No I haven’t got a wife/girlfriend, so what?!


13 September 2006

I was listening to a woman at work the other day mocking the head of her department (behind his back, naturally.) Just because this guy had bossed her about a bit and complained that her work wasn’t up to scratch, she launched into a bitchy tirade with the other women.

“I bet he hasn’t got a girlfriend,” was a sneering theory the woman made without any evidence, “He should get himself a girlfriend, if any woman would go out with him that is!” This comment was followed by a snorting skank-laugh.

I often hear women making this comment and its variations, sometimes even reading it in women’s opinion columns when they’re deriding some male politician or celebrity. “I bet he hasn’t got a girlfriend/no wonder he’s single/etc.”

What’s interesting to note is that the woman at work who was claiming the guy who dared to insult Her Royal Skankness was evidently lacking a girlfriend – and hence a failure in her view – is herself single and unattached; she hasn’t got a boyfriend and hasn’t had one in the year I’ve known her. From what I gather she hasn’t been in a relationship since she left University about five-years ago. Yet for some reason she views a man who is lacking a girlfriend (or, rather, who she believes is lacking a girlfriend) is obviously a loser. Most women seem to hold on to this view, one which is obviously stuck in the ridiculous mindset that a man’s worth is solely on whether he can attract and keep a woman, and if he can’t then he’s a loser, and if he chooses to pursue things other than women, then he’s obviously a loser and a womyn-hater.

I’ve even had some women comment to me – in the disgustingly self-assured way women put their “advice” – that “You should get yourself a girlfriend” or “You need a good woman to take care of you.” And, of course, there’s the classic comments us Marriage Strikers get all the time, particularly online; “You don’t want to marry? You’re obviously a woman hater! What have you got against women then? I bet you just can’t get one. You’re all pissed off that women won’t go out with you, ad infinitum.”

These are, of course, comments and views shared by manginas, or self-deluded men who simply don’t comprehend the sheer nightmare of women and relationships with them have become in the Matriarchy.

This simply highlights the longstanding double-standards I’m sure you fellow gentlemen have noticed:

1. If a woman chooses to be single, it’s because she’s an independent and strong grrrl who doesn’t need a man.

Yet if a man chooses to be single, he’s obviously a woman-hater with “issues.”

2. If a woman wants a boyfriend/husband but no man is interested in her, then men are obviously just insecure chauvinists who are afraid of her because she’s an intimidating career girl, or men are too irresponsible and childish to be a Real Man and take care of a woman and perhaps any illegitimate bastards she’s got in tow.

Yet if a man wants a girlfriend/wife but no woman is interested in him, then he’s obviously ugly or irresponsible or has a small dick or whatever, and women are just sensibly avoiding him because they want Mr Prince Perfect, not some loser like him.

Women, however, have overplayed their hand. They have over-rated their worth and, consequently, over-rated their put-downs.

I’m single and unattached and quite proud. I’m better off than most married men, or guys co-habiting with some woman who is demanding marriage. I don’t have to put up with marriage, I would have liked to have married and had kids, and would have done so had divorce laws not turned into simply exercises in putting men through a soul and wealth destroying mangle, and also were there any fucking women actually worth marrying amongst my generation. It’s apparantly in the built-in nature of most men to hook up with a women and have children. The fact that increasingly few of us are just shows how seriously women have fucked up with their liberation movement and their bizarre decision to turn to shit to prove how independent they are. Oh well, their loss. After all, us men have much less to lose by avoiding marriage and long-term relationships than women. We can survive and cope on our own far better than women can. Women hate to admit this of course, they like to insist it is us men who are useless and need a spouse. If that’s the case, though, why are women the ones who are screeching in rage at the Marriage Strike and demanding commitment lest they have to enter middle-age alone and without a husband or boyfriend? I’m not the only one either. Increasingly I know more guys who are single and unattached – even younger guys, supposedly at their horniest and naivest – and don’t really have any shame about it. “Got a girlfriend?” “Naah, I can’t be arsed with them. Women, eh! Can’t live with them, can live without them.”

