29 September 2006


Today’s mini-skank, tomorrow

At lunchtime today I stalked around the city centre and eventually wandered into W.H.Smith, where I happened to encounter a selection of stationary with the term Goldigger all over it.

Pencil cases, pens, bags, rulers, notepads…all with the frightful term Goldigger written across them in glittery gold writing. All this stuff was aimed at young girls too, being placed alongside Barbie and Powerpuff Girls stationary.

Clearly the mining and plundering of men for cash is a worthy occupation amongst the female children of whatever the fuck is left of Britain today.

In the same store, moments later, I passed a girl of about eight or nine wearing a T-shirt that had written on it, in big pink letters, the phrase ‘It’s all about me!‘ with ‘me’ underlined. Not the same as the one pictured above mind you. There seem to be many variations of it. Shove “It’s all about me T-shirt” into Google and you’ll see plenty of designs including that phrase. All marketed towards girls, obviously.

I dare say the next generation of young women will be even more selfish, shallow and materialistic than the current lot. If that’s possible.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 10:29 PM


At 10:54 PM, nevo said…

Make no mistake about it.
Just a walk on the town on a Friday or Saturday night, will give you plenty of examples.
Actually, about now there’s a small party going on next door to my house. For such a small group they are making a hell of noise. The boys seem to be all rather horny with the girls. I’ve known this girls since they were three and four years old.
Guess what, their father move out of the house years ago.
and so did the girls when they became of age.
Is skunkhood the future of England?
You can safely put your money on it.



At 11:34 PM, LtRand said…

Personally, I like it when girls wear this kinda crap. It means that I don’t even have to waste my time because she’s told me everything I need to know without me even asking.


At 3:02 AM, Anonymous said…

One thing to do with women like that–lie through your teeth to convince them you are, or are soon to become, stinking rich. Then pump & dump ’em.


At 12:55 PM, Anonymous said…

Searching Google I found this: a “It’s all about me” T-Shirt for the bride. It is unbelievable. The T-shirt is just white cotton and costs 47$.

Gifts for the Bride
Bride, It’s All About Me… Cotton T-Shirt
This comfortable and fun white cotton t-shirt reads “Bride, It’s All About Me…” in magenta lettering. Perfect for wearing at the bridal shower, bachelorette party and that relaxing day at the spa before the wedding.

$ 47.30 (USD)

Just imagine your future wife relaxing before the wedding, while you are at work and she is wearing such a T-shirt. That is a reason not to marry her.

here another link.

Do the women really believe marriage is just about them? Where is the place for the groom?


At 3:36 PM, mfsob said…

The groom?

The GROOM?????

We don’t care about the groom! He’s just a fucking MAN … to stupid to know what a wedding and marriage are really about …

His ONLY job is to make lots of money, be a random sperm donor, make lots of money, not “pester” the bride for sex, make lots of money, buy her whatever she wants whenever she wants it, make lots of money … oh, and by the way, make LOTS of money for her to spend.

Other than that, the groom is quite useless to a modern Western woman.


At 3:35 AM, LtRand said…

What I find hilarious is when guys get calls during the bachelor party from their s/o’s checking to make sure they aren’t at a strip club or something equally offensive.

It’s sad. The more days pass, the smaller the Friday Hooter’s gatherings get.


At 6:30 PM, Pumpkinhead said…

I’ve yet to see that Golddigger stationary. But I’ve seen the Playboy stationary and the David and Goliath stationary, with texts available on it like:
“Boys are stupider, send them to Jupiter.”
“Boys are so dumb, they can’t even chew gum.”


At 10:24 AM, Anonymous said…

The Playboy stationary has been out for some time. It reminds me of a story in the Daily Mail about one mother who was ‘shocked’ that the Playboy festooned stationary she bought for her pre-pubescent child was considered lude (!) What a moron, has she no sense at all, no standards, no principles, er, on second thoughts, I forgot to implement the ‘amoral’ factor. Most of these fools wouldn’t no a moral if it sat on their face.



At 11:03 PM, BR said…

I saw a version of that at the local mall last month sometime, it read “It’s all about me(n)” but had the “N” crossed out.


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