04 September 2006

Mark Mark’s Thoughts

Another promising new anti-feminist blog from a regular at NG’s forum.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 8:53 PM


At 9:33 PM, tipster said…

Have you read this article? Beats the crap out of feminism (verbally, of course):

At last I’m allowed to be a man

We may think of the army as an old-fashioned institution whose values hark back to another age. But the age it belongs to is the age of reason. It’s the modern world that has got it all wrong.


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous said…

Duncan, I have read your blog for a while now and I really enjoy it. Whats your opinion on the other mra bloggers, like captain zarmband, fred x, angry harry, kelly mac. I like them all and read them as much as possible. I hope other mras write blogs as there are still only a small number who actually contribute through their writing.


At 6:00 PM, ditchthebitch said…

I found this on the ‘iVillage’ message board on ‘Feminism Today’- the thread is ‘The War On Mothers’ where this woman says she was shocked to be on a blog this one because she doesn’t realize there is so much animosity by men towards women- this was a response to her:

I think I understand the argument as I have listened to men speak on this for years, so I’ll have a go at voicing the male side.

What you are seeing from men is the result of growing frustration with women. Men are growing tired of the current situation, and because women refuse to even give men the slightest recognition, the argument grows louder and harsher.

I’m not absolving men of all responsibility, but with reduced power and choice comes far less responsibility. Men have a moral responsibility, it shouldn’t be a legal one. We live in a society where women control everything related to children. A woman allows herself to become pregnant, then only she has the choices. The man is allowed to be a father only if the woman feels like it. Many women strip men of their rights, they take the child away, they prevent the man from having a good relationship, and use him for financial support only. The children see the way women view men and fatherhood, and so the pattern repeats.

Women choose to be single mothers, and do all the damage to the child associated with it. Women have decided that a child doesn’t need a father, just a regular pay cheque. Women who value men and fathers don’t have children outside of a strong relationship.

Women say that it is their body and so they have all the rights when it comes to pregnancy and children, but then they don’t wish to take all the responsibility that goes with having all the rights. When a woman gets pregnant women still blame the man and say HE should have used contraception. Let’s get this straight, men don’t get pregnant, it’s not our body that all of these decisions happen in, so by removing our voice in such matters you must also remove some responsibility, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t say that the law cannot force you to be a parent whilst expecting that same law to force men into it.

When a woman gets pregnant, no-one forces her to do jack.

I might tell the man I’m pregnant.
I might tell another man it’s his.
I might keep the child.
I might abort the child.
I might give the child away for adoption.

A man gets told, you have no options, you are at the mercy of the woman tough, suck it up.

The woman has total control over what happens, the man gets zero say. And what do women say to men to justify our having zero options, “you should not have had sex unless you were willing to have a child” or “you should have used contraception.” Well, guess what, both of these things can be thrown straight back at a woman. If having sex for a woman doesn’t need to lead to her being forced to be a parent, then by that same standard neither should men.

From the moment a woman is pregnant, she is only thinking of herself, men just want that same option.

It’s only because women pass financial responsibility on to the father and the state that she feels so entitled to do as she chooses. If the state said ‘you want a child you pay for it’, then women would exercise a little more of that responsibility that they preach to men about. If the law allowed men to abort fatherhood, then we would see a swift reaction from women, overnight we would see a decline in unplanned pregnancy.

As it stands, when contraception fails or fails to be used, women can choose whether they will be a parent or not, men will not stop until they have that same choice.

Women need to understand that they have all the rights and choices, so they should use better judgement and exercise the responsibility and accept the consequences that come with absolute power.

It’s about time that women took their responsibility seriously, and only had children in secure relationships where the child would have two parents.

No man has forced you to become a parent, how many women can say the same?

I encourage everyone who reads this blog to go there and join in.


At 7:15 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

Whats your opinion on the other mra bloggers, like captain zarmband, fred x, angry harry, kelly mac.

I like ’em all too. We often comment on each others blogs anyway, but I often correspond by e-mail with fellow anti-feminists/MRAs like these chaps, sometimes even discussing things other than our contempt for feminism!

ditchthebitch, that was a great response. Unfortunately it will probably still go over the heads of many feminists and women, they still judge arguments with feeeeeelings instead of reason and logic. But even so you couldn’t have made it any clearer for any woman who is capable of seeing feminist hypocrisy.


At 10:41 PM, nevo said…

I just finished watching supernanny on chanel 4. The nanny went to help a single mother of three to teach some form of discipline to her kids.
This program was the clearest yet to show the consecuences of children without fathers.
These children, all under seven, were utterly out of control. They would swear, bit, hit, run away from their mother. She was in a desperate situation with the constant violence in the house.
*Mothers make lousy dads* without question. A generation of children running amok on the streets are already happening. And guess what, most of them do not have fathers. Most of them live with mothers who are not capable to discipline them because, they themselves have no discipline.
The coward’s way of getting divorce not only did not help them, but brought the onset of far worse problems.
And all this because these women wants alimony money. And the laws are only too happy to oblige.
Unless sanity is brought back with traditional family values, we’ll see a lot more of this mess.



