Japan’s population dropping


06 September 2006

Japan: Still Shrinking


It may not seem like it in the pedestrian-choked streets of Tokyo, but Japan is about to get a lot less crowded. Thanks to a fertility rate that’s dropped to 1.25 children per woman—well below the 2.1 needed to keep a population stable—the number of Japanese is set to peak next year and then fall rapidly to 64 million, or half the current population, by 2100.

For strange reason though, government last year decided to combat the plummeting birth-rate by throwing more taxpayers money at various schemes to get more women into the workplace, whether they (or workplaces for that matter) want to or not. WTF? That’s what causes this sort of mess in the first place.

So the Japanese population will probably half in the next 94-years! It’ll be the same in European countries too, with many nations here – including the UK – having birthrates under 1.6 (Spain’s is a mere 1.1)

Now that’s a sure sign that feminism has taken hold in a society.

If a country’s population starts dropping rapidly, it means it’s ravaged by either plague, war, famine or – worst of all – feminism.

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At 6:45 PM, Cybro said…

They can have all the illegals here in California. That should help them out.


At 8:47 PM, nevo said…

Yes men!!!!
Can they afford it?
The central bank of Japan has been for decades stacking up in their strongbox tons of printed american dollars when supporting the USA currency.
The bank of Japan can afford to pay any married couple in Japan without making much of a dent on this greenback mountain.
In fact, they should pay any newlywed couple their honeymoon abroad to places where they can shag each other stupid for a couple of weeks.
That should secure a stable population growth.



At 11:24 PM, mfsob said…

Feminism – the new Plague of the 21st Century – yeah, it has a nice, poetic, above all truthful ring to it.


At 1:59 AM, Anonymous said…

That pregnancy is a burden is *PRECISELY* why females have erstwile been physically, psychologically and materially ‘nudged'(ie. socialized – curbing their capricious license/sensory bias in mate selection) into gestation to maintain replacement margins(just as material stressors once did, and will do so once again in the wake of civs deconstruction – as technology was the thrown industrial wrench which dissolved the maternal contract, loosing the full inertia of Female Sexual Value to gradually habituate the thresholds of male acuity to sublimation stress), and this is also why the chivalrous lap-dog vanguards of female license will eventually be put down by some variant of culling agency(ideally with extreme antagonism and prejudice).

Most proposed solutions(like artificial wombs) misconstrue practiceability for practicality – there exists the means, but without the will to make it work *in time*(and this bias is rooted in the manifold of determined sex biology, where ceding the prospect/mediation of recombination to an extrinsic agency – effectively desexualizing – contravenes it’s most sovereign mandates).

Which is why this will never occur on a large enough scale without a monolithically contested psych complex paradigm shift(such that it would be *less* contentious merely to banish all women to sex-farms/baby factories), and really begs the question as to whose *individual* interests such a shift might serve anyway(individual interest is only ever tennuously aligned with abstract social constructs when they co-exist in a consonant relationship).

Theoretically, a more workable solution(with less human/material fallout, if you are concerned with such things – which I most assuredly am not), is to circumvent dimorphic sex biology(the crux of male-female sex antagonism) through bio-engineering at the placental stage(again, the solution which sustains less collateral injury to prevailing psych/material equilibriums), and therafter resolve recombination for subsequent strains through synthetic agency.

But any emergent bifurcates *must* be addressed first, or you are just reaping a different stripe of whirlwind.

Moreover, people really don’t seem to grasp the emergent phenotypic value of why it is imperative to place *more* antagonistic/reproductive stress burdens on females, and not less(especially during a recursive phase where the gradient of selection trials are most steep).

And this is why synthetic engineering would invariably fail anyway – exposing a terminal selection impasse which it can no longer negotiate through the resource of dimorphic sex biology and it’s derivative stress/fitness trials.

So you’re merely trading bottlenecks.