Duncan Idaho; single, happy, and unashamedly so.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:31 PM

At 10:53 PM, Anonymous said…

Such evasion/shaming tactics are only a departure from logic, because the fact that an individual has legitimate/perceived/imagined grievances cannot contravene their arguments.

These vapid distractions can all be deconstructed under an umbrella of ad-hominems and appeals to emotion, where the errant reasoning which derives such appeal is decidedly spurrious, unable to predicate coherent argument(or otherwise challenge it’s merit).



At 1:25 AM, Anonymous said…

But Duncan you’ll end up old and lonely

I bet you get that all the time.

The truth is their is nothing more lonely than being a modern Gen X husband and father.

First there is the social leprosy. Women (who generally run the social events) see no value whatsoever in talking to you, or inviting you places, after all your wallet is already spoken for why should they waste their precious gold digging energy.. why bother where is the incentive?

Secondly, your wife is the holder of a free (state granted), in the money put option over most of your assets and income for the next 18 years… Why should she bother making you happy, having interesting conversations, listening to you, trying to make a happy home??? why bother… where is the incentive?

Max from OZ


At 2:30 AM, mfsob said…


As in, Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt!

After 4 years of divorce I am $70,000 US poorer but you know what, it’s been worth every fricking penny. I think I’m going to stay up late and watch a good B&W war movie 😀


At 3:49 AM, Anonymous said…

“I bet he hasn’t got a girlfriend”

I bet he hasn’t got herpes either.


At 3:56 AM, Anonymous said…

And, of course, there’s the classic comments us Marriage Strikers get all the time, particularly online; “You don’t want to marry? You’re obviously a woman hater! What have you got against women then? I bet you just can’t get one. You’re all pissed off that women won’t go out with you, ad infinitum.”


Tell them you’re religious. Then say:

Proverbs, Chapter 21, Verse 19


At 4:05 AM, Anonymous said…

The fact that increasingly few of us are just shows how seriously women have fucked up with their liberation movement and their bizarre decision to turn to shit to prove how independent they are.

I don’t think women made a conscious decision to turn into shit. That would be giving them too much credit (i.e., suggesting they have the conscious capacity to change their own behavior).

I think it’s more like they inherently are shit (i.e., 20 pounds of trouble in a 10 pound bag), but for 10,000 years the Patriarchy kept them under tight control with a system of severe discipline. Remove the system of discipline, cut the short leash, and you get chaos. Their inner crazed slut is set free.

Feminism = Re-Opened Pandora’s Box


At 7:50 AM, Anonymous said…

Dear Eternal,
I happily married, but agree with everything I’ve heard you say on the present situation with women. I was very lucky to find my wife among all the FUBAR dates I’ve had in the past. Keep up the good work, we think your blog work here is tops.

The Honor Network


At 8:02 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

You’ll notice that women always use shaming language when they know that they’re beaten. This is all they have left. They know that men are increasingly seeing women in their true light as gold-diggers and control freaks. Most successful men know that females are nothing but trouble and avoid them except for sex. Feminists and women themselves have set this agenda by creating a culture, endorsed by law, that portrays relationships as being for the financial reward of women. Together with their slutty behaviour, this makes relationships a business arrangement that is heavily skewed in the woman’s favour. Men have reacted as we always do, pragmatically and with practicality high on our agendas. The result is the marriage strike and a reluctance to get involved seriously with any female. Women respond to this with the kind of tantrums and shaming language you describe. Do men like us care? Not a toss. Look forward to your life on your own girlzzz. As you sit in you crummy flat on your own with only a cat for company and many years of wage-slavery ahead of you, just remember who created this situation. You girlzzz and Feminists.


At 12:03 PM, BJ said…

Yeah that annoys me as well. Women don’t “intimidate” men. Women bore/annoy/p*ss off men.

