Men are (a) useless or (b) useless


14 September 2006


The only consolation of working in an office full of empowered womyn with their useless degrees and attitudes of “Men are useless, I don’t need them” (conflicting with their ticking biological clocks and the subsequent Estrogenuclear Detonations when the timer hits Zero) is laughing at their tangled web of misandry, general stupidity and above all hypocrisy.

For example, today, there was a brief discussion of illness. Women like to think themselves as being immune to everything from arse-cancer to decapitation, yet I’ve honestly witnessed female colleagues go home because they “felt faint”, “I’m feeling really down” or “my tummy feels bad.”

Today’s man-bashing twittering centred on how useless us men are at seeking treatment for illnesses.

“Men are stupid,” theorised one degree-possessing woman – who, incidentally, regularly reads Chat magazine and who honestly once thought that Israel was the same country as Iran – who promptly expanded on her theory that men are inherently thick by declaring that “When men get ill they ignore it, they try to be all macho and don’t do anything. They don’t visit a doctor or nothing, they just do nothing!”

“Unlike women,” spoketh me, dying for a localised sex-war after the mid-afternoon bravado only a liquid lunch can deliver, “You whine all the time, you women.”

“That’s what men do,” continued this woman, “You moan constantly. All the time. I’ve seen it in my dad and my brother. You men get ill and you moan constantly. You phone casualty if you sneeze!”

Now, forgive me for being a pedantic arsehole, but I doth spy a slight contradiction here. She’s trying to say that us men are useless because we don’t seek help when ill, but we’re also useless because we seek help when ill.


Seriously, this is why arguing with feminists and modern women in general is impossible. Not only are they incapable of grasping logic but they have no sense of consistency. They’re evidently so full of hatred for men that they’ll gladly contradict themselves – and issue a mental block to cut off all memories of that contradiction – just to insult, slander and denigrate men.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:53 PM

At 10:44 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

Your comment is spot on, yet again.

The concept that men are at once pathetic wimps who cannot handle a minor ailment without writhing around as if they were at death’s door, but at the same time are so careless of their health that they ignore glaring symptoms of life-threatening illnesses, is a massive and incredibly stupid contradiction. But astonishingly it is one that seems to be believed in wholeheartedly by every woman on the planet. I have lost count of the times I have pulled women up on this very point. But it never seems to make any difference. The prejudice is cemented into their brains like concrete.

Or is it really some kind of cunning female conspiracy to shame men into avoiding using the health service, so as to leave more room and resources for women? There really has to be some explanation for how an entire sex can embrace such hypocrisy.


At 12:27 AM, Anonymous said…

Not only are they incapable of grasping logic but they have no sense of consistency… Or is it really some kind of cunning female conspiracy …There really has to be some explanation ..such hypocrisy.

The explanation, as I see it is that 10000 years ago women didn’t actually have to go out and build the spear, understand nature, kill the buffalo and lug it back to the cave…..

All they had to do was to con/shame/manipulate whomever bought the buffalo back to the cave to give some to them..

thats why they never actually take a firm logical and consistent position on anything… and thats why their so good at reading the social situation and other womens motives… (while we’re still far off in the distance, exhausted but still lugging back the buffalo)



At 2:57 AM, Twister said…

This is a fairly common phenomenon amongst womyn today. It may not make sense to us, but that is because we use logic to make an argument, while women resort to pure emotion.

I was working in D.C. over the summer (in a very left-wing office) and the womyn there were hilarious, filling all the worthless positions like you say and calling in sick all the time. The biggest feminist we had there was an intern who spent 1/3 of her internship out sick (all on different days) and the whole time I was there not one man used a sick day, while almost every chick did.

That’s ok, I have begun to use a fairly effective and subtle tactic when this occurs. Once someone is out sick (and they do it a lot), not only do I see to it that nobody finishes their work for them, but I also use the female strategy of passive-aggressive character assassination. It is very important that you are subtle enough that nobody figures out what you are up to. If they do this a lot and you keep up with your efforts, they either no longer call in sick or they leave the job completely. It has worked in the past; I suggest you try it.


At 3:59 AM, Ibanez said…

I agree. When women know they are beat logically they will resort to emotional attacks, ie you’re gay, etc. to try to prove themselves the victor. Character attacks I believe stem from an ego disease. It probably comes from the inability to admit they are wrong.

Women and their constant celebrity worshiping is annoying too. Why should I get chastised because I didn’t know X was sleeping with Y then Z and so forth? Although I realize as men we usually look up to sports figures, scientists, great musicians, etc. but this is because of what they have accomplished not because of their image.

Assault on men has to stop.


At 8:40 AM, Anonymous said…

arguing with a woman is a bit like arguing with a goat – you get nowhere and it only annoys the goat.

I think it is better to see them as an obstacle to be got round than as someone to negotiate with.


At 1:27 PM, byrdeye said…

The ironic thing is that the more Men develop society and make it safer…the less women need us and spurn us. And they take all that progress for granted, even biting the hand that feeds them!

Well, when things go back to “Mad Max” chaos, you can bet they’ll be riding our nuts again for protection, survival and safety, again…


At 9:22 PM, Anonymous said…

‘Iran and Israel the same country’, haha, oh boy, that would resolve much of the Middle-East crisis. As ‘Iranreal’ would annihilate itself out of self-loathing.

‘Well, when things go back to “Mad Max” chaos, you can bet they’ll be riding our nuts again for protection, survival and safety, again…’

If that situation ever arises, it presents the perfect opportunity to subordinate any amoral women, or those who reject logic and reason. Either that, or just kick them out of the tribe, and let the pirates/savages deal with them. Hopefully creating a society which has logic, reason and rationality as its foundation stones.

That would be a society worth living in, and worth fighting for.


At 9:37 PM, Anonymous said…

I saw some figures recently here in the UK that showed women take more days off sick than men each year.
I suppose this is why they want quotas as who would ever employ them??
A friend works in a firm of solicitors and half the women are on maternity leave. Guess who is doing their work whilst the good ladies get full pay and are off for 9 months?
Never mind, the stress of covering all the extra work will result in either suicides or lower life expectancy. I suppose women feel their is a glass ceiling preventing them dying early and committing suicide in greater numbers. We are awful!!


At 10:59 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

I’m useless? I suppose the statement is true- coming from the female perspective, anyway. To a woman, I AM bloody useless. A woman views a man as a worker-drone who has one purpose in life: to support some women’s breeding operation. Until his usefulness somes to an end, that is.

No dice. Ain’t gonna happen to me.

I had the day off today, and I had no ball-wrenching honey-do list to keep me busy. I spent a cool, damp morning riding one of my Harley-Beasties through the mountains and forests far from home. When I came back in the afternoon, there was STILL no honey-do list awaiting me.

Sad, this single life of ease and….uselessness.




At 10:19 AM, hawkeye said…

hi guys ,if you go to feministing you will see that Jessica is extremely upset by some comments made about her on another blog,so it is a great opportunity to


“yeah baby”


At 12:43 AM, mfsob said…

Trying to argue with a woman is like trying to herd cats … but at least with cats, you CAN bribe them with food – the woman would just grab the food, stuff it all in her mouth, and continue the argument.


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