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13 September 2006

Man freed but serial rape accuser remains anonymous

An innocent man jailed for a sex attack was dramatically cleared after it emerged that his ‘victim’ is a serial liar with a long history of crying rape.

But because of laws that protect her anonymity, judges are powerless to name and shame her, leaving her free to make more false accusations against blameless members of the public.

Eventually the case was referred to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) which assigned Detective Chief Inspector Steve Glover, to investigate. He discovered that the woman:
• Has made at least five other fake allegations of sexual and physical assault to police in three separate forces.
• Was married twice and made false allegations against both husbands – one of whom was a policeman.
• Once accused her own father of sexual assault, but police concluded she had made it up.
• Accused a boy of rape when she was a teenager, only for a doctor to discover she was still a virgin.
• The CCRC concluded that in the case of Mr Blackwell, she had “lied about the assault and was not attacked at all, her injuries being self-inflicted”.

Lying bitch.

This is one aspect that proves that feminism was only partly about getting women rights; in the main, it was to give women immunity from their actions and no accountability for breaching either laws or the common morality and ethics that us men took generations to establish in society.

Remember that above story next time you hear some fembot twitter on about how so few rape cases reach conviction; so many women lie about rape because there are no consequences when they’re caught lying. They retain their anonymity and can go and accuse some other guy. Incidentally, Women’s Groups and various backers (including The Sun – spit, spit) are furious that women’s past sexual history and any previous allegations she has made are ever allowed into court, and are close to establishing a ban on such information in UK law. If that were the case, the accused man in this story would have almost certainly have ended up convicted and spent many years in prison.

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At 6:42 PM, Anonymous said…

One of the reader comments:

As a human rights campaigner I find it offensive that anybody could expect this poor woman to be exposed to public glare. We spent years ensuring the human rights of women are protected and that evil men are paraded for public glare. We are not going to allow that distinction to be removed. This woman has obviously had a lapse of judgement but her human rights remain and she should be protected.

– Anya Bisharinni, London England

Was this written to wake more men up about the egregious injustice they face in court today?


At 6:45 PM, ChicagoMan said…

As in any case tried by the DA, a pattern of behavior is always established. I’m sure in the trials the prosecution brings up “fake” witnesses on behalf of the accuser to label the man as a sex addict or something.

Using the same thing on her is only fair and just.

I hate these rape shield laws, whatever happened to having the right to face your accuser.


At 8:57 PM, ditchthebitch said…

What about the human rights of the accused? After a man has been convicted of rape and registered as a ‘sex offender’ he can’t even get a job at McDonald’s- his life is virtually over- might as well put a gun to his head. In China there is a law that if someone falsely accuses someone of a crime, that false accuser must be sentenced to the very same punishment the accused would have received. That’s what we need to do in the West. So we’re talking 10-20 years in prison, then we need to establish a database for registered false accusers. But get this… yes, 10-20 years in prison, but since the accused is invariably a man, well, technically we’re talking about 10-20 years in a MEN’S facility. YES, make the women serve out her 10-20 years in a men’s prison facility with no special protections in the mainstream of the prison. This will insure that she truly understands what rape is, not to mention the fact false accusations of rape will drop to zero. Women need accountability starting yesterday.


At 3:40 AM, Anonymous said…

42 years of experience have taught me to not believe a SINGLE THING a female says. Not a single thing.


At 8:10 AM, Anonymous said…

Anya Bishrami displays quite clearly the bloody minded and biased approach that many women posses, who the hell do you think you are!

I AM INSULTED! Insulted that you would think men so stupid as to believe you diatribe! How many times can one have the same laps in judgment, or are you the typical superficial twerp who reacts emotively after the first few lines and failed to read any further.

Your comments should be published repeatedly to as many places where men will read them!

You are the evil one,


At 1:57 PM, Anonymous said…

Anya Bisharini, London England …

I’m wondering how he can describe this un-named accuser as ‘this poor woman.’ She’s a liar. She has a history of lying. He makes the distinction of ‘evil men’ without calling out ‘evil, manipulative women.’

Sure, I’ll acknowledge that there are mentally-ill, horrible men that are out there who prey on women, men and children. BUT THERE ARE MANY WOMEN WHO PREY ON MEN, WOMEN AND CHILDREN ALIKE!! We just don’t have soapbox like Oprah to cry and boo-hoo about how we were wrong and beg for public sympathy!


At 8:44 PM, Christopher in Oregon said…

A “lapse in judgement”? A lie that would have ruined a man’s life is a lapse in judgement?

Jesus f’ing Christ.

Typical female mind-set. They truly have no conscience. Not one of them.


At 10:30 PM, Paul Parmenter said…

I sent the Daily Mail a comment on this Anya Bisharinni, but it wasn’t published. I think the postbox has now been closed, as the number of comments has been stuck at 48 for a couple of days now. But my comment was along the lines of “I hope this was a deliberately sarcastic comment, as the alternative would be too sickening to contemplate.” Pity it never got published. But I will remember the name…


At 11:07 PM, ditchthebitch said…

That is the most mind-blowing aspect to all of it- is the fact that women so casually destroy men’s lives this way- it’s tantamount to murder- no, murder would really be better because if the bitch killed you, at least you would die with your reputation intact- with a rape conviction over your head, you’re life is over anyway. There are some people I despise, but I would never dream of doing something like that to them. It’s as if women live in parallel universe of reality that I have no concept of and I’m very glad for that.


At 8:50 AM, unpleasant bitter git said…

I remember back in the eighties groups of femhags with placards would gather outside a court where a rape trial was in progress. They would chant stuff like “NO MEANS NO, NO MEANS NO” effectively condemning the accused (a man of course) before the conclusion of the trial.

If he was found guilty the femhags would be interviewed on television claiming a victory for women everywhere.

If he was found to be completely innocent because the woman had lied then the femhags would quickly and quietly disperse without an apology to the victim (man) or any condemnation of the accuser.

Total hypocrites?

I think so.

At 8:44 PM, Anonymous said…

I disagree. Rapists are a particular class of prisoner often faced with violent reprisals. Rapists are often killed by other inmates.

I do not agree that the man would have necessarily lived for those 10-20 years that you write about.

Let´s not forget that.


At 1:49 AM, Anonymous said…


Unless a man says “No!”, which means she will persist and nag him until he says yes.

Language is just a tool women (and other manipulators) use to get their way. TRUST ME they are not guided by any steadfast, absolute principles. They will gladly contradict themselves 5 minutes after putting their foot down about something if they calculated that the tide has turned and a different tact would be better. I’m talking a complete 180 degree change. Women live moment to moment. Who they are and what will come out of their mouths will rapidly change throughout the day as circumstances dictate. Best to avoid as much contact with women as possible. Almost never comes to any good…


At 3:50 AM, Anonymous said…

Just another case were women are not treated equally in US courts.


At 4:53 AM, NavyGuy said…

I feel like I”m at the point where I cannot take any Western woman/American woman seriously anymore. This is spinning off what an anonymous writer wrote on this post. Being in the military where feminism is obviously alive, every time a female service member speaks with me, I can’t help not having a smirk on my face. Heck, I don’t even know that I’m doing it half the time! Its almost like a dog showing his teeth at the presence of a cat, or something. Its just something that has become natural, especially after reading and hearing about all these horror stories that other men have experienced in regards to dating/marriage with Western/American women and the battles with the injustices due to the heavily biased and stacked family/divorce courts against men. Take note men: Us single guys are listening and hearing what you have to say. I thank you in advance for the warning about Western Women and the monsters that 99.9% (dare I say 100%!!??) have become here in the radically feminized western world.


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