Its rare that a female journalist will write an article on this matter without using the “intimidate” word.


At 1:41 PM, Anonymous said…

Good Morning Duncan.
When I was single I heard a bullsh*t like the following.
– You haven’t been in a serious relationship since I’ve known you, don’t you think something is wrong with that.
– Is he gay?
– Don’t you think about settling down? (Note, I’m having fun, have a great life and THIS GUY has serious BABY-MAMA DRAMA! More than one and can’t manage his finances because he’s supported a number of children. One child was not a surprise.)

And of course there’s probably crap said behind my back.

Note, I was having fun with girls but I never advertised my personal business, cried or complained about my sh*t. I simply had fun.

… oh yeah, keep in mind, one female who told me some of this made not so great decisions concerning relationships and thought I viewed her as a slut. When she finally realized that she was a little promiscuous juggling different relationships, she later apologized. I think now she’s in a relationship with some older cat, with kids and apparently he “stimulates her mentally, academically” and blah, blah, blah.


At 2:08 PM, Imaronin said…

I’ve noticed this double standard, too. In my case, often the women are divorced and remarried and have the nerve to ask me why I’m not married yet. Usually, I respond by asking how their current marriage is working, since the first one didn’t…. which either makes them all defensive (“it was his fault, etc.) OR simply shuts them up.

Enjoy your blog. Please keep up the posts….

Ronin (Dallas, TX)


At 6:05 PM, Anonymous said…

How ironic in view of their protests against similar characterization of radical feminists back in the 70’s by men: “What they need is a good lay.”


At 7:14 PM, Duncan Idaho said…

How ironic in view of their protests against similar characterization of radical feminists back in the 70’s by men: “What they need is a good lay.”

Heh, good point, I’d never noted that.


At 8:41 PM, Christopher in Rainy Oregon said…

Jeez. This brings up many, many memories. Since I was 18, I have had to deal with the shaming tactics. I was raised in the Mormon church, of all places, and the pressure to marry in that fruity religion is INTENSE! I ultimately left primarily because of their stand on marraige.

I have had every snide remark tossed in my direction over my single status for years. At 45, I still get pressure from many friends and neighbors to “settle down”. Recently, a woman asked me why I wasn’t willing to settle down. I glowered at her, and asked “Are you implying that I am somehow UNSETTLED?” Caught her off guard with that one, I did.

The pressure will continue all of your life. Even my dad, who is 87, still gets the occasional comment about “aren’t you lonely?”



At 11:54 PM, Anonymous said…

when women say

arn’t you lonely


there must be something wrong with you

they are just qualifying or doing “due diligence” on your gold mine.. prospecting or geological surveying if you will.

if your mine passes the tests only then will they get the gold digging equipment out and go to work.



At 7:14 PM, Powerchord said…

When someone implies that you will die alone unless you mend your ways, they ignore the very real fact that being married or in a relationship, or whatever does not guarantee that you won’t be lonely.

There is pain in being lonely and alone. There is far far greater pain in being married, and still being lonely. Chances are, your wife will not be a companion to you, nor a helpmate. She’ll just use her empowerment to screw you out of all that you value.


At 8:34 PM, Anonymous said…

It is simple. Women are Relationship Sellers Men are Buyers. When you are selling a Yugo at a BMW price what you have is a poor value proposition. Women refuse to acknowledge the paradigm change in liabilities Men face. And because they are so Self Absorbed they don’t care. Neither should you!! The days that the FemNags could insult us stomp their feet and get their way is over. The recent Fire Storm of Men storming the Gates of the FemNag Bastille proves Men have reached a tipping point.

Too bad Ladies you are selling a broken down Edsel with no tires at a Mercedes 500S price. No sane buyer is interested. Your problem not mine.



