Oz blokes ruined by feminists, says politician


25 September 2006

Australian men are wimps, say the man who wanted to be PM

Australia’s male culture is in crisis, with “mates and good blokes” replaced by “nervous wrecks,” metrosexuals and nerds, a former prime ministerial aspirant wrote in a book to be published tomorrow.

Mark Latham, who quit politics after leading his center-left Labour Party to defeat at Australia’s last general elections in 2004, blamed changes in the Australian workplace and family unit, a rise in left-wing feminism and the prominence of neo-conservatism for creating “a crisis in male identity” and “debilitating” Australia’s language.


“Australian mates and good blokes have been replaced by nervous wrecks, metrosexual knobs and tossbags,” he added, ending the sentence with two insulting colloquialisms. Metrosexuals are urban men – gay or straight – who spend a great amount of time and money on their appearance.

I don’t know how feminized Australian men really are, but the fact men from that country are well represented amongst the growing anti-feminist movement implies many are most probably unplugged and about as feminized as Ghengis Khan. I’d guess most are certainly not metrosexuals or nervous wrecks, but these are the only men visible in the media; all the traditional “mates and good blokes” who have nothing but contempt for feminism and it’s mangina allies are probably kept well away from being shown in the media (except in a negative light) and in any case have probably all gone their own way anyway.

He’s also spot on about placing some of the blame on conservatives. Indeed, although feminism is left-wing and socialist in principles, conservatives are often delusionally chivalrous women-firsters who end up pushing for the same thing as feminism; seeing women as eternal victims who men need to be forced to support and provide for.

Shame this guy could only really say all this now he’s quit politics. Any politician who said this whilst in power, or hoping to obtain it, would be hounded out of office and his career ruined.

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 5:18 PM


At 10:15 PM, darkbhudda said…

This coming from a guy who had to have his mum defend him in the newspapers when his leadership was challenged?

I’m pretty sure his wife told him to write the statement.

He was definitely one of the worst woman-firsters in Australian politics. He continually went on about how great women were.


At 11:19 PM, nevo said…

I always felt there was a silent war between the sexes in Australia. Watching the pussyfied neighbours program from that country, I feel horrified to see even the tough hunk speaking in a feminized mannerism.



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