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08 September 2006

This is the depths UK television has reached:

The Trouble With Celebrity: Too Fat, Too Thin, Too Hairy; Five, 10:00PM

Documentary delving into our fascination with celebrity bodies. From cellulite spillages to bony backs, we love nothing more than poring over celeb photos in magazines. But with celebs dieting down to the size of a seven-year-old boy, we ask what’s driving this bodywatch madness. Contributors include Rebecca Loos, Jodie Marsh, Emma B and Vanessa Feltz.

What’s all this “we” business?

We are obsessed with celebrities and photos of them? Women they mean. Not us men. It’s women who’re the ones who read all these endless magazines like Heat and Chat. Note that all the “contributors” are women.

My local newsagents has all the woman’s magazines on the counter and I scan the covers with disgust whilst I’m queueing. All they have are poor-quality long-rang shots of some Z-list celebrities in a bikini or a picture of some drunken IT girl falling out of a rented limousine. The headlines plastered alongside these photos read things like Jade’s ballooning weight, Even supermodels get cellulite or Beach photos special!

Women claim that they’re under some sort of outrageous pressure from the evil Patriarchy to obsessed with their weight, but they’re the ones who read this nonsense, who fuss over other women’s bodies, and who seem to get a kick out of seeing a celebrity woman looking frumpy. Sheer superficiality.

I scanned the TV guide a couple of days ago and saw there was a stupid drama about a single-mother who meets the man of her dreams, and then the guy is offered a lucrative job abroad and has to choose between her and his job. I didn’t watch it, obviously, but I dare say he chose her. This is the sort of crap women watch and probably think it reflects real-life, that guys really do fall over themselves to marry a woman who has some other guy’s illegitimate bastard in tow.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:16 PM

At 10:38 PM, nevo said…

All these media shallowness is nothing but a self-fulfilling profecy.
I just can’t help to be stupefied and aghast to watch all this skin and bones portrayed as body-beautiful.
Please, give me Sofia Loren as a diva if there ever was one.
The fact is, and a terrible one at that, most of this fashionable skeletons are selected by women in mens body (I could never quite work out the sense of this cliche)who idealizes the homo-boyish looks.
The divas of the past is what I miss most.
Beautiful women in goddess like bodys.



At 10:53 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

Dead right Duncan. Women’s obsession with their appearance has reached the most absurd heights of vanity and stupidity, and shows no signs of slowing down or returning to the bounds of sanity. No wonder it now infests every aspect of the media as well as the avalanche of mags and TV shows that are specifically aimed at the subject.

And it’s certainly not men who are pushing women into this absurdity because men are virtually excluded from this artificial world – it’s a closed shop of women’s own creation.

I also find it annoying to keep hearing and reading about how “we all” have these problems of low self-esteem, or envy of perfect supermodels, every time “we” gaze at ourselves in “our” mirrors. Do these women live in such tiny, enclosed worlds that they really have no idea of how trivial their obsessions are? Unbelievably the answer really seems to be yes, as they return to the same theme again and again and rarely venture outside the subject.

The extent to which these women’s lives have moved into the unreal world of self-absorbed fantasy, while men are left to handle the real problems, was summed up for me a year or so back when a photographer released a startling picture of a young British soldier serving in Iraq who had been set on fire in an attack. The picture grabbed headlines in the national press. I remember reading my paper that morning and seeing the picture of this young man, engulfed in flames, fighting for his life in a hell-hole where he had been sent supposedly to help others. I then turned the page and found myself looking at a picture of a young female model with a full-page article about her obsession with the size of her own backside. Literally. That was all the article was about, the whole page was given over to her whining about how tough it was to keep herself in shape so as to be able to fit into skin tight clothes and pursue her lucrative career as an overpaid clothes horse.

I noted that the whingeing model and the burning soldier were about the same age. I just felt sick, and have never forgotten the contrast between the relative lives of these two young people. Were they from different sexes, or from different species?


At 10:43 AM, Anonymous said…

I also hate the journalistic ‘we’. Especially in the form of ‘we know it’s wrong, but we can’t get enough of Jade Goody / Paris Hilton / Nicole Ritchie / Madonna / Britney Spears / Lindsay Lohan / Kate Moss / Coleen McLoughlin’… for Christ’s safe at least leave me out of your pathetic gossip obsession and vicarious skankhood, you moronic whores.

The whole weight non-issue is, as others here have already pointed out, a self-feeding and entirely feminine thing. I don’t recall ever speaking to a man who preferred the emaciated look. In fact when they express a preference it’s usually for a properly sexed girl along the lines of Scarlett Johansson.


At 4:38 AM, Anonymous said…

If you get thin enough you can get to the point where you stop menstruating. Hence, no kids.

Maybe that’s one of the objectives of encouraging women to develop preteen physiques (largely though diet):

“Have all the sex you want, but you won’t get pregnant and lose your figure!”


At 9:40 PM, Anonymous said…

Men in real life are surprisingly forgiving of fatness. We are continually pushing the range of acceptability with “thick” now.

So, sorry, but if a woman can’t exercise the self-discipline to even make it within the new “thick” limit – she deserves to be disapproved of. I mean, for all this so-called obsessioon with thinness – you could have fooled me by looking at all the enormous water buffaloes grazing at Walmart on any given Sunday!

I guess we’re supposed to accept 300-lb land whales next?

Well, that’s BS. Because if you go to ANY OTHER country, women stay within their healthy bodyweight ranges fro CRADLE TO GRAVE! OBESITY IS NOT NORMAL…NOR HEALTHY…NOR ATTRACTIVE.

I think the only way out of this Matriarx is to somehow import hordes of foreign women here like Japanese imports forced Detroit to make better cars in the 70s…


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