But then again, as I indicated before: all pretense of a benign resolution to this dimorphic quandary must be relegated to a realm of academic masturbation.

Want to guess why?

Because discrete investments & agendas are not culled along a unified plane of distal imperative, but rather one of proximal interest – and by then, it’s too late.

The manifold stress energy of the ‘problem’ will/must necessarily derive the mechanical work of the ‘solution'(whatever subjective value you deign to ascribe such relative concepts).

Aren’t selection mechanics grand? 😉

Pandora’s box was opened a long time ago.

Sorry for going on, but for me, this is an exhaustive topic of interest…



At 5:31 AM, phoenix said…

Good for Japan. Whenever I see plummeting birth rates I’m impressed, because it means the men of that country have finally woken up and decided to strike. Japan is crap anyway, we’ve seen the articles where trains and restaurants and stores become women-only.

Frankly, I don’t think its even a problem. Why do we need 2.1 children per woman when we’re fucking overpopulated everywhere anyway? Let’s take it back to 100 years ago or so, when everyone could actually get a job, and everyone in a neighborhood knew everyone else. We don’t need this many people.


At 7:56 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

In Britain, the birthrate has been well under 2.1 for decades and yet the population continues to grow. Indeed, the UK population has just broken the 60 million mark for the first time. This increase is mainly because of immigration, a process this government has turned a blind eye to, even though much of it is illegal. The effect this has on the demographic and the cultural upheaval this brings has only recently been recognised with the threat of terrorism. Even former cabinet ministers, like Frank Field, are speaking out about this.


At 12:22 PM, ColdHammer said…

The answer is very easy to understand why Japan is undergoing a population decline. Right now there is a phenomenon called, “Hallyu” aka “Korean Wave.”

This new trend of Korean products especially in the form of entertainment are showing these melodramas, soap operas really but in a different sense: they actually have an ending (gasp! soaps can have an ending? Yup). However these TV shows have a bad side effect: they show these tough, buff, yet sensitive Korean guys wooing Korean women in the Asian way. Yup, I’m not lying to you. It sells because of the cultural similarities to other Asian countries.

Check this site out.

The Japanese woman in this article spent thousands of dollars (in this case, yen) just to find a “Korean guy” because they are so-called, “romantic.” What utter BS. I’m a Korean guy and I can tell you there is no Korean guy out there who is that romantic or sensitive or love sappy out there. It’s just a goddamn fantasy, that’s all it is.

As a fellow Korean, I’m saddened to see that in order to produce record profits, the Korean entertainment business has to exploit many East Asian women into being so gullible to this crap because all it does is destroy other societies/cultures and social expectations of men and women. Feminism has taken hold of the Asian countries because all it takes is one country (Korea) that is similar to the others (Asian countries) to fall into despair.

Stay single!


At 3:47 PM, Anonymous said…

Japan doesn’t have any immigration to speak of by groups with a higher fertility than the ethnic Japanese. This means that their population dropping isn’t a major problem from the perspective of cultural or ethnic displacement. Eventually, one would presume that the Japanese will feel sufficiently rich in living space that they’ll begin having children in large numbers once more.

The European countries with low birthrates have a much more serious problem, as they’re in a breeding race for electoral power, being at least quasi-democracies. Sharia will likely come to most of Europe, not by the sword but by the cradle and the ballot box.


At 6:22 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

Thanks for your discourse nSCOURGE.

It caused a paradigm shift in my underpants.


At 9:54 PM, Anonymous said…

Seriously, our global population NEEDS to drop! It’s DOUBLED since the 60s and we are destroying this planet! People who want more and more kids to run a pyramid scheme with retirement funding are totally selfish. Not to mention, Ponzi schemes all fail quickly anyways as they go exponential. They can NEVER be sustained.

