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25 September 2006


“I am teh empowered!!1”

Women in IT

*Do you have excellent communication skills, a confident personality and ambition ?

*Are you motivated by the prospect of a challenging and dynamic career ?

*Have you always wanted to get into I.T but lacked either experience or training ?

“Yes, yes, yes!” say many women.

Shame they didn’t add:

*Are you willing to work long and possibly unsocial hours, and to suddenly realise when you’ve finished the training that a “confident personality” counts for fuck all in I.T. compared to a detailed knowledge of network architecture, computer security and programming languages, and a general ability to actually be able to do the damn job?

That way they’d save about 95% of female applicants from bothering to apply.

Actually, they could have just removed the ridiculous title “Empowering Women” and reduced the number of women applying. After all, to women, if something isn’t tagged with the buzz-word “empowering” (which promises power to women whilst, at the same time, implying they have none under the evil Patriarchy) then it’s not worth doing.

It’s not really the website I’m taking the piss out of really, which appears to be run by a guy anyway, one who clearly knows how to mine women for money by appealing to their feeeeehlings. It’s the ridiculous fact that this will probably work that I’m mocking, that by promising to empower women by telling them they can get into I.T. on the qualification of having “good communication skills” (which every single woman in the world believes she has) will have tonnes of women flooding to the 1-hour 45-minutes of presentations and lectures (obviously not very thorough if they’re that short) and signing up for the costly course it’s clearly designed to lead up to.

There’s no way you could get men to turn up to what it is obviously a marketing lecture for some worthless I.T. course by just titling your website “Empowering Men” and implying they can succeed just by having communication skills.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:22 PM

At 6:06 PM, Loki on the run said…

I am sure that the Dubai Info button will be interesting, unless DUBAI means something different 🙂


At 6:08 PM, Loki on the run said…

I note that they also only talk about being an MCP … not even an MCSE … which is not even a developer …


At 7:28 PM, Anonymous said…

to quote: “The [site’s] Graduate Training Scheme is a scholarship program designed to give exceptional candidates the opportunity to gain professional Microsoft qualifications whilst receiving comprehensive on-the-job training.

This is a rare, exciting and highly rewarding opportunity for an outstanding graduate looking to take the first step on a successful career path.”

Uhm, this ‘graduate scholarship training’ is far, far below the level of a BSc & MSc software engineer who got his or her degrees at a decent European university.

That Microsoft training program is adequate for low level tech support, helpdesking, and, perhaps for some first-line management. It will not be a career for exceptional people, but a basic job for average people.

I really don’t look down on that, but I intensely dislike the hyperinflation of the terms they use in their advertising. Calling it empowerment is especially perverse.

[scene in near future at some company]
“Sorry Mizz, we are both in IT, but we’re not the same. You can help confused users very nicely with help of your tech support flow-chart, I design automated factories and metropolitan networks, although I would prefer theoretical CS, but no one pays a damn for that. Your training lasted three years, mine ten, of which ninety percent were courses in advanced applied mathematics. Although I’m payed five times more, this is not the result of sex discrimination. Nor is there any glass ceiling involved. Have a nice day.”


At 9:02 PM, FredXblog said…

I remember when I was at uni and I was discussing, with a male friend of mine, about setting up websites

Anyway, we got talking about how a good understanding of HTML would never go amiss, only to hear a couple of female class’mates’ interrupt and say ‘why can’t you just do it all in Word’

Need I say more


At 11:07 PM, nevo said…

But of course they all love to be empowered.
Just looking at the *Spice Girls* and their girl power theme for all teenagers, to get them ready for the time when they come of age and become the fiercely independent women to take over the world.
Only, to eventually realise that it is a lot harder than they wish to cope with.
Then, they’ll start searching for the men who swing high up in the social strata to pay for their housing, transport, expensive clothing, high society partys, etc, etc, etc,.
This men are very thin on the ground. They are likely to end up with unsatisfactory mechanics, builders, or a computer genius who hack bank accounts for the money.
Most of this empowered women are likely to end up as old hags pushing their troleys from supermarkets.
Stay single.



At 3:03 AM, HAWKEYE said…

in oz there is an add which craps on about how woman are the force that can change the world .
that woman care and give and are are empowered and appeals to the female viewers to “join us”
then right at the end of the add they ask for money for there charity ,lol i bet heaps of them gave money because they thought they are doing empowering work.hahahhaa


At 12:16 PM, Trescius said…

I’m offended by this website. It degrades everything I worked for in University, 5 years in a Bachelor of computer science didn’t empower me or any of the women who took it with me.

In fact I saw more women looking for empowerrrrment dropping into Fine Arts (Painting, etc) than staying around and trying to learn anything.

The kicker came from one girl who always asked for help even with the simplest things. Planned on ruling all us loser males.

After her comments stating this she promptly failed the program.


At 3:53 PM, Anonymous said…

The nice thing about computers is that you can’t bullshit the COMPILER. It only responds to logic and reason. Not screams, tantrums, threats, delusions, and lying (the usually dramatic way females relate to the world).

It’s a realm where objective reality (not schmoozing) rules the day.

Modern Women = Stack Dump LOL


At 2:12 AM, pete said…

trescius said:
I’m offended by this website. It degrades everything I worked for in University, 5 years in a Bachelor of computer science didn’t empower me or any of the women who took it with me.


* Gender: male
* Astrological Sign: Libra
* Industry: Technology
* Location: Halifax Regional Municipality : Nova Scotia : Canada

So are you male or female? If you weren’t empowered, its by design. The empowerment message in college isn’t meant for you, its meant for the girls. You simply can not deny that girls are more empowered in university, be it in Computer Science (with loads of nerdy chivalrous men helping them and society backing them for going into a male-dominated field) or in Arts (with the whole school and society helping them, telling them to eXpreSS themselves).

And anyway, this ad is not meant for women in college, its meant for stay at home rent-a-cunts.


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