At 2:09 AM, Anonymous said…

When women bring up “loneliness” and other crap they are usually projecting (i.e., they are assuming you relate to reality the same way they do). I’ve seen women literally break down when they couldn’t get social stimulation (e.g., someone talking to them). They really don’t know what to do. They never developed their minds. They have almost no natural curiosity about the world or an inclination to improve themselves (unlimited avenues for that). They literally don’t know what to do when they’re not latched onto another organism in some type of (parasitic or otherwise) relationship. Women are to be pitied (at best!). They are NOT TO BE LISTENED TO!


At 2:24 AM, Anonymous said…

Yeah that annoys me as well. Women don’t “intimidate” men. Women bore/annoy/p*ss off men.

Want to have fun sometime? Pick a women (preferably one you intensely dislike) and start staring at her with hatred in your eyes. I mean while your looking at her start having all these thoughts run through your mind of ways to bump her off. Feel the evil start to fill you up.

You will almost be able to see her piss her pants.

You don’t even have to say a word.

Women are VERY attuned to how men around them are reacting to them all the time (this is a combination survival instinct + mating instinct) and they know (all the grrl power and other bluster B.S. aside) they ARE the physically weaker sex (e.g., the average man can dispatch the average female with nothing but his bare hands).


At 2:36 AM, Anonymous said…

One thing to consider: female/family maintenance exposes *huge* energy expenditures(auxiliary time/work/material investments which are rigidly structured in their provision) for males who are burdened/saddled with such an insipid charge.

When it comes to the sovereign mediation of violence/war, a more broad/rigorous spectrum in energy resource puts errant rogue males at a decided, insurmountable advantage – as it always has(which is why it is *females* who are intimidated by ‘untamed’ bachelors – and for good reason).



At 3:33 PM, Mamonaku187 said…

At my office, I am surrounded by women. It’s a battlefield every time I go to work!

I recently got married (to a sweet FOREIGN girl.)

One of the divorced, bitter superwomen in my office had the nerve to say to me, “After I give your wife the Man Hater speech, she’ll want to be alone for the rest of her life! lol”.

And she wants to know why my wife will NEVER visit me at work…

Pay these hoochies no mind gents.


At 6:35 PM, Abaddon_fff said…

Indeed women are very attuned to their surroundings especially Male emotion. Its a survival trait honestly.

When I look at women I allow them to see what they have done to both my perspective and emotions, all without saying a word. They don’t like it at all.

We have given them free rein to do whatever they like and look at what most of them do. Turn into parasites, or support an inherently entrophic system.


At 12:34 AM, pete said…

nSCOURGE, you really should start your own blog. It doesn’t have to be anti-feminist, but with context and a history, it’ll be easier to read, place and infer the meaning from your posts.


At 6:21 PM, Playboy said…

RE: “I would have liked to have married and had kids…”

The reason to avoid marriage isn’t just to avoid divorce and child-support. Most married men live miserable lives where they work their azzes off to support wifey and kids and year-after-year the relationship gets worse and eventually reaches a point where the kids are thankless brats and obese wifey is mean, b!tch, and insulting and openly expresses her contempt for miserable hubby… while he has resorted to internet porn as the only thing satisfying in his life.

Rather than that misery, he could have chosen to be a bachelor and lived his life for himeself. Having a girlfriend when he wanted, or not. Buying what he wanted, and living life as he pleased.


At 5:30 PM, Masculist Man said…

In solidarity brother. I’ve been a victim of women’s evil side and I know I’ll be steering clear of them. You’re right when you say women need us more than we need them. If they don’t believe this then let’s compare how masculist separatists do compared to feminist separatists and let’s see how they are functioning a year later,I’ll bet the masculists win.


At 5:47 PM, Masculist Man said…

One of the divorced, bitter superwomen in my office had the nerve to say to me, “After I give your wife the Man Hater speech, she’ll want to be alone for the rest of her life! lol”.

If that cunt had said that to me she would probably wonder why she got clocked too. Women are not that bright and she probably wouldn’t be able to add 2+2 to get the right outcome as to why this happened to her. Like another poster said don’t listen to women.


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