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18 September 2006

The IPOD generation: insecure, pressured, over-taxed, debt-ridden

Young people are facing a bleak financial future in which the state will take almost 50p in every £1 they earn, a report claims today.


It warns that those under 35 are fast becoming the IPOD generation – Insecure, Pressured, Over-taxed and Debt-ridden. The financial pressures on them have become so acute, the report claims, that the average 20- to 35-year-old graduate will face an effective tax burden of around 48 per cent.

Fucking hell, 50% of all our earnings going to the State? I knew we paid high taxes but I didn’t realise it was that high.

So when I’m at work, one hour is for money for me, one hour for money for a Matriarchal Government I despise, one hour for me, one for the government, etc.

Socialism and Feminism have utterly ruined this country. It’s a rubbish piss-pot where men are unnecessary save for mining for money, where fathers are deemed irrelevant until it’s time for Child Support, where men can be jailed on the word of a spiteful woman, where women can kill husbands and children and avoid prison or even conviction, where the toadying PC politicians react to every successful or attempted terrorist attack by primitive Muslim swine by having big meetings with Muslim “community leaders” and kissing their arses, and where we’re taxed to poverty to fuel a big government that deserves nothing.

If this country was invaded and I was asked to join the army and fight for Britain, I’d laugh, wipe my arse on the draft form and post it back to the government.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:13 PM


At 1:14 AM, Anonymous said…

“Fucking hell, 50% of all our earnings going to the State? I knew we paid high taxes but I didn’t realise it was that high.”

Er, that’s just what they take from your pay BEFORE you try to actually exist, Duncan. Once you’ve got your pay there’s VAT at 17.5% of most of what you buy, fuel duty that is 49% of your total petrol bill, then there’s stamp duty, import duty, death duty, flight tax, insurance tax, inheritance tax, road tax, council tax, parking charges, capital gains tax, above-cost passport fees etc.etc. not to mention the massive drain on the economy due to all the time people have to spend filling in tax forms when they could be doing something that made the country wealthier, ditto for all the tax inspectors, accountants, lawyers etc who would otherwise be be doing real jobs that contributed to the economy rather than leeching off of it.

Bear in mind that medieval serfs paid a third of everything they earned and that was considered slavery.


At 2:17 AM, Loki on the run said…

Well Duncan, you could emigrate to Australia, or the US.

Or, maybe, you could get a job in China teaching English. Then you can be the one screwing instead of being screwed.


At 10:46 AM, Deepak said…

Work less, earn less, minimise tax liability. Get a basic degree or at least a high school qualification and then stop going to university. While you’re there, don’t bother to work hard. Teach yourself. Most governments aren’t stupid enough to attempt to take 50% of what their very lowest tax bracket earn. They know they’d precipitate revolt. Solution? Be part of that bracket.

Work the simplest job you can. Take back every second you can from your employer. Work to stay in the job, do not work hard. If you’re the noble sort, get a job that’s actually sane and could do something worthwhile, like working for an environmentalist group or political party.

Learn how to use open source software. Stop buying it. Stop buying computer products, get them from dumpsters and from friends who are too stupid to see through the media-driven frenzy of the upgrade cycle. Don’t go to the movies or watch television: read or go walking or go to a pub with your mates.

Default on your student loans or any other prevailing debts. Declare bankruptcy if necessary.

Minimise your meat intake. Consider vegetarianism and buy your food in bulk. Live with other people in a cheap semi-rural area. It’s good for you and if you’re smart and get along you could set up a company between you to buy the house. Much smarter.

Don’t waste time on morons, socially, professionally, or romantically. Weed them out. Do not let them guilt you. Guilt and fear and passivity are the plagues of the modern era.

Do all this, and you’re off the government radar, and they will absolutely LOATHE you for it. Even this is not a sane existence, but in insane times it is as close as you will get. And it’s healthy.

There is no point working for the state any more. There is a reason the youth and intellectuals of today are so disillusioned. There is a reason there is so little quality, inspiring art. Morons are propagating and taking control of what was once great.

Do the bare minimum for them, and put every second of your remaining time into the things that you know are actually valuable. Because as a moderately intelligent and sane person, you are aware that they are not.


At 2:22 PM, Anonymous said…

Excuse me but your country is getting invaded. Look at Anjem Choudary a muslim born in England. This week he stood outside Westminster Cathedral in central London to call for the execution of the Pope as punishment for ‘insulting Islam’. He fulminated against Pope Benedict XVl, adding: “Whoever insults the message of Mohammed is going to be subject to capital punishment.” These fanatics are not going away quietly. Some day you are going to need that army of yours to get rid of them.


At 3:00 PM, darkbhudda said…

Well Duncan, you could emigrate to Australia, or the US.

Sorry Australia is out. If you really calculate all the taxes, stamp duties, levies, including the extra taxes on Super, even though it is compulsory, it can hit 60%. And no, I’m not talking about someone earning AUS$100K per year either.

The US is in the same boat, except for some states.


At 6:09 PM, japandude said…

Work less, earn less, minimise tax liability.

I agree with deepak’s basic premise, but I disagree with him in one point. Work less for others, but you should try to get into business for yourself. Of course, it’s easier said than done, but that way, you can write off many things as expenses. For example, if you start an import-export business, your trips abroad are business expenses.

Money sometimes offers more choices and freedom.


At 11:46 AM, Deepak said…


Yes, you’re quite right, I should clarify; if you really want to get rich, earn the money yourself as an entrepreneur; be the business leader. But just personally, I’d question even bothering with that.


At 7:29 PM, Anonymous said…

Well said, Deepak. I’ve done many of those things and have done quite well. The key is to learn to live on less and become more independent. There are so many simple ways to do this. Here are a few: Keep track of ALL your expenses. Look for ways to reduce expenses.
Do not eat out.
Do not use pre-manufactured foods – make your own from basic ingredients.
Live simple, be happy with less.
Learn to think “outside the box” – BE INDEPENDENT and educate yourself.
Do your own research on health. Think most one-a-day vitamins pills, oils or margarines are good for you? – think again!
Make your own coffee. A cup or two of coffee outside costs more than an entire can of coffee which can last all month!
The more you can do for yourself the healthier, happier and better off you will be.
Network with like-minded individuals & form a ring or REAL friends.

* Remember, companies and most people only care about themselves. Many products use dangerous ingredients such as Aspartame, there is little real quality control, and many foods are VERY low in vitamins and minerals. Lawyers and lobbyists are used as damage control. The only person likely to care about you is you! Thus the only person who really cares about the health effects of what you consume or your real standard of living – is you.

* In most cases the products you consume cost under 1 cent to manufacture. The reason you may pay $5.00 at the store for a product which costs less than a cent to manufacture is endless – huge CEO salaries, corruption, government payoffs/taxes, lawyers, lobbyists, feminists (political correctness) and so on. Waste products such as DU or former ant poisons like Aspartame reap huge profits…quality, ethics, morals, long term consequences, human health or suffering are simply not concerns to most.

Get out of the system, become INDEPENDENT. The more you can do for yourself the better.

MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)


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