Husband-killer given life in Thailand


06 September 2006

Life for woman who BBQs husband and feeds him to tigers

The Thai woman who arranged for her English ex-husband to be barbecued and had his remains scattered around a tiger sanctuary was jailed for life today.

Pannada Charnaud, 35, was led in chains to the cells after a judge told her that even though she had not dealt a blow she had arranged the death of Toby Charnaud, 41, “just as if she had struck him herself.”

The court in Petchaburi, 100 miles west of the Thai capital Bangkok, was told that Mr Charnaud had divorced Pannada because of her gambling debts and had been awarded custody of their son Daniel, now seven. He allowed Pannada visiting rights but on 27 March last year he failed to return home after setting out to collect Daniel from Pannada’s home on the edge of Kaeng Krajan.

Now that’s good non-Matriarchal justice there; the bitch is packed off to a filthy prison cell for the rest of her life.

If this had been in the West she’d have just claimed provocation, or claimed that her accomplices made her do it, and either been acquitted on grounds of self-defence, or perhaps convicted of Manslaughter and given a suspended sentence.

Ideally the bitch should hang though.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 6:29 PM


At 6:50 PM, Anonymous said…

“They then beat Mr Charnaud to death with iron bars and a lump of wood.

The killers placed his body on an already prepared charcoal barbecue then cut up his cooked remains and spread them around the tiger reserve.”

So, a murderous bych conspires to have her hubby cruelly beat to death, char-broiled and fed to tigers? You know how much premeditation, scheming and cold-blooded planning that takes???

And all she got is life in prison? That woulda been the DEATH PENALTY were she a man – or even in the US!

Damn, the Matriarx is infecting Asia deep and hard! There is no escape – we must STAND AND FIGHT OUR GROUND! Feminism is no different than Communism, Nazism, etc etc – or any other extremist agenda-driven ideology.


At 8:53 PM, nevo said…

I was on holiday in Thailand for three weeks and I can assure you Thai women are no angels.
The idea of asian women being perfect wives are a fallacy which many westerners men find out too late.



At 2:27 AM, Anonymous said…

But but but… she had teh oppressed womens syndrome or whatever fucking syndromes they would come up with hear in the west.


At 6:23 AM, darkbhudda said…

In the US they had a case where a woman tried to have her husband killed. She convinced her boyfriend to do it and make it look like a robbery. She tried to get another male friend to help out.

Now the male friend said no, but didn’t dob her in because he didn’t think she was serious.

She plea bargained and got less time than the male friend.


At 12:14 PM, MarkyMark said…


At least she got more punishment in Thailand than she would have gotten in the West! Here, all she would have had to do is cry ‘abuse’, and she would’ve gotten off, a la Lorena Bobbitt.



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