So, I congratulate East Asia and the EU for dropping their birthrates. Now, if only Africa and other irresponsible poverty-breeders would too…


At 12:33 AM, Anonymous said…

You don’t get it…

Population trends(and their energy arcs) do not/can not shift on a dime(this is in evidence when scrutinizing their event nexus – which reveals Apoptosis Phylogenesis*, acted upon by the culling vortex and vectored through a malignant psych-complex pathogen – of which feminism is but an emergent symptom).

(* a cancellation impasse of contra sex-selection stressors which derive recursive energy bifurcates through divesting females of requisite opposable stress equilibriums – exposing retrograde/terminal frequency in recombination)

Other explanations/prospects appeal to sentimental mysticism(another symptom).

The faults of western civilization have been layed at so steep a gradient that it’s constituent mechanics cannot derive the requisite work to avert it’s momentum.

The most it’s functionary cogs can hope for is to salvage some vector in it’s deconstruction.

Don’t worry, you’ll get your population crash… antecedent to the collapse of civ infrastructure(good riddance).



At 8:05 PM, Anonymous said…

BTW, why would rival populations/cultures elect to curb their breeding, when they can instead vector it towards the displacement of west civ?



At 10:19 AM, HAWKEYE said…

do us all a favor
“have a baby”


At 4:26 PM, Anonymous said…




At 7:18 PM, Anonymous said…

BTW, why would rival populations/cultures elect to curb their breeding, when they can instead vector it towards the displacement of west civ?

Exactly. Funny how Bono wants to forgive all of Africa’s debts. While overbred Africans and Arabs are flooding into the EU. And Mexicans into the US. The one thing all these poverty-stricken cultures have in common is HUGE litters – like 4 or 5 per man. And by granting them aid and asylum, the rest of the world is only enabling such world domination by breeding.


At 11:38 AM, Mystikan said…

I’ve known for a long time the effects of feminism on population growth; I even wonder sometimes if this was the real reason it’s been allowed to go this far. In any event, it’s certainly done it’s job here in Australia and other western countries. I myself not only never intend to marry, I’ve never even had sex nor do I ever want it. And that’s not for want of opportunity either; a number of women have expressed interest in me only to be politely and sensitively turned down. (And it REALLY feels good to have the power to say NO! Try it some time. Voluntary celibacy is empowering in a way you wouldn’t believe – and the look on women’s faces when they find out is priceless!)

So what we need to do is to introduce feminism to all those third-world countries that are flooding the West with illiterate immigrants. Since feminism is the most effective tried-and-tested population control measure ever achieved, we need to get the likes of Susan Faludi and Naomi Wolf pushing their agendas in places like Somalia and India! So let’s pack all the feminists off to third-world countries to “liberate” their sisters there, then, while the misandrists are all busy spreading the hate in those places, we can quietly go about getting our rights back here!


At 7:13 AM, Anonymous said…

Wantonly spreading the pathogen will not alter retrograde deconstruction of the west/euro sphere, or overtake it’s lead in the race to displace itself(it will have run it’s course in the west long before anywhere in the third world, so I don’t know what logic you are appealing to here).

In any case, this phenomenon is not vectored merely through physical/social proximity/contact, but rather a myriad of information media(carrier) charged with disseminating the Utopian mysticism and duplicity of reason endemic of west/euro psych paradigms(modulators).

It is a pathology of reason/ideas, and necessitates destroying the propogation mechanisms before purging individual cell nodes(the panacea to western ills is not to be found extrinsically).

Again, quit appealing to indolent cowardice*(gamma’s catatonia) in a futile quest for benign solutions – this will only be achieved through the appeal of force(read: violence).

(*fear is the diffusional agency acting upon the substrate of coherent reason)



At 1:28 PM, Anonymous said…

Japan was already a hardcore feminazi infiltrated and infested country since WW2. You got lots of these ‘intellectual’ feminazis getting airtime on justifying ‘gender equality’ and infiltrating academia, politics, businesses etc.

Chizuko Ueno: Gloria Steinem/ Betty Friedan of Japan:



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