At 12:23 AM, ditchthebitch said…

I would love to see all of you guys go over to iVillage and wreak havoc. Especially on the ‘Feminism Today’ section.


At 12:05 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

The part reminded me of something I was recently musing about:

“When a woman gets pregnant, no-one forces her to do jack.

I might tell the man I’m pregnant.
I might tell another man it’s his.
I might keep the child.
I might abort the child.
I might give the child away for adoption.

A man gets told, you have no options, you are at the mercy of the woman tough, suck it up.”

Now I’m always hearing that women are supposed to have higher emotional intelligence and are emotionally more mature and stronger than men. So if thats true why do we keep seeing women get gigantic payouts from corporations because she had to put up with a few saucy jokes and comments from male colleagues?

Take this situation from the above quote:

“I might tell another man it’s his.”

In the USA you’ve got men paying child support for kids that have no biological connection to him because the government says “donation of genetic material does not necessarily constitute fatherhood” (or something like it).

* So the man has a partner who cheats on him.

* And she gets pregnant.

* Then she lies to him that he’s the father.

* He get emotionally attached to the child who he wrongly thinks is his.

* Then he finds out he’s been lied to after years of thinking he was a dad.

So if men are less emotionally stronger and mature then women shouldn’t that situation hurt us way more than a little bit of sexism in the workplace? And yet men are told to shut up and pay up presumably because our feelings dont count for anything while women reap huge payouts from the compensation culture.

Hypocrisy of the highest order or what?


At 7:00 PM, Anonymous said…

I would love to see all of you guys go over to iVillage and wreak havoc. Especially on the ‘Feminism Today’ section.

Why? It’s a waste of time trying to reason with these irrational, vain, selfish creatures. The essay you posted was great, but as soon as personal responsibility for women was introduced I’m sure many women checked out. They are creatures that live for today + want all their goodies. Think children. They do not want the system (where they win all these prizes) to change. Sure it is destroying Western Civilization and is a nightmare for children (being raised by a single mom), but (in their live for today attitude) that doesn’t matter. That is someone else’s problem. Does a selfish, spoiled, irrational child worry about tommorow, next week, or next year in any logical sense? It’s all about Me, Me, Me. Now, Now, Now. Get the most I can for Me today. Men took a lot away from the essay, but I wouldn’t hold out much prospect for women changing their selfish, destructive ways on their own. We had a Matriarchy for millions of years. And guess where our species went? NOWHERE. That was no accident. Building a civilization requires self-discipline and the ability to be rational. Millions of years of experience have demonstrated that women do not have those qualities. It was only with the advent of the Patriarchy that civilization not only took hold, but rapidly advanced to our present structure in a mere 10,000 years (compared to millions of years of stagnation under the Matriarchy). It’s the same reason ghettos, Africa, Indian reservations, etc… never get any better year after year. Decade after decade. All matriarchies, by and large. The same fate is in store for Western Civilzation. Women are feeding on dying body of the Patriarchy. Like vultures.

You cannot reason with a vulture.


At 7:18 PM, Anonymous said…

Best way to deal with Western Women is not argument. They are selfish, sociopaths for the most part.

Give these creatures our silence. A cold, dark, wall of silence.

The quickest way to drive a woman to the insane asylum is to ostracize her. Treat her like she doesn’t exist. Like she is a disease to be avoided.

Most Western Women are diseased.


At 11:40 PM, mfsob said…

Masterful argument, that will fall on deaf female ears, simply because it IS logical, and sequential, and supported. Women don’t think that way, and since they have an insane desire to be right ALL the time, no matter what, these little gems of logic will fall onto the barnyard floor that constitutes the female mind.

And for what it’s worth, I can offer numerous incidents of anecdotal evidence about single mothers trying to be fathers after booting the real father out of the picture, but here’s just one: Single mother, 30s, with 3 boys –
– Boy No. 1 drops out of high school, flunks out of trade school, but manages to hold a service industry job and stays out of trouble.
– Boy No. 2 is currently in a juvenile detention facility after the local cops finally got tired of his one-man crime wave of burglary, theft, breaking and entering, vandalism, minor drug dealing and, finally, DUI (3, as I recall, thankfully no one killed) He also dropped out of high school.
– Boy No. 3 is currently in a diversion program to keep him out of the juvenile justice system and being branded as a sex offender for life after an incident involving a 12 year old girl. And yet another high school dropout.

Yeah, right, single mothers can be mother AND father to their sons …


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