life as a Mormon, and the subsequent years as a fundy-Baptist wacko. (Deist/Buddhist/Atheist these days)Contradictory, I know, but I’m single. I can believe anything I want. Heheh.

But seriously, you younger guys (I’m 45) are truly NOT missing out on anything except very expensive and painful suppressive therapy like Valtrex for Herpes, and nightmarish treatments for genital warts. And if you get warts in your tail pipe, your world as you know it ends. They are almost impossible to treat in that area, and they keep coming back….and back…..

Now, if you like carrying a little bag around on your side and having a hole drilled in your stomach, that’s another thing. And, NO, gay sex or anal sex is not required to faciliate transmission to the rectum. It just naturally spreads there in many cases.

It just ain’t worth it.

Stay celibate.

Stay alive.

THAT is your victory against the Matriarchy.


At 4:24 PM, phoenix said…

Why are men continuously marrying these skanks?

Women harp on and on about some “double standard” and not wanting to be called sluts (but then they go out and be as slutty as possible anyway, proving that’s just a lie they spout so they won’t have to do the work of approaching men and initiating relationships) yet it appears that either nobody is calling them a slut, or men don’t actually care. Men SHOULD care, because a women that’s had multiple partners carries both the physical problem of STDs, and the mental and emotional problems of being very unfaithful (prone to boredom etc., how many times have we seen a slut walk out on the ‘perfect’ husband? A virgin before marriage will almost never do that).

As much to blame as women are for feminism, I blame men more. It’s men that pressure other men to chase after women, it’s men that constantly pander and side with women on every conceivable issue, it’s men that constantly ignore the advantages women have in some dumb chivalric attempt. It is easy enough to avoid and ignore women, but men (your alleged friends) will virtually always pressure you into going after women. They are much more vocal, and much harder to argue against. MGTOW is an extremely minor movement, and it’s not women that I think are our biggest enemy, I think it is stupid men.


At 3:41 AM, NavyGuy said…

This was always an issue for me during my college years back in Idaho, before I came in the Navy. Of the very few American girls that I dated, all of them were proud of the fact that they had had prior sexual relations with their bad boys.

You know, there is an often unspoken sentiment of most of us males in that we are kind of hesitant in having a relationship with a woman who has a history of being sexually plundered and is a “has-been,” on here own free-will I might add. I’ll be honest and I’ll say it up front. The problem I have is the fact that if I have a sexual relationship with such women, I don’t think I could handle the fact that some other guy’s (plural here) dick has already been inside her. That’s nasty! But oh no! I’m an evil man for having such seemingly impossible expectations while it is okay if a woman with the feminist virus has impossible expectations and demands of her dates! Oh, when the double-standards end!


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