Greer sneers at the recently deceased


06 September 2006


‘That sort of self-delusion is what it takes to be a real Aussie larrikin’

by Germaine Greer

The animal world has finally taken its revenge on [Steve] Irwin…

Nothing like a revolting old feminist hag to sneer and mock a dead man before he’s even been buried. It’s fairly common, of course, for stupid liberal fuckers to actually think that animals deserve the same rights as humans, and its equally common for feminists to think that men are worth less than animals, even a stupid fish.

At least Steve Irwin seemed endlessly cheerful and left a legacy of enjoyable shows – the few good things worth watching on TV these days – as well as a son and daughter. On the other hand, Germaine Greer is a miserable old ratbag who has spent her life being angry and full of hate, and she will leave a legacy of nothing but a few poxy narcissistic books crammed with self-pity and self-delusion, and furthermore she murdered so many of her own unborn children – sorry, aborted her fetuses like a strong liberated grrrl – that her insides were completely ruined long before she hit the menopause about sixty-years ago, so she will die without passing on her own DNA. Good.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:22 PM


At 8:30 PM, nevo said…

That this woman has an abhorrent mind to any logically thinking person I have no doubt about it.
But I have to say she makes quite a few good points about Steve Irwin.
I watched a few of his documentaries on the telly and I conclude he was a serious nutcase. Teasing wild animals is a foolhardy thing to do, at best of times, and to show it to the children of the world is highly irresponsible to say the least.
This man has been pushing his luck for too long and that once will not get away with it, as is sadly now the case.
Back to that old hag Greer, who made herself internationally known for her ridiculous utterances on late nights talk shows, has done the greatest disservice to womankind.
She taught women how to become really stroppy whenever a man wants to make his mark in a relationship making impossible to develop the natural bond that should exist between a man and a woman.
Now for the real insult, she did it for fame and money.
That makes her a prostitute of sorts.



At 11:24 PM, non Scatalogical said…

NEVO says:

That makes her a prostitute of sorts.

Don’t they all end up trading sex for odd jobs around the house?

You know, “Take the garbage out and I’ll give you a head job.”


At 2:24 AM, Anonymous said…

I hear Irwin was also put near a crocodile as a baby and that its actually safe if you know how crocs behave.

Irwin also pulled the stinger out of he’s chest before he died so he was also quite a tough guy.


At 3:02 AM, Anonymous said…

Hmm. Let’s see if we can spot the difference:

When Mr Irwin dies, Australia offers to throw a state funeral; when Ms Greer dies, they’ll be throwing a party.


At 7:12 AM, darkbhudda said…

I disagree with the comments that he was “asking for it”.

He’s done more for educating the public that animals are wild than anyone else in the industry for a long, long time.

Thanks to Disney, people have bizarre notions of nature, thinking it consists of playful animals eating tofu. They say they don’t but when you talk to them, they talk about how wonderful nature is.

Nature is a vicious psychopath.

One of the workers in a sister company was bitten by a deadly snake. They released a page long document about it, like they do with all work related deaths. However, half the document was them crapping on about how great nature was.

Some guy was killed and they want to push their environmental message?

I haven’t watched much of Steve Irwin’s shows, but in the little I saw he was helping tag and release animals, not chasing them down for the fun of it.


At 8:19 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

A common prostitute is a lot more use to society than harpy greer.


At 8:51 AM, Fidelbogen said…

I’m not convinced that Steve Irwin seriously deserved the amount of bile that came from GG. Just as I am not convinced that GG’s motives were anywhere close to being “pure of heart”.

It’s a question of suiting the measure to the matter. In the present case it was a cheap suit that fit rather poorly.

Who added more value to the world in the long run?
Which of those two will go to “meet his maker” with a cleaner karmic record? I leave that as an open question.

Anyway, Germaine Greer got fried in the court of public opinion, and I for one shall waste no sympathy.


At 12:08 PM, Anonymous said…

People are making complaints to the Guardian about it. Nothing like getting a hate-filled rad fem fired to brighten up the world:

Mail to:
Readers’ editor, The Guardian, 119 Farringdon Road, London EC1R 3ER, UK.
Fax: +44 (0)20 7239 9997.


At 7:13 PM, Anonymous said…

Thing is, the video allegedly showed that Steve was not harassing the stingray prior (maybe getting too close for its comfort though, I dunno).


At 7:18 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

If it had been a female wildlife expert – say, a Stephanie Irwin – who died in such a manner, Greer would be singing such a woman’s praises; “This strong sister, dying so tragically after triumphantly entering the male dominated world of wildlife programming!

The fact that Steve was a bloke is what really pisses Greer off. Whatever us guys do it doesn’t matter, a feminist will cheer if we die tragically.


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