Recruit women! Cash prizes to be won!


18 September 2006

Lib Dems offer cash for women MPs

Cash incentives are being offered to local Liberal Democrat parties who recruit women and people from ethnic minorities to stand for election.

And female politicians wonder why most men don’t take them seriously, when people need to be bribed to recruit them.


posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:16 PM


At 6:06 PM, millie tant said…

“Cash incentives” !!!!

Sounds great. Count me in Minger.


At 12:22 AM, mfsob said…

A pity they have to be so politically correct and offer the predators cash … but then, if you offered them a stove, none of them know how to use one anyway, so …


At 8:02 AM, Captain Zarmband said…

Yet more pampering for females. In my area we have a female Labour MP who got in at the last election simply because her party had a policy of female only candidates. She got elected with a heavily reduced majority and then promptly went off for a year on maternity leave. She is now back at work and but only turns up for publicity shoots where she brings her brat in a papoose. This is what you get for your money….part timers who only care about their own comfort zone.


At 8:27 AM, fiona freeloader said…

Golly gosh! I’ve heard the subsidized luxury lunches in the members dining room are awfully scrummy.

Count me in too.

At 3:33 PM, Anonymous said…

Hey do you reckon they would pay for a gender-change operation if I offered to become a female MP?



At 7:13 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

I maintain that women who get into Parliament on the back of female-only shortlists and other devious tricks to artificially increase their numbers, should be given a reduced status – I suggest with the title “Q.M.P.” that is to say “Quota M.P.” or if you like “Quasi-M.P.” This title should be used every time they are referred to, as a reminder that they are inferior Members who are not there on merit. Can we start a trend? Let’s introduce the world to Q.M.P.s!

It is probably too much to ask that their votes in the House should only count as a half-vote, i.e. two proper M.Ps should outvote three Q.M.P.s, but it is a nice thought.


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