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13 September 2006


IVF donor sperm shortage revealed

Almost 70% of fertility clinics either have no access to donor sperm, or find it extremely difficult to obtain, a BBC survey suggests.

Specialists say infertile patients are becoming desperate and more resources are needed for campaigns aimed at recruiting donors.


Fifty of the clinics surveyed said they either had no sperm or insufficient supplies.

Many reported waiting times of at least six months for couples needing donor sperm, and some were having to turn patients away.

Good. The British government has decided to further encourage single mothers and lesbians to use sperm clinics because, according to them, father’s aren’t necessary, although in practice this has been going on for a while anyway. The government and more and more women only see them as sperm-donors, and otherwise not really necessary to a child’s life. It’s about time us men started waking up and refusing to take part in reducing us to mere sperm-donors. A lot of these single mothers by choice also not only waste a fortune of taxpayers money on getting pregnant via IVF and sperm donations but also waste more money living off of benefits. Furthermore the UK will surely join other countries where women can claim Child Support from the donor.

Now to be fair, it is a shame for couples where the man is infertile. It’s a worthy cause, I believe, to donate sperm to allow such couples to have a child of their own. Sure, it won’t biologically be the husband’s, but at least the child will have a father-figure from birth and the husband will obviously be fully aware the child is not his. However, increasingly, if you donate sperm then your offspring will probably be raised by some single woman, some feminist or some lesbian and her girlfriend. Screw that.

Some feminists have said that, with the Marriage Strike, women have no choice but be single mothers by choice and use sperm clinics. Of course, that’s not the case; they can damn well start behaving themselves, respecting us men and reject feminism, and the anti-male bias must be gotten away with in the divorce courts. If that doesn’t happen then women will just have to grow old and infertile and childless.

So long as single women and lesbians can use these clinics – and especially as this is encouraged by an anti-male government – don’t donate sperm!

Us men should not reduce ourselves to what feminists say our sex is, just sperm donors and potential wallets to be harvested.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 9:47 PM

At 10:50 PM, no2fembots said…

Right on!

Feminism has survived for all theses years and spread it’s terrible disease throughout the world precisely because good men stood by and did nothing to halt the insanity! Ya, screw them (metaphorically speaking!) and let them reap the rewards of their diseased and bankrupted ideology…childless and alone!

Time to say ‘bye-bye’ fembots!


At 10:52 PM, tipster said…

Look what happened when the Brazilians put a women as referee:

News story

youtube video


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous said…

“feminists have said…”

I refer them to Madonnas latest.

“I don’t wanna hear, I don’t wanna know
Please don’t say you’re sorry
I’ve heard it all before
And I can take care of myself

You’re not half the woman you think you are
Save your words because you’ve gone too far
I’ve listened to your lies and all your stories (Listen to your stories)
You’re not half the woman you’d like to be

Don’t explain yourself ’cause talk is cheap
There’s more important things than hearing you speak

I’ve heard it all before
I’ve heard it all before
I’ve heard it all before

Max from OZ – BTW great work Duncan all of my mates are reading you!


At 4:15 AM, Anonymous said…

If chimpanzee sperm was donated, is it close enough to human DNA that it would pass the quality controls at the fertility clinic?


At 7:23 AM, Rob Fedders said…


At least 50% of men will die alone by the statistics of divorce alone. Fuck women and their desires. The man tax is next, I shit you not.

I have now been asked for my sperm 3 times – YES THREE TIMES!

Fuck that. Risks are too great.

If a woman, or a couple (don’t think this gets you off men, imagine donating sperm to your buddy & his woman, only to find out they divorce a year or so later – shit happens!)tell them the price – a HUGE price, bring a pre-cum agreement and then bring a porno filmographer to film it for your own safety as well for if you have to sell the film later to pay for the paternity suit!


At 8:18 AM, Kurt, Portland Oregon said…

There is another very good reason why donating sperm is absolutely crazy. There have been cases in the U.K. (and I think the U.S. as well) where sperm doners have been sued for child support. I believe that one such case attempted to overturn the standard waiver agreements that the sperm doner signed prior to donating his sperm.

This policy of going after sperm doners for child support will probably completely kill the industry, as it should.


At 2:20 PM, ChicagoMan said…

We should get all of our blogs to sponsor some sort of activism AGAINST anonymous sperm donations in general. I feel that a group such as catholic charities (which stopped doing adoptions altogether in states where gay and single people can adopt) would be a perfect center for a sperm bank.

Something like this should be set up, where the infertile couples can then be counseled and screened and allowed to have IVF if they can prove they are a heterosexual married couple.

I think this is the only way for it to remain legit. Furthermore having babies IS NOT a right, it is a privilege, therefore government SHOULD NOT have any stake in it whatsoever.


At 7:28 PM, phoenix said…

I do fear the man tax. The government has done everything else to fuck us over, so it’s definitely not beyond them to enact this one next.


At 8:29 PM, Christopher in Oregon (also Portland) said…

My memory fails me, so I can’t be specific about the details, but there was a case somewhere recently in the US where a sperm donor was successfully sued for child support by the woman who was the recipient of his sperm. I believe it was a lesbian couple, but don’t quote me on that. The bottom line is that a man had better keep his sperm to himself, and only share it with Rosy Palmer and her five lovely daughters.


At 9:12 PM, superstar said…

just a good life


At 10:14 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

I can have real sympathy for a stable couple who can’t conceive. But I have no sympathy at all for women who start off thinking no man is good enough for them, until such time as they want a sperm donor for their own selfish purposes, then think they have a right to snap their fingers and get one running exactly where and when they choose. Such women deserve neither men nor babies, and I hope to heaven they never get either.

