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05 September 2006

During a rare moment of bothering to watch TV to the other day, I caught an advert for a Nissan car.

It featured a guy driving up a snowy hill with his young daughter, a brief montage of them building a snowman, and finishing with the guy holding up the little girl so she could put in place the carrot for the snowman’s nose.

The voice over read: “Because a father will do anything for his daughter” with a shot of her smiling and him picking her up. This lead in to the endline, that the car was great because there was no greater adventure than family life or some pretentious marketing slogan or other.

It was quite pleasant, not to mention jaw-droppingly shocking, to actually see an advertisement that not only failed to bash or humiliate men, but actually hold men up, a father especially, as a thoroughly great person. Astonishing. Sure, they’re only trying to sell a car, but it’s still possibly significant if, just maybe, some marketers somewhere have realised that endlessly bashing men is going to cost a company money (given that Hollywood movie makers haven’t yet correlated their endless misandry in films with an accelerating drop in profits and, in particular, men vacating cinemas.)

I’d estimate that misandry in advertising and the media as a whole will diminish as the marriage strike takes hold even further. After all, adverts are primarily aimed at women because they tend to make the majority of purchasing decisions in a marriage, but women won’t have that luxury if they aren’t married. Men will make their own purchasing decisions. Furthermore, a lot of single women spend their money as fast as they can get it – then borrow more to spend that too – because they tend to assume a husband will lie just past their 30th birthday, ready to support them and pay off their debts. As that happens less and less, they’ll perhaps have to start cutting down on the shopping sprees and using their money for boring things like mortgages and investments.

Incidentally, it could be pointed out that the advert may just be failing to bash men in the advert because the marketing of cars may be traditionally aimed at men, but this couldn’t explain the plentiful supply of misandry in other car adverts.

For example, there was an advert in 1997 featuring men sitting in a hospital waiting room with a variety of injuries; broken arms, bandages round heads, on crutches, etc. A car – the one being advertised – pulled up outside the entrance and a badly battered man was booted out by a woman (his wife or girlfriend) who sped off in disgust, leaving the battered guy to limp off into the waiting room to join the other men, all of whom had clearly suffered a similar fate. The tagline was “Ask before you borrow it.” There were a few other varieties and none, naturally, dared to show or even imply the sexes being reversed, namely men battering the fuck out of wives and girlfriends for daring to borrow their car. Instead it was always men being beaten, hit or finding their clothes slashed up with knives because they borrowed the car without asking their SO (Superior Other.)

And for which make of car were these adverts for?


Is it the case that Nissan have decided to be nice to us men now, nine-years later? If so, fuck them. The new advert was a fairly pleasant tiny glimpse of what the mass-media perhaps used to be before turning all feminized and anti-male but I’d never buy a Nissan anyway. Those “ask before you borrow it” ads really pissed me off. Fucking Nissandrists. I mean, misandrists.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:46 PM

At 9:38 PM, Anonymous said…

a few months ago home depot ran an ad where while the disgusted wife looked on her moronic, slack jawed husband continually stuck a toilet plunger onto his forehead. after seeing it a second time i emailed the company pointing out; reverse this ad showing a woman plunging her forehead, think of who actually shops and cares about tools, and how easy a positive ad campaign show family togetherness would be to create. amazingly they sent a reply and referred my suggestions to executives and marketing. never saw the ad again! and catch the ad now where the father and son are under the sink working together. they should hire me. still a half loaf…


At 10:48 PM, nevo said…

How refreshing to see us fathers as the good guys.
This add will scare the shit out of some die hard feminist. It may mean that the tide against manhood may be starting to ebb back.

And not a minute late!!



At 11:29 PM, nevo said…

Hey !!!
Have a read at this one.

It seems, we may have some females on our side, or, at least, share our views on how disastrous the feminist ideal has been for women.



At 3:55 AM, Anonymous said…

Actually, I think daddies spoiling their daughters is one of the ROOTS of the problems of spoiled-azz American women. It all starts at home – and the spoilage is really sickeningly bad!!!


At 11:44 AM, Unpleasant Bitter Git said…

My thoughts are that advertising companies are becoming aware of men deserting mainstream media and the growing anger against the way women see us as little more than a commodity to be used and discarded at their whim.

The odd advertisement or television show or movie that shows men as decent human beings wont pull the wool over my eyes and make me think they “love” us again (not that I believe they did in the first place).


At 5:10 PM, b said…


Jessica Valenti is a die hard feminist. She’s responsible for the hardcore feminist blog,

She is definitely not our friend.


At 7:08 PM, Anonymous said…

Furthermore, a lot of single women spend their money as fast as they can get it – then borrow more to spend that too – because they tend to assume a husband will lie just past their 30th birthday, ready to support them and pay off their debts.

Great point Duncan! I’ve observed the 2 phenomena, but I never put them together. Looking back I have seen many free-wheeling, high-spending women of that age constantly on the prowl for a man with $$$ and I know they have a shitload of debt. And they NEVER bring up the state of their power financial situation with them.


At 10:56 AM, HAWKEYE said…

who would want a Nissan when you can still get a “model A “henrys last car


At 6:54 PM, mike savell said…

What about the uk capital 1 advert
and now the RAC one.
At the very least these 2 coys should be put on the blacklist but I’ve read no reports about them even though they have been in existence for some time.


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