A mangina and double-standards in Physical Education


28 September 2006

Boys try to join girls’ teams following human-rights ruling

(Kind thanks to a reader for sending this link to me.)

As two Winnipeg sisters find out Tuesday if they’ve made the boys’ hockey team at their high school, their recent human-rights victory has spurred boys to try out for girls’ sports teams.

Morris Glimcher, executive director of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association, said Tuesday that several requests from boys wanting to play on girls’ teams started coming shortly after the ruling was handed down on Friday.

Hah. Fuck you fembots. We’ll use your own rules against you.

Not that it’ll probably work though. Eekwallateeeeeaaah is a one-way-street.

With the exception of the Pasternaks, Glimcher said the association is waiting until its board meeting to discuss how it will handle cases of other girls wanting to join boys’ teams.

“We have to see as a board what we want to do. Our big concern is how this whole thing could affect female participation in sport,” he said.

Fucking mangina. This what infuriates me. You expect feminists to be hypocrites and men-haters, but not men.

Boo-hoo-hoo, it might affect female participation in sport. Big deal. Must females be the only one who matter? Evidently they do. Bear in mind, of course, that this fuckwit, this hater of boys, this worshiper of anyone with a vagina, this prolapsed rectum of a human being, is in charge of hundreds of children with regards to school sports. Who the fuck would trust their boys to get a fair deal from such a frothing mangina?

“If we get four guys or five guys going out for the [girls’] basketball team, there’s four or five females that won’t make the team — and I dare say a bunch of other ones aren’t going to compete — and we could end up with some female teams being made up of mostly men.”

This arse-wipe doesn’t give a shit that females on a boy’s team will mean several boys won’t make it on to the team, he only cares about this fact with the sexes reversed.

Females are all that matter…females are all that matter…females are all that matter…

That’s probably what goes through the minds of manginas like this.

“We worked very, very hard to promote and build up female participation in sports,” Glimcher added.

Excuse me whilst I consult my English-Mangina Dictionary.

Translation: We’ve discriminated against boys and forced them to accommodate girls to keep females happy, and we’re damned if we’re going to put any female out by applying the same rules in favour of boys. Fuck you boys!

“Everything that our organization has done … is based gender-equal. And if we all of a sudden get an influx of males participating, it could affect female participation and that would be a travesty.”

Anyone who still thinks feminism is about equality needs to be slapped in the face with a 12lb halibut until the wake the fuck up.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:34 PM

At 7:56 PM, Captain Zarmband said…

Boys in a girls team and girls in the boys team. So I guess the feminists are satisfied since it was they who started all this BS…..oh wait newsflash….they’re now complaining even more. Wouldn’t it be easier to go back to how things were before a load of feminist man-haters screwed us all up?

Beam me up Scotty.


At 9:30 PM, Chris said…

Only a 12lbs one?

3 teams:

Male, Female, Co-ed (equal mixture or fixed positions or something to ensure fairness). Either that or base it purely on level, Pro, Senior, Junior and have people compete in the league they actually can.

Girls basically cannot compete against boys beyond about 12 (when boys start to get a proper adult musculature), of course there are exceptions however as a blanket rule… Of course Men’s sports are generally seen as the Pro level as they achieve the highest sponsorships, generally the highest levels of competition for positions etc. Ergo Women want to join to compete.

I could of see that this is fair, however if you want to apply the “Move up if its not hard enough” then surely the same should be allowed, “Move down if its too hard” should also be true. Some corollaries are not true of course however in a society that wants equality this corollary should be true.

However I suppose it depends on our definition of equality, outcome or opportunity. I agree with section IX applied to opportunity, girls should be allowed to compete with boys if there is no girls team, and the reverse should also be true. However if there is a split team then the opportunity is there (even if the challenge is not)then we have achieved equality.

Perhaps the best point is that many women do not wish to compete in sports especailly to the same level that men do. Similarly many men do not wish to become nursery teachers… perhaps this tells us something about gender…?


At 9:47 PM, Anonymous said…

If feminists REALLY wanted EQUALITY, then DESEGREGATE sports! Fvck the gender divisions. If women are so equal, they should be able to all compete for the same spots, right?


At 10:26 PM, nevo said…

hey Duncan!!
It just shows how much some women hate their bodys.
This grown ups tomboys are much happier challenging boys and even defeating them in sports.
But it just adds to the confusion in their minds.
Teachers should be teaching that men and women are on this earth to complement each other. In this way life becomes more bearable in family groups.
Instead, what we have is this politically correct insanity going from bad to worse.
Take the muslim community here in England for example. They are pushing the government for girls and boys only schools. Quite the opposite of the achievement of the Blair’s government.
Pussifieds school directors should all be strung up. They are just pandering the young girls into becoming a masculine freak shows with tits.
Some of this directors haven’t got a clue, like the one mentioned in your article which openly admits that they don’t know how this whole thing is going to affect female participation in sport.
But concerning about it is just avoiding the issues, as all manginas are only too happy to show everyone. One of the issues for me will be that when women will not obey the rules because they are womens and always right and the me, me, me, me, thing which is so unsportmanlike in any sport.



