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09 September 2006


Has Geri ‘sacked’ her baby’s father?

I know this may count as the inane celebrity gossip I loathe so much, but it’s worth reading through to get a glimpse of the sheer selfishness of this woman, how she is clearly not fit to be a mother, and how she utterly epitomizes the Matriarchy’s dismissal of a father’s importance in a child’s life. First off she got pregnant during a fling, one of dozens the slutbag has had. Her affair with the baby’s father was long over before the poor kid was born.

She also figured she can go it alone. Well, that’s what I read on the cover of some gossip magazine that provoked this post anyway, although her definition of “going it alone” involves having “a PA, a spiritual adviser, a hypnotist, as well as Geri’s mother Anna Maria and a girlfriend who visits frequently” around all the time. Just like your average “independent” single mum “going it alone” with all her benefits and taxpayer-subsidised daycare.

There is no man, of course. The father of three-month-old Bluebell, Sacha Gervasi, has yet to see her, and the Mail understands relations are at present extremely fraught. Gervasi, a public-school educated scriptwriter now based in LA, fathered the child during a brief fling last summer. The liaison was already over by the time news of the pregnancy emerged.

Geri, who has failed to sustain any kind of adult romantic relationship for more than a few weeks, left his name off the birth certificate, threw away the flowers he sent by way of congratulation and refused to let him see his daughter when he flew to England shortly after the birth.

His crime? No one knows — least of all Gervasi, whose friends express astonishment and hurt on his behalf. Recently, Geri rather grandly agreed that they should start to speak, apparently feeling that she should not deprive her baby of a father.

But these transatlantic conversations are said to have taken the form of ‘insane two-hour interviews’ during which she quizzed him on his views and philosophies to see if he was ‘fit’ to see the child. Unsurprisingly, this left the poor man incredibly stressed and emotional. Now his friends fear he has effectively been ‘sacked’ as a father.

Like I said, this highlights the Matriarchal nature of our society; a father is not necessary and a mother can sack/dump/ditch/boot him out of her father’s life. He has no rights.

The matter, sadly, is now in the hands of lawyers, as Gervasi, 40, would like to have some ‘access’ to the infant. One can only hope that common sense prevails.

Common sense? At a child custody hearing in the West? Pffft!

For now, in the bizarre world that Geri has constructed for herself and her child, the closest that Bluebell gets to a father figure is Kenny Goss, the handsome Texan boyfriend of George Michael, who is Geri’s best pal.

Camp, gossipy and prone to giving lavish gifts, he has been unofficially named the child’s godfather.

Oh, wow, great start for the baby; a slag for a mum, no father, and a shit-stabber for a godfather. Not only that, the baby is named Bluebell Madonna Halliwell, which sounds rather silly, especially given that the middle-name comes from the Madonna. Y’know, the Madonna, the self-publicizing, foul-mouthed, pointy-bra-wearing, Pope-upsetting Grand Empress of Slaghood.

The most fascinating thing local tradespeople commented on was that Geri is rarely seen with the baby. She is nearly always on her own or with a female friend.

Well of course she’s not with the baby; whilst any man who is not with his child is obviously an Evil Bastard (even if it’s because he’s at work, or because his child’s mother has ‘sacked’ him) but women are entitled to dump their babies on someone else, or in some crummy daycare centre. It’s called being independent!

Indeed, it is hard not to feel some sympathy for Geri. She only turned 34 this month and yet is denied the career in the limelight which she craved so strongly.

I find it very easy to fail to feel sympathy for her thankyouverymuch.

She had plenty of limelight. She’s had plenty of cash. She was even – when not dolled up in garish make-up and slutty Union Jack dresses – rather pretty in her early-twenties (Not Work Safe Link), a girl many nice guys who were not yet grossly cynical about women would have eagerly married.

But she whored it away, did everything to get publicity – like claim to be engaged to Chris Evans, snogged Kylie Minogue (on Evans’ show) – fucked loads of guys, got preggers out of wedlock and boasted how she would go it alone, believing the stupid Grrrl Power lyrics she used to screech (which were actually written by male record execs to part teenage girls with their pocket money anyway!)…and now she has a future as a single mother, with rapidly diminishing fame, male attention and royalties from her Yoga videos, an increasing bitterness against men now that she’s all used up, and no doubt with prescriptions to all sorts of exciting and colourful antidepressant pills littering her path through middle-age.

“I tell you what I want, what I really really want…”

Some HRT? Here you go, now fuck off.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 1:34 PM

At 3:14 PM, nevo said…

All I am sorry about is that I never bet a £100 on Geri becoming a single mother. It would have been such an easy money to win.
She is woman who now has it all. Included not having to put up with the father of the child.
She is clearly a narcissist. As long as she is in love with herself she’ll have nothing to worry about.



At 6:19 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

After clicking the link and reading the original article one thought came to mind

The father should copy that web page and burn it to disk. Then print it off. And get some copies of the paper version of the Daily Mail with that piece in it.

Then when his daughter is old enough and seeks him out and she asks why he wasn’t there for her he can answer “because you mother is a lunatic”. And show her the evidence.


At 6:56 PM, Gold_is_real_money said…

The father of her kid should be grateful that she left his name off the birth certificate. Now the courts can’t come after him for child support payments as there is no legal document showing he is the father.


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous said…

I always fancied Sporty Spice anyway.

Seriously though Geri is a dumbass fucking skank.


At 9:39 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

All this merely confirms that “Looney Spice” is a total fruit bat. God help the poor kid who will be brought up listening to 24 hour a day brainwashing that all men are bastards.


At 11:40 AM, mfsob said…

And they wonder why they can’t find a “good man”? Who the hell would want a pussy that’d been through that kind of wringer?


At 8:58 PM, Anonymous said…

This is the best blog in the world! 😀


At 12:40 AM, Mamonaku187 said…


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At 6:50 PM, Fem Hater said…

Ha i could tell you this 10 years ago this would happen. I bet in another 10 years she is going to be one angry women when she realizes that men are not interested in her anymore and that she is going to be alone for the rest of her life, and believe me women hate that. She will also come to the realization that the only things men are interested in when you are 40+ is if you built a trusting and respectful relationship with them when you were young not threat them like shit because if they did not like you could just sleep with the next guy who comes along. Muhahah just like all feminist they realize to late that they screwed up and have to pay dearly. Women seem to lack foresight somehow they think they are going to stay young forever.


At 12:02 PM, nevo said…

Good morning everybody.
Have a laugh at this blonde. She made my day all right.
Would you belive she’s got a hubby.



At 2:03 AM, The American said…

She left his name on the birth certificate? ummm… She will be hitting him up for child support shortly. You know. To show her independence.


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