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29 September 2006

A small sign of female entitlement

An interesting anecdote from Darren Blacksmith.

I’ve witnessed this sort of thing all the time, the annoying way so many men immediately shit upon fellow men but go all mushy and forgiving when encountering a woman. Do such men not realise that these simpering little “victims” are snickering inside and thinking “stupid man!” whilst going all teary-eyed and wobbling their pretty little lower lips?

posted by Duncan Idaho @ 7:35 PM


At 8:02 PM, pete said…

Words fail me. I wish I could have been there to give that chauvinistic ticket inspector a piece of my mind. Its likely he doesn’t know better, but think about what would happen if the sexes were reversed, with the female receiving a tongue-lashing? Everyone would be up in arms!

It seems that all the old, traditional customs have been uprooted by feminists when these rules unbenefit women, but if they do benefit women, oh boy. Prepare for strict enforcement. Like the custom of paying for the whore’s dinner.


At 9:12 PM, Anonymous said…

How a woman can have cold, clear thoughts while streaming tears is remarked upon repeatedly in “The Manipulated Man” (written by a woman).


At 9:41 PM, nevo said…

That sort of behavior use to be in the old days the manners of a gentleman. David Niven style. To be kind to women was seen as something altruistic. A selfless conduct traditionally a must in worthy *Gentlemen*.
Today, we men feel stupid when assuming this kind of attitude with women. I personally will not give a toss if a woman was standing and being pushed about in a crammed train carriage while I am comfortingly sitting and reading my morning paper. Nor will I give way at the doorway.
After all, in this age of equality, I have the same right to occupy the seat as she has.
Note that, feminists who has pander equality upon women, whether they wanted it or not, has very effectively removed this social skill towards women.
I am a witness of women derisory look at me when being a Gentleman. Some are in fact irritated by such patronising behavior by a man.
So, there’s no shame in treating a woman as your competitor. In fact they are asking for it. If you got it, keep it. There’s no gain in being a gentleman anymore.



At 10:33 PM, Anonymous said…

Off topic but just absurd


At 2:32 AM, mfsob said…

I used to be like that … before Family Law Court sucked every last iota of decency towards modern women out of me.


At 9:11 AM, Fem Hater said…

Worse part of the shit is that women brag about this to their friends, i once heard this women on radio brag how she lied to a traffic officer to avoid a speeding ticket by saying that her she needed to go to the loo quickly because her bladder was affected by her pregnancy ,not only did the traffic cop not give her ticket but escorted her to her home and put on his siren to get her home quickly, as far as i see the traffic cop was doing this out of kindness (and i doubt it was sex reason, which most women say it is to excuse such behaviour) but then the women goes behind his back and brags about how stupid he was. What should me do to be smart, not help women????


At 12:08 AM, Anonymous said…

Thanks for the link anonymous, I left this comment.

So Lynne does not accept responsibility for her actions even though as she admits, the split was her idea and it was Steve’s fault for not doing the back-breaking work it takes to provide for a family? Just take a look at the cow and imagine how much she probably spends on lunch. Let me guess, she doesn’t like to cook either.

Lynne’s behavior in all this is despicable. She was the one who started to use the children as pawns, not caring that they would be destroyed in her quest to hurt Steve.

In my view, seeing how Lynne is so violent, she should be made to pay the same child support that Steve would have to pay, and the children should be with Steve full-time. Who knows what kind of abuse she puts the boys through when no one is around.

Why was only Lynne’s story told? Why are we not seeing both sides? Is Ms Pearlman sympathising with this “woman”?


At 3:18 AM, Anonymous said…


What should I say?

Tipping point? Everything matters?

Maybe a quote from someone that is from your country of which I have great admiration for:

Still, If you will not fight when for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; If you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.

There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better the perish than live as slaves. – Winston Churchill.

This female is a bad woman. She is an insult to those good women that are out there. Pointing this out and making her and everyone else aware of this, is what men do, or should be doing.

“Everything matters”.

Thank you.

S. Angle


At 10:27 PM, Brazilian Bachelor said…


I am so sick and tired of hearing about men who got screwed while trying to make a decent family… thanks to feminism and its army of skanky bitches.

Better alone than miserable.

And to think that I wanted to have children…


At 9:16 PM, Anonymous said…

I’m broadly feminist, but that ticket collector is ridiculous. Maybe someone should have asked the ticket collector why there isn’t one rule for everyone, and he treated the guy unfairly?


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