And here is a sobering thought. Anyone who donates sperm these days must be a complete numbskull, motivated by money rather than decency. In which case, exactly what sort of offspring do you think are going to be produced from their sperm? Particularly when it is going to be matched up with the eggs from a selfish, greedy, man-despising feminist nutter? Thank goodness the supply is drying up. Otherwise we can look forward to a generation of gibbering, self-absorbed imbeciles.


At 8:32 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

Paul Parmenter said… Thank goodness the supply is drying up. Otherwise we can look forward to a generation of gibbering, self-absorbed imbeciles.

So what have we got now then?


At 11:15 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

Reasons not to become a sperm donor? You decide.

“Anybody who is a sperm donor ought to understand that their identity could be made known to any child that’s produced and they could be seen by the courts as the best place to go to make sure the child has adequate financial support



“A Swedish man who donated sperm to a lesbian woman in the 1990s has been ordered by a court to pay for the three children he fathered for the woman and her partner”



“Entrepreneurs say they will begin floating “sperm ships” in the North Sea off of the UK coast, in order to take advantage of international law allowing them to provide anonymous sperm donations for infertility treatments to UK couples, after the country tightens UK law forbidding anonymous donations starting in April.



“The world’s first sperm donor service designed to help lesbians become parents has been launched in the UK. Man Not Included will match up lesbian couples with sperm donors through the internet.

But pro-life supporters have criticised the service. Josephine Quintavalle, Director of Comment on Reproductive Ethics, said: “The whole idea must be vigorously resisted and men must see this initiative for what it is yet another attack on their role in society. The male must not be reduced to a vial of anonymous sperm, and the rights of children to enjoy real fathers must be protected.



“Web sperm sites crackdown planned. Proposals to regulate internet sites trading in human sperm and eggs are set to be unveiled this week by ministers.

Because the companies operate databases, rather than actual clinics, they do not come within reach of the HFEA. This means they are not inspected or obliged to screen donors for genetic problems or sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, which has led to concerns about safety.

The Department of Health has said there are a number of other concerns regarding how internet sites operate, including the fact that donors do not have the same legal protection as donors at regulated clinics.”



At 7:08 PM, PowerChord said…

I agree with Chicagoman on the whole privilege vs. right issue. Has anyone ever noticed that the ones who proclaim having a family as a right are the most self-absorbed and ego-centric people on the planet? The whole issue is about their satisfaction, to the exclusion of everyone else, including the child. My theory is that people get so full of themselves that they genuinely believe that their kids will be different and possessing qualities that will change the world…and of course, they will get the plaudits for raising said messiahs in the first place.

I am glad the system is burning down around their ears. It shifts the balance of power back to men for their reproductive rights. If you can’t have kids because you caught a whopping load of STDs early in life, or if you are just plain unlucky, that’s the hand luck has been dealt you. Learn to deal.


At 2:04 PM, unpleasant bitter git said…

PowerChord said…”If you can’t have kids because you caught a whopping load of STDs early in life, or if you are just plain unlucky, that’s the hand luck has been dealt you.”


I thought it was “their bodies, their choices”.


At 9:13 PM, Anonymous said…

Finished a night shift this morning, and I couldn’t sleep. Anyway, I put the TV on. It was on ITV1, with some woman called LK. I was about to turn it over until they made mention of this very subject. So, out of curiosity, I watched.

Now, just so that you understand, product placement is a bit on a nob-no over here in the UK. If you UK’ers can remeber Rusty Lee (a one time popular west indian chef and a well know brand of salt). Anyway, they had on this single woman with two kids, that wanted more – 4 infact. Judging by the way she and the children were dressed, and her command of the english language, it was clear she was not wealthy enough to support two byself, yet alone 4!! But that’s where my hard-earn taxes go.

Anyway, this “wonder” of the human race was talking about buying baby gravy from foreign locations from the internet. At this point it’s worth pointing that one of her children was mixed race, and the other white – rigid product control at the baby gravy production plant. She was being grilled by a doctor about what precautions she took, etc.. She couldn’t answer the doctor properly.

But back to the point. The producers of the LK programme, decided to do a web search and buy some male gold off the net. It was a step-by-step guide. They made sure that the company’s name selling the goods was clearly seen, as I stated before – this is normally a no-no. They stepped through the paypal (yes – Paypal!!!) payment – the whole 9 yards!!!

So, on one level men have made changes, but you have countries that have no laws vetting this on-line system. How do you know if the donor has been tested for HIV etc.. And if this woman gets a ill child, we have to stump up!!


The internet is now the next area of attack.

Rant over!!!

One angry dude.


To anyone who does give sperm. Just think,m if a single woman gets that sperm, you will be maintenance via taxes anyway. YOU WILL NEVER WIN BY GIVING IN THIS CASE!!!


At 5:55 PM, Anonymous said…

it was clear she was not wealthy enough to support two byself, yet alone 4!! But that’s where my hard-earn taxes go.

Welfare is basically responsible taxpayers cuckolding for irresponsible breeder slvts. Great way to lower quality control in this world, eh?


At 1:50 PM, Anonymous said…

Men earn more, work longer hours, have longer working lives and ya think the house of cards isnt funded by already existent man tax?

Tax is the essence of a mans working existence.

There is only one way to escape it (bail) and one way to reduce it substantially (dont marry, no kids).


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