At 11:06 PM, Lord Feverstone said…

Good post as usual, Duncan.

I too have written an article about this.


At 11:41 PM, HAWKEYE said…

i have been waiting for this one.since the day i was a “boy scout” and was told that girls are now allowed to be scouts but boys are not allowed to be guides.
this is the logical conclusion of what these fembot hags have put in place ,BUT this to me is the apex ,this is the turning point, from here on in if this goes through we will see victory after victory and all the feminists will start to complain that things are not fair any more and that we must go back to the old system DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
this is great ,unreal ,fantastic and exactly what they asked for.and what we men knew all along must come.praise the lord


At 12:34 AM, Rob Fedders said…

Lol, they better not start fucking with my national sport too much. We Canucks still like the rough and tumble players. A good bare knuckle scrap still gets the fans on their feet. WHL/OHL/QMHL Teams don’t look kindly on wimpy players who don’t go out off the bench when the coach opens the door for a bench brawl.

Most boys play league hockey from a very young age, 5 or 6 years old. They itch for the day they join the men’s leagues where it is full contact body checking. It is the mothers trying to “tut tut” shame the league, even at a pro level to stop the checking and the fighting. The men want more of it.

I’ve seen sissy figure skating guys blabbing that they will skate circles around a hockey player with their grace. Yup, that works good… splat! Sissy! Nice teeth you got there.

Next thing you know they will try to make all the boys wear figure skating “picks” on their blades because that’s how the girls learned to skate.

Well, as a Canadian, you can tell that my heart is already racing. Don’t fuck with my favourite sport, you skags! I tell you, there may be a lot of sissy mangina men walking around in Canuckistan, but I tell you I am confident that the men here love this sport more than women!

They better pick their battles better than this one.

If those two girls get in, they will only be allowed to play goal. Fat Chicks will be preferred, just like back when we were all playing pond hockey.

Look… how graceful she is… SPLAT! Those boards hurt EQUALLY hard for men and women!


I must go outside and cuss now.


At 1:07 AM, Anonymous said…

i find that offensive to halibut.


At 5:13 AM, Loki on the run said…

Duncan sez:

This arse-wipe doesn’t give a shit that females on a boy’s team will mean several boys won’t make it on to the team, he only cares about this fact with the sexes reversed.

Actually, as someone else said, once boys start to mature, the overlap in terms of strength, speed and reflexes is so low that on the most competitive teams, girls wont ever get a look in, and boys will actually displace girls from teams, not the other way around.

While there are boys who are weaker etc than some girls, those boys tend not to compete for positions on teams.

Moreover, as Ilkka pointed out once, when women (like the Williams sisters, say) are given a chance to compete, they fail dismally.


At 2:01 PM, Hutch said…

I live in canada, my brain has been squeezed so tight in the “gender eqaulity” vice that it really really hurts. I read that article, and you know what; IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY FUCKING SENSE!

When I was in high school, they canned the football (north american) team and then started a girls football team, I think that most people on the high school were like: huh? what the? So my friends and I started the “male cheerleeders” we used to do laps around the game, get a little wasted, then we’d make a human pyramid and one guy would go to the top and play the trumpet, back then we were confused, it looks like some people in Winipeg may be calling these facists on their shit, thank god.


At 5:51 PM, Fem hater said…

What do they mean they don`t want to affect female participation in sport, if females have to compete against boys at sport of course they not going to compete because they are going to be losing all the time, and they hate that epically against us stupid idiotic men. Of course i did no even mention all the sexually assault shit that can come out of this. But my worse fear is that men can`t hit girls but girls can hit boys and they like to that often now imagine playing hockey with a load of girls who hit you with hockey sticks all the time and all you get told is to take it like a man, but if you even give the slightest bump you would be accused of been a rapist


At 2:39 AM, mfsob said…

As others have mentioned, we have Title IX of the Civil Rights Act in the US, which has done more to destroy college sports than any other effort in history. In the name of “equality,” many world-class men’s teams were gutted so that hopeless inept and ill-attended women’s sporting events could take their place.

Yep, you gotta love progress!


At 10:18 PM, Anonymous said…

Anyone who still thinks feminism is about equality needs to be slapped in the face with a 12lb halibut until the wake the fuck up.

Anyone who subscribes to the whole *egalitarian* conceit is truly delusional.

If nothing else, feminism has further confirmed that while individuals/groups may campaign for perceived status redressments, no one(beyond delusional, sublimated imbeciles)pragmatically campaigns for status equality.


If we can begin to expose/disseminate the nexus of informational demogoguey from behind it’s prism of equivocation, we will be tempering a new lever for the sovereignty of male interest(curbing female license is the only accord males need recognize).

Social equality/equilibrium is an idiom of logic, manifest within stochastic media as a terminal cancellation of energy, depriving selection of it’s ‘work’ through entropy(which is what west/euro civ has effected by encapsulating itself in a closed-system of fem-license, where entropy of it’s selection paradigm can propagate through the retrograde of it’s reproductive fitness).

Fuck equality.

Winner take all.



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